November 29, 2009

Mafia Wars Game Bar; Strategy Guide

As part of Zynga's new use of the Facebook Connect Integration feature, you can download a toolbar called the "Mafia Wars Game Bar":

The Game Bar displays your current Health, Energy, Stamina, and Energy Pack Timer on a toolbar on your internet browser so you can check on your Mafia Wars status at any time. This could be pretty useful if you were a very active fighter so you can easily see changes in your health if someone is attacking or hitlisting you.

As an added bonus, if you install the Mafia Wars Game Bar, you will get the Utility Belt (armor - 30 attack and 30 defense).


There is a downside to the tool bar
. When you are browsing the web and your toolbar is connected, Mafia Wars treats your account as if you are actively playing, so you can get snuffed many times in a row with the toolbar installed.

On a side note, my new Mafia Wars Guide will go live tomorrow night!

Edit: I'm sure you are surprised - there has been another set-back. The product and site are finished and ready to go, but now it's going to take 3-5 business days for ClickBank (the site I am going through) to process the ebook. At least everything is finally finished!
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November 27, 2009

Mafia Wars Black Friday Reward; Strategy Guide

From now until Tuesday at midnight (probably Monday night), various items will be on sale through Mafia Wars.

You can get a variety of limited edition loot, including old pieces that are now on available again, but this time at a discount.

However, the most intriguing thing is the reward:

Turns out it is just an Elephant Gun (43 attack, 17 defense), which has similar stats to a Ubijca Assault Rifle:

As a side note, normally available purchases, like +4 stats and energy refills, are not on sale.
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November 26, 2009

Mafia Wars Food Fight / Thanksgiving Loot; Strategy Guide

The Mafia Wars Thanksgiving Loot event, "Food Fight" just went live. Here is the item list, pictures, and stats:


Stuffed Turkey: 19 attack, 25 defense

Mashed Potatoes: 24 attack, 21 defense

Pea Shooter: 26 attack, 12 defense

Cooked Goose: 15 attack, 27 defense

Electric Carving Knife: 34 attack, 10 defense


Lucky Wishbone: 16 attack, 36 defense

Food Coma: 20 attack, 42 defense


Gravy Boat: 40 attack, 24 defense


Just like with all loot events, you can collect these items quickly by doing the 1 energy job in the Street Thug tier over and over again.

Edit: Many many jobs and an energy pack later, I ended up getting my 33rd item (which was the last one I needed). So, as far as I can tell, there is no limit to the amount of items you can get during the Thanksgiving Food Fight event. However, the drop rates seem to get significantly lower after your 30th item.

As far as item quality, there are no "must have" items, but the Gravy Boat and Food Coma are at least decent. They also seem to be the rarest.

Additionally, even if you already have everything, you can get 2 free reward points associated with the event. Every time you get an item you can publish it for your friends to get 2 free reward points.

There seems to be a cap of 10 reward points. I will try to collect again tomorrow and see what happens!
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November 25, 2009

Mafia Wars Possible Energy Pack and Stamina Change; Strategy Guide

Just a quick heads up about stamina: on MySpace stamina now costs 2 skill points once again. Odds are this change will make it over to Facebook shortly (could be a few hours or a few days). So, if you want some more stamina, now is the time to load up.

Also, there is a potential energy pack change, though it does not seem to be active on all accounts. Apparently for some players (not live on my accounts), you have now have to ask for an energy pack (just like you would call for help on a job).

Pretty annoying if so, hopefully the energy pack change is just a test and is not permanent.

In other news, the Idaho Special has been replaced with a "Power Plough", a vehicle with 20 attack and 16 defense. Nothing special, but if you want one, follow the same procedure as with the Idaho Special - just ask for help then "collect" your take on your home page in the bottom left hand corner.

I will have updates shorly on the Thanksgiving Food Fight items when they come out.
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November 24, 2009

Mafia Wars Food Fight: Thanksgiving Loot Items; Strategy Guide

Starting Thursday and running through Monday, Mafia Wars will be releasing another holiday loot event (Thanksgiving for all you non-Americans) entitled Food Fight.

Conveniently, there will not be any confusion around the release time - the promo pic specifically states that the items will go live Thursday Morning at 12:01 PST and will drop until Monday Night at 11:59 PST.

There will be 8 items in the set as usual. Only 6 so far have been named:

Mashed Potato
Cooked Goose
Carving Knife
Pea Shooter
Gravy Boat

You can see the two icons of the other two items on the official Facebook page. I am assuming the item depicted as a turkey leg in the guy's mouth will be "Turkey Stuffing". I have no idea what the item will be called where the guy is passed out at the table. Any guesses?
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November 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Idaho Special; Strategy Guide

Since a lot of you have been asking about the Idaho Special, here is a little write up on that. When you log in, on the bottom left hand corner of the home page, you might get the option to loot a shipment of Idaho Specials. When you get that option, you can post on your wall asking for help.

