October 1, 2009

Special Announcement; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

About a month ago, I released an 82 page Mafia Wars Guide, outlining an exact strategy to succeed at Mafia Wars as fast as possible. But, as we all know, Moscow came out, things have changed, and my previous host had made it difficult to offer new updates.

So, I will be revamping the guide for Moscow, adding a ton of new content, and moving over to Clickbank within the next few weeks. This will allow me to organize content better by using multiple .pdf files and use a variety of media (such as video). It also allows me to update the content at will and offer free udpates.

Even better, this gives the reader (i.e. you!) a chance to make a ton of money online. When the new book goes live, by using Clickbank, you can sign up as an affiliate for my guide. Every time you refer someone to the mafia wars guide page who ends up buying the guide, you will make 75% commission!

To everyone that bought the original guide from Lulu, sit tight. Once the new offer goes live I will provide you with an updated copy, 100% free. I have retired the offer on Lulu so everyone else will have to wait for the new book to come up.

In order to provide the best content, I am looking for 6 people to beta test the guide within the next week. Basically you'll get early access to the strategy guide in it's entirety FREE of charge. All that I ask that you do is actually read through it, give me some feedback, and if you like it, let me know! As mentioned, I am looking for 6 people total - 2 beginners, 2 intermediates, and 2 advanced players.

So, in the comment box below, post in the following format (so I can recognize spam):

First name & Initial (i.e. Susan P.)
Total Attack/Defense Score from items (i.e. 50000/40000), so I can see what category you fit in
Why I should pick you!
And an e-mail address that I can contact you at.

I'll be looking to pick the recipients of the FREE guide within the week. Good luck!
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  1. Timothy A.
    52,275 A, 47,050 D
    You should pick me because I was the first to respond! :)
    Email: hahn at cs.montana.edu

  2. Shawn T.
    Reason: I spent more time on Mafia Wars than actual work. :p
    e-mail: shawn_78@hotmail.com

  3. Gelbin M.
    Because I like to learn and to deepen my knowledges, as well to discuss :)
    Mail: rustfizzle"AT"gmail.com

  4. Tobias M.
    I'm German, so I could test the guide on comprehensibility to people whose native language is not English.
    tobi1709 at web.de

  5. Tim M. Level 138 / 21,196 A, 23,483 D I haven't use any tips 2 get where I'm at and I'm looking 2 be a better player!! Email mizzy2014@yahoo.com

  6. Shocked there aren't more comments yet.

    Adam R.
    54501 A, 47565 D

    I followed your first guide with another character and am around level 500. I love your guides, and I have a lot of free time.


  7. Chris C.
    I've been playing Mafia Wars for quite a while and want to give back to my fellow players by helping out with the strategy guide.

  8. Joao A.

    Well, i'm pretty new around this, so i fit the beginner category, and i followed your guide till now, so i should be able to provide some honest feedback, what more can I say? :P


  9. Chuck O.


    I have been playing for just a couple of months and have advanced quite quickly on my own, but would like to advance even further, and testing a new strategy would be great. I am an active daily player, dillengently working to develope my skills and mafia. Have a Great Day!


  10. Please consider me. I would love to test for you. I play all the time, every day and love it. I am a level 313. I do play two (well, OK three characters) at different levels.
    I will be waiting to hear from you.

  11. WOW, I should have left my e-mail I suppose. Sorry (I'm the one who plays three characters.)

  12. Please consider me. Level 314. Jaxkatt@gmail.com
    I'm a constant player.

  13. Susmit G.
    Level 612 (56698 A / 49245 D)
    I hav already bought your first guide from Lulu and hav been following your tips on this blog and in that ebook. I play Mafia Wars a lot.
    rocku2nite [at] gmail [dot] com

  14. Tracey M.

    6,613 Attack, 6994 Defense Level 67 currently.

    You definitely should pick me because I am a female and you need a female to represent! No seriously though, I play this game at least 6 hours everyday. I WANT and NEED to know how to get better at this game. I am so dang addicted, it is not funny! I WILL read the whole guide and give you my feedback. Thank you ahead of time for your consideration :)!

