October 16, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Updates, News, Loot Changes; Strategy Guide

Quite a few needed (and appreciated) updates just went live tonight. First off, a new group of achievements was added to the game, which I covered in the prior post.

Additionally, the final two episodes of Moscow will be available next week (right on the game updates section of the Mafia Wars application).

Furthermore, stamina now only costs 1 stat point (instead of 2). It has only been 1 stat point for new players (with racket access) for some time now. This leads us to believe that all players will have access to rackets soon enough.

Finally, defensive items have gotten a huge stat boost. Now, as I mentioned in my earlier video post on fighting and on the change in the combat formula, you will not be able to win nearly every fight on offense regardless of large stat differentials.

Here are the items that have been changed:


Gaff Hook: 20 attack, 35 defense (old: 30 defense)

Dillinger's Wooden Gun: 12 attack, 45 defense (old: 42 defense)

Arana Net Gun: 16 attack, 40 defense (old: 38 defense)


Armored Limousine: 16 attack, 37 defense (old: 36 defense)

Private Jet: 12 attack, 39 defense (old: 38 defense)

Armored State Car: 30 attack, 42 defense (old: 38 defense)

Capone's Armored 341A: 14 attack, 42 defense (old: 38 defense)

Tiger Tank: 18 attack, 48 defense (old: 43 defense)

Hydrofoil: 8 attack, 38 defense (old: 37 defense)

Low Rider: 12 attack, 44 defense (old: 38 defense


Camouflage Body Armor: 18 attack, 34 defense (old: 28 defense)

Red Coat: 2 attack, 38 defense (old: 32 defense)

Galea: 18 attack, 45 defense (old: 42 defense)

There are the changes that I picked up - post in comments if I missed any armor pieces and I will update accordingly. As far as the release of Episodes 5 & 6 goes - keep an eye on the Mafia Wars Guide homepage for updates!
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  1. As disappointing as is sounds:
    Private Jet 12 Atk, 39 Def. Not the same as ASC, damn

  2. Camo Body Armor was earlier 28D not 18D, and I believe Tiger Tank had 43D earlier.

    Thanks for all your posts!

  3. Dillinger's Wooden Gun - 45D from 42D

  4. Private Jet & Armored Limo up by 1 defence stat, and are at 39D and 37D respectively.

    That's all I noticed so far! :)

  5. with stamina now costing only one point, and the average return of xp when fighting people with smaller mafias than you being 2, and the average xp/energy return ratio for jobs being less than 2... should we stop doing jobs (other than for good loot drops), and just fight, if we're trying to level quickly?

  6. that was phrased wrong: should we stop putting profile points towards energy, and only put them towards stamina going forward, is what I meant to ask.

  7. i had 1 stats point to use and i tried to get a stamina point, but it said that i didn't have enough...

  8. though it says everyone gets stamina for 1, this is not true. many glitches. wait until you have 1xp pt left then try. if it works it works, if not you haven't wasted 1xp.

  9. So since chapters 5 and 6 are coming out next week, we should all finish chapter 4 so we can get at the much-higher money:exp ratio that the new chapters will offer...

  10. Low Rider now 44
    Galea now 45
    Arana Net Gun now 40
    Hydrofoil now 38

  11. somehow while collecting the ticket mastery bonus...the one that gives u one skill point...i accidently due to some bug..got 970+ stamina points when my actual stamina limit was 30!lol...

  12. so is robbing not coming back?

  13. and what about all the money we now have....it is almost useless isnt it.....i mean you can buy weapons but do you just keep buying and buying.....and i noticed my mega casino being robbed today???? whats up with that....can anyone help me...i play 2 games...one started in Sept with properties and the other in Oct with rackets.....i like the properties better and the robbing feature....but can anyone help me understand what my approach should be on each please...thanks for taking time to read and respond...Mafia wars is way cool!

  14. I noticed they also increased the % job completion in the final tiers of New York. No more slugging away at 1%

  15. where can u get red coats ?

  16. Red Coats were limited edition loot that dropped randomly on the 4th of july

    @ the new york comment - that's cool if so!

    @atomic - thanks for the update

  17. you said Galea 45 (old 45) should be old 42

  18. what about robbing is it gone for good? and if so what do we do with the mutts and boost we have? and why are the mutts still for sell?

  19. The last 2 eps. of Moskow are available. Can't play it yet, though cuz I'm still strugling with ep.3 (Allmost there, though)

  20. It was great that they updated camo body armor from 28 to 34 defense ..BUT.. they made it drop almost NEVER now! I used to be I cuold spend 2000 energy and get 15 camo. The last time I tried it I got exactly 3. This is really a ripoff for newer players who don't have 500 yet.

  21. Hey Guys, What about droping loots in fight in Moscow??! I am very strong for my level an build up my character as fighter and i dont get russian loots through fight at all! can any one tell me how to do?

  22. what about robbing is it gone for good? and if so what do we do with the mutts and boost we have? and why are the mutts still for sell?