October 7, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow New Episodes Overview; Strategy Guide

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 3 & 4 just went live, earlier than was expected. I guess they are going with that whole under-promise and over-deliver thing.

At any rate, there's 2 new episodes up: Brigader (Episode 3) and Avtoritet (Episode 4). They also added new equipment, 2 more businesses, collections, and boosts.

And look, even an upgrade:

Armored Briefcase (armor): 25 attack, 36 defense. It is from the "Map Out The Escape Route" job in Episode 3 (chapter 1). It is available to both mafiya and vory if you are wondering.

My Impressions

Wow, I knew it was going to be expensive, but I had not planned on this!

On my high-end account, I played through the entire first tier of Episode 3 as Mafiya (could not use my boss timer because I used it earlier to get money / xp as a repeat) so I went over to Episode 4. I got about halfway through before running out of cash. I had about 160,000,000 Rubles saved up as well - in retrospect I should have been more diligent about this.

Rubles are the new blackmail photos - the only thing stopping me from progressing through the tiers is that I have to spend all of my energy getting more money!

One thing to note is that in Episode 4, the payout for jobs increases a lot. If you are having trouble with funds, try to unlock Episode 4 ASAP rather than trying to work through Episode 3 all three times. "Manage An Escort Service Catering to Soldiers" pays out $714,840 Rubles for 98 energy (with a +15% bagman).

Due to the high costs, the info might take me a bit more time to gather, but I will post is as I get it!
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  1. thanks - very helpful. now if you could post screenshots like you did before, so I can figure out what inventory I can sell off from the first 2 eps that would be even more helpful. keep up the good work!!

  2. can u post all loot from episode 3 and 4 ? :)


  3. I will when I get access to it - another day or 2 for episode 4

  4. So what previous items is actually needed in Episode 3-4? I'm considering selling the useless ones and get some cash and less upkeep. Thanks

  5. It looks like a good bit of the old items will be necessary - if you have a high energy account, I'd recommend unlocking episode 4 ASAP, selling off all your old equipment except for the pieces you need to do the first job, and doing that on repeat for 680K rubles a piece until you get a couple hundred million total.

  6. Any thoughts on spending the money on businesses and upgrades versus throwing the money at buying inventory to complete the episodes?

    You could upgrade businesses while waiting for the next episode...but if the businesses and upgrades are worthwhile investments, it could help propel you through the episodes.

  7. Something that now might get a bit usefull, Buying money in moscow for godfather points...
    If you are around level 500 you get 50million for 10 points, that might actually be worth it instead of 3 more energy or what you get, since you have to go up a number of levels doing the same job to get that cash anyways..you get around 15 mill for 1 level of "Manage An Escort Service Catering to Soldiers" so about 3 levels and that looses you about the same...

    Level 4 mafiya or vory makes a difference
    45 attack armor on vory and 40 defence vehicle on mafiya

  8. What's the best way to open up Episode 4 as early as possible?

  9. I would definitely do the math before deciding to obtain rubles spending energy performing jobs rather than using Godfather points (if you have 10.)
    Ex. Level 750 would receive R$75,000,000 rubles from Godfather. If performing the "Manage an escort service..." with 4000 energy you would be able to perform the job 40 times. Even if you do not own any items and are receiving the entire R$714,840 the total received is only R$28,593,600.

  10. Have you posted what inventory that we can sell from levels 1 and 2 (that we won't have to buy again for 3 and 4). I apologize if you have and I missed it.

  11. ddo we get the old shturmovik? i missed t out!!!!

  12. Is it true that your choice is permanent at the end of ep4?

  13. HELP! What am I missing? I've Level 3 Mastered all the jobs Episode 2 Chapter 3 Finale (selecting Mafyia all the way through) and I can't unlock to Episode 3 Jobs? Can only keep fighting the Gang Leader Dimitri every 24 hours. - Thanks for the assistance!