    Email: nailgirl1966@yahooDOTcom

  15. Jim A
    Pick me because I'd like to learn how to write scripts and build bookmarklets.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Name: Sam H
    Attack/Defense: 48973/46192
    Reason: I play everyday, have been following your blog and techniques for a few months now, and await new posts with great anticipation. I'm developing my character very organically and am curious about a more methodical approach.
    E-mail: s am h -at- sa mh -dot- n3t

  19. Name: Chris H.
    A/D: 5520 / 5140

    I have a lot of time to play and would like to test a better way to level my character while completing the game before Asia and Western US come out.

    Email: herrinchris@gmail.com

  20. David P.
    A/D: 64/51

    Literally just started a new character and have been following the strategies described on your website, I'm a dedicated player and I would love to help 'beta test' your new guide.

    Email: d.palfreyman@gmail.com

  21. Name: Don Bambol Bee
    A/D: 45836/44293
    Level: 250
    Mafia: 7374
    Reason: I am pro-efficiency in everything, and this is the reason why you came up with this strategy-that's why we are one in our goals. We need to know the most efficient way to be the strongest players in the game. =)
    Email: downzdeep"at"gmail.com

  22. Name: Dan W.
    A: 53,385 D: 43,238
    Level: 590
    I am a daily player who was doing fine on my own until I found your guide. I was able to develop a character from brand new to level 400 in under two weeks. I gift to my mafia whenever possible and also like to give them help and advice on what they can do to improve their characters. I am a member of over a dozen "add me" sites. In just the last two days, I have referred over 20 people to your site who are looking for a good source of informational updates and help to improve their characters. Through your guide I look to not only make my character as strong as possible but to help improve my entire mafia so that I am backed by quality players.

  23. Name: Pepe Q.
    You should pick me because I got this max stats following your guide, in just 2 weeks, half time playing.

  24. Name: Jory S.
    Two profiles:
    1st A/D 417/170
    Level 188
    Family 1082

    2nd A/D 51/12
    Level 19
    Family 112

    Reason(s) for picking me: I have two profiles, one that has been going for a month or two, one that is only a couple of days along. that way we can see if the guide is helpful for both the beginning, and more intermediate members. Also, I am disabled, so I spend like 80% of my waking time playing Mafia Wars!

    contact me at jlswogger@carsoncomm.com

  25. Name: Goldfingers San

    Two profiles:
    1st A/D 48K/49K
    Level 999
    Family 702

    2nd A/D 1/1
    Level 1
    Family 1

    contact me at hscottiesan@gmail.com

    I am planning on testing your leveling guide with my 2nd and give full detail feedback.

  26. Name: Jacky
    Att - 33,803
    Def 36,212

    contact me: jacky_toh@hotmail.com

  27. Name: Michael C.
    A/D : 56,584 / 46,055
    Reason :

    I started playing MW just this August, now I'm totally addicted to it.
    My 1st account was mogul, now level 360+, not bad for my first try. My 2nd account was based on your guide,now level 696 ,your guide was really well versed.

    Now my latest account . . has NO ENERGY xD (45 due to collection rewards) still level 119, but I can level on one Stamina Fill. Just takes time ^_^.

    e-mail : chanskee_mail@yahoo.com

  28. -Mark V.
    -44,738 Attack / 37,380 Defense
    -You should pick me because I play EVERY SINGLE DAY and i am a follower of your site so i know when you post updates. I will actually read it and provide feedback to the best of my ability

  29. Light Moon
    E-mail: retardedlian@hotmail.co.uk
    I play MW everyday, and the account above, it is my main, built for def. It is only lvl 139, but with 821 def, and 49112 def.from weapon which is nearly the max.

  30. Naamari E

    56667/49600ish (got past 49125 from PNVs)
    I consider myself in the advanced category, I am author of these guides in the official forums:


    You should pick me because when we chatted on facebook we tended to agree with almost everything about the game :D

    If you are interested, you can contact me on that account on the zynga forums with a PM, I don't have a throwaway email address atm.

