October 15, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow - Solving the Money Problem; Strategy Guide

By browsing through the comments on my last couple of Mafia Wars Moscow posts, it is easy to see there is one recurring theme: the jobs in Moscow cost a ridiculous amount of money! To show you all what I have been doing to make money, I present to you my first video(s). Forgive me in advance for the mic (it's a bit fuzzy) - I know I need a new one. Also, forgive me for the editing (or lack thereof), this is my first time using Camtasia.

Video 1: Making Money in Moscow With Fighting

In this video, I show how I used a level ~280 account with high attack/defense to make close to 700,000 Rubles with about 30 stamina. If you can't see the video, here are the cliff notes:

1. You can not win money in fights from players who are knocked out (under 20 health).
2. Most players attack people at the top of the fight list because scrolling down takes work.
3. Most players attack people with small mafias because they are guaranteed to win.
4. As a result, players with 501 mafia size are almost always alive, so you have a better chance to win money off them.
5. In the video, I made around $700,000 Rubles off of 30 stamina (video was not edited). When you consider that you regenerate 320 stamina a day, it's not bad at all.

Video 2: Making Money With an Energy Account

This video is pretty straight forward. On my energy account, I simply have sold all of my equipment and been doing the same episode 4 job over and over again, netting about 40,000,000 rubles off of my energy pack. I also call for help every day on the boss fight for an extra 2.5 million rubles.
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  1. Re: video 1
    Another thing to look for is the level of the person you are fighting. Chances are if they are 20 or more levels up the stats and equipement they have is going to be better. The caveat to that is when they don't have full mafias. That signals an energy account and can reap huge winnings if they don't bank.

  2. which browser you use? Is so fast...

  3. @ Belvedere - I disagree. I have no problems winning fights many levels up just because the defensive items in game currently can't match the offensive items in game. Additionally, I think that chasing energy accounts is a waste of stamina (if you have good gear / stats for fighting) because everyone else is attacking them so they are almost never alive. Even if you get lucky enough to catch an energy account in the act, people running energy accounts do not put any stat points into health, so you will only get a couple of wins before you ice them anyway.



  4. Any non brain damaged energy account will also always keep his health under 20 with his own stamina

  5. pardon the hijak but there have been a lot of new changes to MW this evening: many new achievements and altering of items defensive points.

    camo body armor now the best lootable armor: 34D up from 28. red coats 38D. armored state cars 42D. gaff hooks 35D. many more. take a look!!

  6. 10 new achievments to be precise!! and most of them are done!

  7. It will be nice next week when Episodes 5 & 6 are released so we will know what equipment is going to be needed to finish Moscow.
    It appears you can safely sell the 6 Dubinas as they are only used in Episode 1.

    Has anybody identified anything else used in Episode 1 or 2 that is not needed for Episodes 3 and 4?

  8. The idea to sell everything to become a Cash generator is great, but the most profitable job in Moscow is NOT "Manage an Escort Service". It is the level 4 "Pick Vory" or "Pick Mafiya" jobs. The big difference is that the "Pick" jobs only require 14 pieces of equipment. "Manage" requires 42.

    "Pick" pays an after bribe amount of about $R6700/energy point. "Manage" pays about $R5700.

  9. An idea here is to do the job with the highest Ruble:EXP ratio during Energy pack levels.

  10. A reply to the video regarding energy accounts:

    I've been counting and it doesn't seem worthwhile to sell all the equipment in order to profit more. I feel you lose more than you gain unless you're planning on doing the job more than at least 1200 times...
    I'll give you the numbers so you can see for yourselves:

    To reach chapter 1 in episode 4 I've had to spend 82 millions (not counting the millions that I need for the escort service job of course). Selling the equipment will cause me to loose half of it, 41 M.

    According to the video you pay about 175.000 R$ in bribe money, and I have to pay 210.000 R$. The difference is 35.000 R$ every time you do the job. Now, to regain the 41 millions of R$ that you lost selling the equipment in the first place you'll have to do the same job 1.171 times.
    You won't have gained anything until you earn more than 632 M of R$.

    So as you can see you'll need to decide what kind of money you're trying to set aside before continuing the episode.
    If you're aiming for 1 billion of R$ then don't hesitate in selling, but if you're not then you should hold on to your gear.


  11. Here is the best way to earn cash, by far: get to episode 6 as quickly as you can, then sell off everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. Buy what you need for the first job in Episode 6:

    Foil the Sabotage of your Moscow Holdings
    Level 1 Mastered
    R$24,667 in bribes
    RAS-55 X 1
    Enforcer X 1
    Zharpesta Sedan X 1

    Only 3 items needed! Almost no bribes, you are left with R$1,639,833 per 115 energy (returns 209 exp).

    Just do this job repeatedly until you have enough cash to finish both episodes.

    I was a bit stubborn, i wanted to complete all 3 levels of episode 5, so i wouldn't have to buy back any of the required items there, but at the very last stage of level 3 i got a big boost by selling off now unneeded items to buy the final last ones, which i then sold when completed.

  12. The problem is...

    How do you get to level 6 fast? It appears the next level doesn't unlock until you're close to finishing the episode before. I am nearly done with episode 3 and level 5 and 6 are still locked. i have started episode 4 which didn't unlock level 5 either.
    Moscow is ridiculously expensive. There should be no bribes and more businesses are needed. What good is a business that doesn't unlock until you're nearly done with episode 6?

  13. business in moscow is as useless as it is in cuba, at least for an energy account. up until el cacique tier the only business I owned (and fully upgraded) was the bribery ring, for obvious reasons ;) I then spend a few levels in el padrino (with the least possible equipment) until I had the $C1.314 to buy all the stuff needed for el cacique. you then earn enough (during mastering and looting afterwards) to buy the businesses. and if it wasn't for the achievements I even wouldn't to that. so, given that there are no achievements for the Moscow businesses, why should one bother?
    and BTW, what a great site this is!