October 16, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy and Tips; Guide

Here are some Mafia Wars Strategy updates on some recurring questions:

Q: Stamina now only costs 1 point, should I invest in it for power leveling?

A: From a raw stat point per XP ratio, sure. I figure I average 2-3 xp for each fight (depending on how lucky I get with "rallying the troops), and 2.5 or so xp:stamina is great. The problem is using stamina takes time. Even if you attack a fake account, you still can only use 1 stamina per click. Even if you spam click, it would still take forever if you have a high level of stamina. Additionally, you have to heal at the doctor when your health gets low. If you have a lot of stamina, you will have to wait at the doctor to heal again for a few minutes. While maxing out stamina sounds good on paper, it does not work as well in practice.

Q: What equipment do I need to sell to get through Moscow Episodes 3 and 4?

A: Nearly all of it! Even the stuff you will just buy back later. Note: This could change if in episode 5 or 6 there is an even higher paying job. The strategy is essentially the same though, just do that job over and over again instead of the earlier ones.

You need somewhere around 1,200,000,000 rubles to get through episodes 3 and 4 completely. Sell everything not required for the escort service job in Episode 4. Even sell the stuff you have to re-buy, because you don't want to pay the tax. You'll have to do the escort service job 1400 times (tax free) to get that many Rubles (or buy the cash with godfather points).

If you do the that job ~1700 times to collect 1,200,000,000, you will pay 6,000,000 in taxes on every single extra item you have (.5% per item * 1,200,000,000). Since you can sell an item for half it's worth (i.e. an item that costs 4,400,000 sells for 2,200,000), you really only lose half its value for selling it if you plan to rebuy it.

If you are planning on collecting 1,200,000,000 and finishing episodes 3 and 4 before episodes 5 and 6 come out, you should sell any item that does not cost more than 12,000,000 (since selling it will lose you 6,000,000 if you rebuy it) because you will save money that way.

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  1. costs for episodes 3&4:
    18 Shturmovaya Vintovka x 5.2M = 93.6M
    27 RAS-28 SMG x 7.5M = 202.5M

    6 more Tracksuits x .9M = 5.4M
    3 more Balaclava x 1.8M = 5.4M
    24 Bronezhilet x 5.4M = 129.6M
    21 Riot Helmet x 7.2M = 151.2M
    12 Forest Camo Suit x 11.8M = 141.6M
    12 Arctic Camo Suit x 11.8M = 141.6M

    3 more Mototsyki x 1M = 3M
    15 Lisitsa 32 Sedan x 6.8M =102M
    6 BYK-922 x 14.2M =85.2M
    9 KRZ8 x 16.5M = 148.5

    Total Equipment Costs: $1,209,600,000!!

  2. With a whipping boy, I was getting about 2.1 XP per stamina. I haven't been able to use my whipping boy lately, though. Can others? Maybe there is a new technique and I am simply not up to it yet...

  3. 2.17 approx per stamina.

    I think rallying troops has been removed. The max experience you can get from fighting is 4, which is very rare.

  4. i logged 100 fights and was at 2.41, but you're right - it takes a LONG time.

  5. max for fighting is 6, not 4!! rallying troops is still there too...

    if you want a quicker way to get pts, and don't mind missing out on loot, jump on the hitlist and kill some folk. you can attack until they're dead and burn through stamina very quickly.

  6. true, but healing can be done every 45 seconds and i can attack 10-20 times per healing. on my main account it takes under 10 minutes to burn through 160 stamina via the hitlist. not as easy as clicking two jobs; but faster, more enjoyable (for me), and certainly more productive in terms of xp.

    i also think with the high amts of rubles needed in moscow it would behoove players to fight more. there is money to be made on that fight list! if you only do jobs and/or own businesses it will take a long time to save up enough. for this advice, i ask you not to attack me ;P

  7. ^^^^edit above..."faster"...meaning faster than normal fighting, not faster than doing jobs.

  8. Understandable - I was thinking more in regards to power-leveling over the long term. Like, in my video, my account had just over 6,000 energy - if that was stamina instead of energy, it'd take a few hours to burn through (which is why it's not viable for power-leveling),

  9. Wow! 1.2 Billion Rubles! Zynga better come up with a currency exchange program - rubles for dollars or pesos soon. Lots of my mafia are talking about quitting as it's too much repetition of the same jobs on the same level, just to get rubles needed for next job.

    Question - Do you need 12 Arctic AND 12 Forest Camo Suits like shown above?
    I thought you only bought Arctic if you go Vory or Forest if you go Mafiya.

  10. I found that in that trouble area early on in power leveling (levels 8 through about 10) having about 20 stamina was a big help. Even when it was 2 pts per stamina. The problem you run into at that point is that you need too much exp and the jobs are only paying out at 1:1 energy/exp ratios. Being able to supplement about 50 exp through a round of fights, which only required me to heal once w/ my whipping boy, helped me close the gap in those lower levels. Now at level 600+ i still only have about 40 stamina and most of that increase has come through collection rewards. There were a lot of times that I didn't get lucky and hit enough top mafia bonuses to make the next level and that little bit of extra stamina could get me over the top in just a couple extra minutes.

  11. Do I need to progress through a certain portion of Episode 4 for Episode 5 to be open to me when it is released or can I sit and grind out "Manage an Escort Service" and bank my money up until EPisode 5 is released? and move right into Ep. 5 ?

  12. you will have to master episode 4 for one star to get through to episode 5.

  13. Question to mafia wars guide!!!
    I notice some ppl still increase their mafia size after 501. No more bonus attack applies and robbing is removed so level wouldn't matter. Why do ppl still do this? what more benefit can you get after that is significant?

  14. When someone in your mafia uses you as a "capo" on a job, you get like +2 or 3 XP. The more people that are in your mafia, the more opportunities you have to be a capo and get free xp. for some reason though they turn this feature on and off, sometimes i get a lot of experience (a few thousand a day even on occasion) and sometimes i get no extra experience throughout the day.

    also having a big mafia makes it easy to win wars and get help on jobs really quickly, along with getting items on the wish list.

  15. if an attacker wins a fight and loots a weapon or w/e from the defender...does that defender actually loses a quantity of that weapon?
    its hard to notice and keep track of your weapons

  16. no you can't steal weapons from other people

  17. What I wanna know is, for those of us that DID load up on stamina (for the joy of beating/robbing the hell out of people), are we gonna get some recompense in the form of extra skill points to spend, or are we just permanently in a deficit to any players that started later than we did?

    And yes, this question is somewhat rhetorical, since I usually just assume that Zynga plans to regularly screw over the long-term players (think treatment of Moguls in general, for example)...

  18. If u hav a mafia size above 501 do u get the bonus when people outside of ur top 501 mafia make u their bagman or bodyguard or mastermind?

  19. yeah, i doubt there will be any sort of reimbursement.

    and yes, you get the bonus. there is no advantage of being a bagman for 10 people versus 1 person, though.