  31. -Agung R.P(Indonesian)

    I have 4 Facebook account:

    Mafia Wars special account:
    -2,717 Attack/2,863 Defense
    -Level 102 Fearless
    -Skilled Capo

    'Real' Facebook account:
    -1,102 Attack/1,134 Defense
    -Level 23 Mogul
    -Skilled Street Thug

    Whipping boy & Brand new account.

    And also a brand new Myspace Mafia Wars special account.

    Since i found this blog 7 days ago, i make a new, mafia wars special account. I played 3 hours/day in weekdays & 10 hours/day in weekends. I will give you my feedback as many as i can. I'll be very pleased if i'm choosed

    email me at:

  32. I'm not posting to get a free one or test it, I'm posting because I think it is sad that you have not posted anything about the new racket system, after your first post.

    I have it on one of my accounts and it is really fun and functional. Many changes have happend and the new one from today is really great as you can make not only money but also boosts.

    So you are missing a big part of the game to cover on this site. Please bring some news for that as well.

  33. Brigitte L
    Level 334, 49561/45904

    Love your guide, too bad I did not come across it earlier..., would love to help you out in providing new info and updating your current guide, let me know if I can help

  34. @ Everyone - should be good to go within the next 3-4 days.

    @ Matthias - I haven't been able to get access to the racket system. I've made several new accounts now just to try to get it and ended up with the old property tab. I will try again later today.

  35. Bart V.
    Total Attack/Defense Score
    You should pick me because I'm a fast-growing strategical player who is a great fan of your blog...
    e-mail: vanderhaegenbart@gmail.com

  36. Name: Kyle S.
    Attack/Defence: 33502/34340
    Why you should pick me: I am very active in the game and have many different strategies myself. I have read through all your articles and they are very accurate, except for some of the content in the "Declare War" article. (Email me if you would like to talk more about it) I have a very analytical mind which in most areas helps me find small problems within guides and articles and books.
    Email: Kyle78234@yahoo.com

  37. Name: Julius W.
    ATT/DEF: 2929 / 3260
    WYSPM: I'm a new player to the game and might be able to look at the guide at a different angle than the veteran players. Also, like everyone else, I'm looking to get ahead by working smarter, not harder. =)
    Email: juliuswolfe [at] live [dot] com

    Also, thanks for the info already on the site. It's awesome stuff for free! I've tried a few times and all I got were "Rackets". Have never been able to get "Properties".

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Angie S.
    39,540 A\34,467 D
    I love doing the math and analysis on what tactics have the greatest ROI. I enjoy playing daily and empowering my new recruits with loot and tips to help them succeed. As an application developer, I'm also very aware technical case scenarios (if this then this...) that can be evaluated for benefit.

  40. Davelyne K
    A: 47,178 D:43,600
    My husband and I play Mafia Wars together and it's something we enjoy doing as a couple. I do all the jobs and he does all the fights. Having a leveling guide like yours will allow us to work together more and give a better balance to how we play so that we can both feel more successful in completing jobs as well as succeeding in fights. We always check your web page for updates and tips on how to play. Unfortunately we found this page after we were already half way through NY. But we've been trying to consistently follow your tips & suggestions, which we appreciate so much, and it's been so fun for us.

  41. Paul k
    a: 55,853 d 49,432
    Pick me because i am a daily player who is fortunate enough to have a mafia family of 2900 that consistently shows dedication to the game, in the way it was intended!

    prkilpatrick @gmail.com

  42. Rio Saputra, 18235 Attack 19172 Defense, jangkrik@rocketmail.com

  43. Sharing is the best thing..

  44. La Donna
    0 attack/0 defense
    You should pick me because I was going to start again with MW again following (step by step) your strategy when I saw this post, I've been adding MW friends (68 so far) but I haven't started yet. I have 2 other accounts (one whip boy, or girl in this case, and a regular one) but I made this one specially to follow your steps. Oh...and I must say I'm an addicted daily player! And of course, your website is like a Bible for me ;)

  45. Patricia I.

    I play everyday but sometimes I do not know what I'm doing so I will read your guide and provide you with feedback.


