October 8, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Nerfs; Strategy Guide

As many of you have noticed (and commented about), with the release of Mafia Wars Moscow episodes 3 & 4, we got hit with a couple of nerfs.

Bank Heist job only gives 15 XP / 8 energy now with an 11% mastermind/wheelman and private island (Old: 17 XP / 8 energy).

The "Run Illegal Poker Game" job now gives 38 XP/17 energy with an 11% mastermind/wheelman and private island (Old: 41/17).

Now, these two nerfs I understand - these jobs paid out very well very early in the game and were definitely a bit out of place. In fact, I am okay with this, and it was about time really. However, the following nerf just blows my mind:

Shipping Company: Now produces Political Favor boost which offers +60 Robbing Defense skill. (Old: Fake Documents which offered -9 job energy cost).

Seriously? Robbing is not even in the game anymore and you are adding new robbing boosts?

Even if it was still in the game, or is going to be re-implemented soon, this boost is a reward from a racket in the jobs category, despite the fact that there already a set of rackets specifically dedicated to defense. You would think that +defense boosts would come from the defense category, but not this time! Defending your non-existent property (since people that have rackets don't have property) is an integral part towards completing more jobs apparently. I can only imagine how the development meeting went down to come up with this change:

Dev 1: So, rackets, what's the feedback on rackets looking like?

Dev 2: According to the official forums, about 99 in 100 people hate them.

Dev 3: Yeah, they're really unpopular - the only good racket is the Shipping Company one.

Dev 2: We better nerf it to bring it in-line with the other terrible rackets to really piss everyone off.

Dev 3: Agreed. We should make the boost something terrible just to annoy people who were mad that we took away robbing.

Dev 2: A brilliant idea Johnson! How about another worthless +robbing defense boost? That way we can snub our fanbase by not only taking away the only good racket, but also serving them with a painful reminder that they no longer have access to robbing.

Dev 3: We can sneak the change into the Moscow patch and hope no one will notice.

Dev 1: Sounds like a plan - /highfive's all around! Nerf gun fight, anyone?
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  1. Were some of the other jobs in Underboss and Boss nerfed too?

  2. settle a beef was knocked down a couple exp. too

  3. Haha, well played! You gotta wonder what they were thinking.

  4. I just noticed that the procedure for attacking the whipping boy has been broken too. Shoot!

  5. I thought maybe it was just buggy for me when I was playing. Guess it was an imped nerf. Several of the Boss jobs were nerfed a bit too. I guess with the "new" Shipping Company boost, I don't have any reason to put any points into "Rackets" anymore.

    I think one of the lines from the developer's meeting was...

    Dev 4: Hey guys, any ideas on how we can make people buy more Reward Points?

  6. I just tested a Truck Driver boost to see if it would give extra energy back. I used it on a 1 energy job and it didn't add 5 to my total.

  7. Boo, boo!!

    Just when I have 40k tokens and cards, they nerf it...
    Dam, I so wanted to become lvl 2000.

  8. How much experience you need to level up has increased to +14 now instead of +12 like how it used to be.

  9. I also noticed someing else just as dumb as the robbing is... I made a new guy for moscow and all and yes I have rackets and also in my achievements I still have the Cashing out one were you sell 50 casino's. Just thought you all know.


  10. To Add to what I said about the casino whiole ago.. For those of us that have the older Mafia where we have "Properties" Do what I have done.. STOCK PILE on casino's hotels and all. Since there is no robbing you can make lots of money this way even while you sleep and not worry about being robbed. I have been doing this for a week now and I am getting closer to some of those hard goals like 1 trillion bucks and all. "I MAKE 132 MILLION A HOUR"

    ok there ya go.

  11. I would like to raise and address the stamina issue. New accounts purchase stamina on a 1xp:1pt stamina ratio, while the older accounts are still on 2xp:1stamina. What gives?

    Why is this important? ---->
    Fighting now gives more xp per skill pt assigned. More than any job! I started a new account and am averaging 2.4-3pts per fight. That ratio far surpasses any job out there. It regenerates faster than energy (unless you are a maniac) and loot drops are also better.

    This system penalizes older accounts. On my main account I have 160 stamina, meaning I spent 320pts towards it. On a new account it would have only cost me 160...meaning I could have assigned those points towards attack/defense/energy/health. That's a HUGE advantage.

    It would be really nice if the game was the same for everyone...

  12. Yes, the older accounts with "Properties" have to spend 2 skill points to raise Stamina by 1. I'm one of the players on the newer system with "Rackets" instead of Properties and only have to use 1 skill point to raise Stamina by 1. While this is good for people who like to fight, in order for us to do the better rackets, we have to spend skill points on "Influence". We aren't able to just use money to work on Rackets. I'm sure there are ups and downs to both sides, but I've never had properties so I can't comment on that. HTH. =)

  13. i have 2 accounts

    an old mogul :-(
    and a new maniac :-)

    money is no issue because i'm making more money with jobs than i need - it's useless

    i don't miss the properties in my new account, playing with rackets gives me currently 234 extra energy per 4 hours

    energy regenerates with a rate of 480/day and i currently get 936 EXTRA/day with rackets (Truckers)

    i have a influence of 30 now, but because i play it right (using my influence reserve just as a cache), i'm able to have rackets runing worth of 273 influence points

  14. Not satisfied MW customerOctober 14, 2009 at 5:10 AM

    This is ridiculous

    Why not just sync all accounts to the new system instead? MW programmers should get their fingers working on it

  15. i have an old account but i can increase stamina with 1 point

    also i think they should have rackets AND properties

    and they should un-nerf the jobs