October 24, 2009

Mafia Wars Special Weekend - Double Mastery on New York Jobs; Strategy Guide

For all those who have not yet finished New York, this just in from the Mafia Wars twitter page:

"For this weekend only, double mastery on all New York jobs."

In other words, each job in New York is going to pay double job mastery (i.e. finish in half the time). Very nice!
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  1. they should do it for all the cities new york only takes a day to master everythong up until underboss

  2. logged on this evening and it looks like they mastery level didn't stick. I had leveled up some jobs in boss and now my mastery level for them is way down

  3. Finished boss for half the Blackmail Photos =)

  4. When I do any jobs now im getting 1% yes 1% on a lot of them. Except in Moscow. I will never finish Boss level now.