  46. Patrick M.

    You should pick me because I am an everyday player and have used your guide for a long period of time. I would love to read your full guide and provide you with feedback. I am good at this because i will be straight with you and tell you wether it is good or bad and how to improve.


  47. Christian L.

    You should choose me becuase I always check this site, answer questions people ask, and refer my family and friends to this site. And besides being a normal everday player, I care more about trading then personally growing my attack and strength. I always help even if I have to give some top items. I will be honest with everyone and fair in everything.

    rocketxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com or lucero.13@osu.edu

  48. Name: Scott K.
    A: 31313 D: 28757 (that is my own account that was level 200 before knowing of the guide)
    Why?: I have the ability to test the guide. I have used it three times. The first time to push a guy past 500. The second two times to push them past 300 and then I parked them because I wanted to wait for Russia and didn't want the cost between levels to be stupid-high when I went in..
    email: sking@qualcomm.com

  49. Someone posted above about rackets. I would also be interested in seeing that in the guide. I have been toying with that with one of my characters. I've learned a few things, but most are obvious. Maybe a post that asks "what have you learned" would provide a forum for folks to state some things?

  50. Pixie J.
    TA= 49,506
    TD= 44,419
    I am a daily player at level 443, stuck in Moscow right now.I have completed New York, Cuba, and gone as far as Moscow and Zynga will let me go....I would love to help with your new guide if you still need help...I have a multi-level Mafia of 1016 that could benefit from it I know. I would love to help them and others if you would let me.

  51. Rangan D.


    i have been following this guide religiously and it has really helped me in the game. I would love go through the new guide of yours. well this is the only chance i have of doing so because i dont have a credit card to pay for it :( though it isn't a good enough reason, there is no harm in trying is there...


  52. Paulette M
    Why Me? I'll use the guide and give you helpful feedback.

  53. I'll gladly review the guide! Definitely looking forward to seeing it! I'm always available and can provice helpful comments shortly after receiving it.


  54. John S.
    21,777 / 22,415

    I'm available 24/7 and play Mafia Wars all day. I'll try the strategies in your guide and offer helpful comments


  55. I'd like to review the guide, I am available to play, and enjoy mafia wars and would like to experience the guide. melikeypie21@gmail.com

  56. level 186 attack/defence 3703/3762 (43 mafia members)
    as u can see ,have an xtremely tiny mafia size...coz i refrain from adding random ppl...so its more important for someone like me to get valuable tips to keep the pace in d big bad world of mafia wars...i have pretty much gone through each page multiple times...and somehow i jus love readin em even if i am not using the tips all the time...skilled boss btw...hope i get picked...if not..i ll jus keep coming back to this site...cheers!


  57. raaj s

    level 186 attack/defence 3703/3762 (43 mafia members)
    as u can see ,have an xtremely tiny mafia size...coz i refrain from adding random ppl...so its more important for someone like me to get valuable tips to keep the pace in d big bad world of mafia wars...i have pretty much gone through each page multiple times...and somehow i jus love readin em even if i am not using the tips all the time...skilled boss btw...hope i get picked...if not..i ll jus keep coming back to this site...cheers!


  58. Cheryl B
    Attack/Defense 50,884/47,777
    Why you should pick me: I'm an adult who finished college way too many years ago with a minor in English. I have quite an eye for mistakes, whether they are grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors. For example, I easily found the mistake in your sentence above ("Basically you'll get early access to the strategy guide in it's entirety FREE of charge"->it's should be its). In addition, having worked in Information Services for over a decade, I fully understand the responsibilities of beta testers and appreciate the importance of explaining technical concepts in an easy-to-follow manner. If you pick me, you'll get a truly polished end product.
    email: clbarnett@invalid.gmail.com (remove invalid to contact me)

  59. Jane R.
    A/D 25,562/28,451
    Level 132


    1) Because the first thing I do when I tackle any game or project is to RTFM. Am looking for a good manual that will help me advance my current character without bots or banned-type hacks.