Note: Most people will never get this option to intercept the potatoes - it seems to only be active on a very small percentage of Mafia Wars accounts (much like the money laundering job). You can force start this by being logged into Facebook and clicking this link (thanks Zero Beat).

If 5 of your friends help you out, you can get 5 Idaho Specials. You have to click on the link on the home page to collect your take:

However, anyone can get help out a friend that has access to this. You get one Idaho Special simply for helping a friend out with this task.

Simply scan your news feed (make sure it is set on "View Live") for this message:

Click that link, and if you are the first of 10 people, you will get an Idaho Special:

I was able to grab one even though the notification was 13 hours old, so if you really want one, look back a day or two through your news feed for this message.

Also, note in the top right a new search feature. It seems to work really well so far. The navigation bar on the right hand side is getting a bit lengthy!
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Mafia Wars Cash Rackets; Strategy Guide

Long overdue, but it took awhile to get all the data for mastering some of the cash rackets. It seems that for new Mafia Wars accounts, some of them only have cash rackets as it is (many went back to having property), so if you do not have access to rackets, don't worry.

If they do open up rackets for everyone, the data will be here and ready when that time comes.

With that said, cash rackets are by far the most developed out of all the racket types (cash, attack, defense, jobs). There are 15 total rackets composed of 5 tiers of 3 rackets a piece.

If you do not know what rackets are, please see the rackets overview post.

Special thanks to Baytor for helping me collect a lot of the racket info and screenshots.

Card Games (4 hour cash rackets):

Three-Card Monte (master this to unlock Backroom Poker)

Cost: 5 Influence
Time until completion: 4 hours
Reward: $6,600 ($10,000 if mastered), 5 influence, 1 Experience Point
6% Racket Mastery

Backroom Poker (master this to unlock Executive Game)

Cost: 16 Influence
Time until completion: 4 hours
Reward: $333,000 ($495,000 if mastered), 16 influence, 1 Experience Point
3% Racket Mastery

Executive Game (top in tier)

Cost: 38 Influence
Time until completion: 4 hours
Reward: $39,000,000 ($59,000,000 if mastered), 38 influence, 1 Experience Point
1% Racket Mastery

Betting Rackets (8 hour rackets)

Numbers Racket (master this to unlock illegal sportsbook)

Cost: 7 Influence
Time until completion: 8 hours
Reward: $10,400 ($15,600 if mastered), 7 influence, 1 Experience Point
12% Racket Mastery

Illegal Sportsbook (master this to unlock Fixed Horserace):

Cost: 21 Influence
Time until completion: 8 hours
Reward: $576,000 ($864,000 if mastered), 21 influence, 1 Experience Point
3% Racket Mastery

Fixed Horserace (top in tier):

Cost: 53 Influence
Time until completion: 8 hours
Reward: $76,000,000 ($114,000,000 if mastered), 53 influence, 1 Experience Point
2% Racket Mastery

Prostitution Rackets (24 hours)

Strip Club (master this to unlock Massage Parlor)

Cost: 10 Influence
Time until completion: 22 hours
Reward: $15,000 ($22,600 if mastered), 10 influence, 1 Experience Point
10% Racket Mastery

Massage Parlor (master this to unlock Escort Service)

Cost: 26 Influence
Time until completion: 22 hours
Reward: $900,000 ($1,350,000 if mastered), 26 influence, 1 Experience Point
4% Racket Mastery

Escort Service (top in tier):

Cost: 75 Influence
Time until completion: 22 hours
Reward: $110,000,000 ($165,000,000 if mastered), 75 influence, 1 Experience Point
3% Racket Mastery

Import / Export Rackets (2 day rackets)

Customs Scam (master this to unlock Import Scam)

Cost: 17 Influence
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: $25,000 ($37,600 if mastered), 17 influence, 1 Experience Point
12% Racket Mastery

Import Scam (master this to unlock Dockyard Scam):

Cost: 44 Influence
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: $1,500,000 ($2,250,000 if mastered), 44 influence, 1 Experience Point
5% Racket Mastery

Dockyard Scam (top in tier):

Cost: 128 Influence
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: $170,000,000 ($255,000,000 if mastered), 128 influence, 1 Experience Point
2% Racket Mastery

Housing Rackets (3 day rackets)

Crooked Rental (master this to unlock Crooked Highrise)

Cost: 25 Influence
Time until completion: 66 hours
Reward: $36,000 ($54,000 if mastered), 25 influence, 1 Experience Point
18% Racket Mastery

Crooked Highrise (master to unlock crooked suburb):

Cost: 66 Influence
Time until completion: 66 hours
Reward: $2,200,000 ($54,000 if mastered), 66 influence, 1 Experience Point
5% Racket Mastery

Crooked Suburb (top in tier):

Cost: 188 Influence
Time until completion: 66 hours
Reward: $245,000,000 ($368,000,000 if mastered), 188 influence, 1 Experience Point
3% Racket Mastery


The difference in pay between the 4 hour and 8 hour rackets is negligible - the top 4 hour racket pays 59,000,000 when mastered while the top 8 hour racket pays 114,000,000. After that, the amount you get paid per hour drops off significantly. Compare the Fixed Horserace @ $114,000,000 for 8 hours to the Crooked Suburb @ $368,000,000 every 3 days. The Horserace pays out almost 3 times as much.