  14. It seems the easiest way to get thru Moscow is to first be Master Boss in NY, then run the highest money-making job til you're out of energy, use an energy pack, run it again, and buy the hell out of the items you need. Don't mess with businesses, they're more useless than Cuba. Then, leave your account sit for about 4 hours, and ask for help on the horribly bad rated job in the tier i.e. rob the bank, breaking up campaign rally, etc., and request help from your mafia. I think they are at about 1.3-1.4 with 11% wheelman/mastermind + 5% from underboss mastery.

  15. scotty terror, where can i find the list or post that will tell me what items to sell off items in Ep 1 & Ep 2?

  16. Someone else commented

    "HELP! What am I missing? I've Level 3 Mastered all the jobs Episode 2 Chapter 3 Finale (selecting Mafyia all the way through) and I can't unlock to Episode 3 Jobs? Can only keep fighting the Gang Leader Dimitri every 24 hours. - Thanks for the assistance!"

    I am having similar issue. Except I have mastered first two levels of Episode 2 and also mastered third level of Episode 2 but I cannot advance any further. Been stuck for 3 days now. All I can do is select "get help" every 24 hours but that does nothing to help unlock chapter 2. I've had plenty of help from Mafia and finished the "violently break up a campaign rally". How do I get Chapter 2 Level 3 opened? Is there a bug? The only thing I will mention is that I did sell some motocykl's and taksi's that were required to complete "bribe an election official". But I've already mastered the job, I don't think I need to have all of those items to advance to chapter 2 do I?

    FYI*** Episode 3 is unlocked, I've completed some jobs already.

  17. Can anyone plssssssss post what items you can sell from Ep1 & Ep2, that wont be needed in Ep3 & Ep4..... Thxs

  18. i've a some problem...
    i can unlock episode 3

  19. Generally for chap 3, you need 6x tracksuits/balaclavas, a 5x nozhs or 1x dubinas, 2x dvinas, and 4x mototsykls... where x is the mastery level you're working on.
    So i'm pretty certain you guys can sell all the taksis and pistolets (maybe need a pistol or two but it's a minor issue).
    These are rough estimates as I've finished with ep. 3 1st mastery and haven't bothered to unlock all the chapters again yet.

  20. does anyone know what is the NEW max Off/Def ?

  21. Master Hitman "Don Khan", level 149 Fearless

    You have 401 experience points to your next level.

    Attack: 26
    Defense: 60
    Health: 170
    Energy: 864
    Stamina: 11

    Jobs Completed 3045
    Job Assists 727
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 26
    Most jobs done in one day 532
    Fights Won 1651
    Fights Lost 684
    Fights Won in Cuba 924
    Death 28
    Mobsters Iced 104
    Mobsters Whacked 22
    Hitlist Kills 2
    Longest Hitlist Survival 00:07:05
    Successful Heist 51
    Times Robbed 362
    Gifts sent 173
    Mega Casinos Sold 50
    Wars Won 26
    Wars Lost 19
    Times Betrayed by Mafia 5
    War Assists 195

    I have these stats. Everything is fine but the worring factor here is I have to assist many people in jobs in order to level up! I fall short on XP every level by somedistance which this guide said won't happen!
    How can I solve my problem? any answer!!!
    Please someone help me!

  22. I can't open Episode 3 either. I've mastered all Episode 2 jobs.

    Any answers to this problem yet?

  23. I just found the answer re: Episode 2

    Click the Episode 2 tab. You will get a page with new jobs.

  24. when i see the brigadir picture i ask me where the fuck is sea in moscow? :)

  25. In ep.2 you don´t need Dubina.
    In ep.3 you don´t need Taxi and Pistolet.

  26. why cant i unlock episode 3? i have mastered episode 2 already... is there any pre requisite?

  27. I've mastered lvl1 ch1 episode 4 and stuck? everything else is mastered but episode 2 is mastered at level 2 and nothing is open?