    2) I'm an excellent proof reader and technical writer, have Acrobat Pro and know how to use it inside out for commenting/editing/optimizing PDFs.

    3) Because OCD is a terrible thing to waste.

    zeebazeeba@aol.com (yes, I know, "get a real ISP!" I have one but I don't ever share it on a first date)

  60. i'd be interested in checkin it (the guide) out for ya (o;

  61. Carrie W

    Mafia Attack Strength 47,652
    Mafia Defense Strength 45,356

    I am a level 316 with about 4650 mafia n have been playing since about march or so. n would like the chance to check out your guide. i have bought GF points just so i could refill my energy to level up a few more times once i ran out of energy. i am in mafia wars all day every day. am a true addict. i am disabled due to the problems i have with my back n neck from a car accident in '03. & i am a fighter... lol. i dont back down, specially if someone pounces on me in mafia.
    have had many bad circumstances in my life n i am hoping you will give me the chance to help ya out! thank ya very much... n disreguard my message b4 lol (o:

    CarrieBethWhite at aoldotcom

  62. Paul H. Offense-37,923 Defense+35,663 Well I could sight the obvious reasons, I love the game yaydeyada, but the main reason I want to be involved in this trial is because I respect the game and therefore want to play it the right way. I want to be able to excel at the game, not just play it.It has become obvious to me that in order to do that I will need to understand and execute the nuances of the game that I don't know. I want to know these strategy's and execute them. I believe this will help me be a much better player and allow me to pass what I learn on to my Mafia so that we can all become better players and success is always more fun and profitable(In many ways)than failure or just getting by. E-Mail: pchpainting@bellsouth.net

  63. Susan S.
    A 41,384 D 40,661
    e-mail: sms2601@vt.edu
    I am somewhere in the middle between beginner and intermediate. I've only been playing for 45 days and have increased levels daily to 243. I want to learn how to do well with this game without cheating. I'm an unemployed grad student writing my dissertation, so MW is a wonderful break from writing. I have many friends also playing this and will be happy to tell them all about your book! :-)

  64. Hans L.
    Email: hans_lui@yahoo.com
    Total Attack/Defense Score (1753/1821)
    Category: Beginner (level 54)

    Three main reasons to pick me:
    * A total novice have not played Moscow yet (just starting Cuba) => provide unbiased feedback

    * Good at following instructions and detail oriented person; professional writing and presentation skills

    * experimenting how to level-up efficiently within the game by building my own excel matrix (scientific & strategic approach) which helps determining:
    - what job to do at what energy level
    - yield the most experience for fastest level-up
    - best $$ making opportunities

  65. michelle k
    by the time i found your blog i was done with all levels, but i look to your blog when ever there are changes to the game now! i would love to start a new player from scratch and see what happens! i recommend you to everyone now as it is!
    michelle01 [at] pebkac [dot] info

  66. I'm guessing you got your 6 long ago, but just in case:

    Solomon C

    I'm a bit late, but I can follow directions. :)

  67. Francisco M.


    I love the game. I review manuals at work, so this wouldn't be hard but it would be more fun.


  68. Bob M.


    I know this response comes to you late. However, I hope you select me because I have created multiple characters over time based on my own strategies. The last character, the one I'm working up now, was based on your information.
    Since I started working your theory with this character on Sept 26th I have reached Level 661 in 13 days. I would be honored to beta the new ideas you provide. I play more than 6-8 hours per day. BTW Math is my life.

    Email: melamed69@gmail.com

  69. didn't forget about you guys - will still take applications (not that there isn't 6 people from this list that I could pick out already!) - just not done editing everything and putting it into a readable format. Also, I have to account for the new Moscow release (and update this site accordingly, which will eat into my free time). I also want to have my website and webhosting squared away first.

    Expect 2-3 more weeks, sorry for the delays!

  70. Anand Bhat
    Attack:Defense 33142:34139

  71. Didi C.
    27070 / 28538
    Fudged up a couple of things with my "main" character (starts with being a Mogul-type *sigh*). Would love to see how it'd be done properly from scratch.
    E-Mail: See my profile.