Some math:

At 20 rackets total, if you were running 20 Fixed Horserace rackets (with the racket mastered), you would be making $6.84 billion per day. At this rate, if you somehow were able to reset your rackets every 8 hours, it would take about 146 days to make the 1 trillion dollar achievement.

If you were running 20 escort services and collecting them every 22 hours on the dot, you would make $ 3.6 billion per day. At this rate, if you collected every 22 horus, it would take about 278 days to make the 1 trillion dollar achievement.

In the end rackets will simply not be as profitable as property. It is definitely easier to get started with rackets, but on my main account I make about $6.2 billion per day and do not have to collect or start anything - it is automatic.

However, there is definitely a creative way to use rackets to make tons of cash. Since it is so easy to get started in rackets making a lot of money early, if you had a very low level account you could do rackets for cash and then do boss fights over and over again. Since boss fights only cost a few energy if you have a low energy pool, you can do literally a hundred boss fights a day to get tons of cash if you only have a pool of 10 energy.

You could do the $999 trillion achievement in a matter of weeks by doing that. While it's neat in theory, it's not practical.. and then you are left with an account that will struggle leveling up because of all the levels you got from fighting bosses instead of doing jobs.

Bottom line: cash rackets are just not worth it right now. It's a very neat system though and could definitely be salvaged, just at the moment the cost (time, being there to check on the properties, influence stat points) vs. reward are not lined up.
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November 21, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide: Not Getting Skill Points for Mastering Jobs

Currently, when some people master jobs, no skill points are being rewarded. I am assuming this is a bug (as I have not seen anything that indicates otherwise) and will be fixed at some point.

This seems to happen randomly, to some players and not to others. On one account I was not getting skill points for mastering jobs, at which point I logged out and logged back in and the next job I mastered I got a skill point, so the issue is definitely not happening 100% of the time.

However, if it is happening to you, I am willing to bet that awarding stat points in retrospect after the fix is made is something that is not likely to happen.

Mafia Wars has a track record for this. Examples:

- Accounts that leveled with rackets / influence are left as is, despite the fact that most people still do not have rackets.

- Stamina cost was lowered from 2 skill points to 1 skill point but earlier players were not reimbursed.

The fact of the matter is that there are several different versions of Mafia Wars running at the same time (some with rackets, some without, some with New York "takes", some without, some that can launder money, some that can not).

What to do about it? In my opinion, wait it out. Do not attempt to create an energy account or master tons of content if you are not getting skill points for mastering jobs. It will not work out well that way and you do not want to end up with less skill points than everyone else.

In the mean time, repeat the same jobs in Moscow to collect currency or loot which will help you progress once this is fixed.
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November 19, 2009

Mafia Wars Thanksgiving Free Gifts; Strategy Guide

There are five new Thanksgiving-themed free gifts available for Mafia Wars. Here is the loot list:


Turkey Silence (28 attack, 13 defense)
Tomahawk (23 attack, 19 defense)
Potato Masher (26 attack, 17 defense)


Pigskin Helmet (18 attack, 24 defense)


Parade Balloon (14 attack, 28 defense)

Nothing too special, but now you have some free limited edition items to go out and collect on your holiday vacation!
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Mafia Wars Moscow - Fixing Boss Fights; Strategy Guide

Here is a way to work around the locked boss fights in Moscow until this issue is fixed, originally a poster named Harvey Digger from this thread on the Mafia Wars forums.

Basically, you can click on the links below when logged into Mafia Wars (and at the proper episode in Moscow). These URLs will activate the call for help on each boss fight in Moscow.

Episode 1 Boss

Episode 2 Boss

Episode 3 Boss

Episode 4 Boss

Episode 5 Boss

Episode 6 Boss

Even if the help box does not pop up, some of your friends will still be able to see the player update either in the notifications tab or on the player updates screen and be able to help you out.
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November 18, 2009

Mafia Wars Money Laundering Collection & Boost; Strategy Guide

If you have been unable to see the money laundering collection in Mafia Wars (shows in New York collection screen at the bottom below the lotto), you can access it through the following method:

"Please clear your cache, If you are unsure of how to clear your cache, the following knowledge base article may be of help to you:

Answer Title: How do I clear my cache?Answer Link:

If after you have cleared your cache you find that you are still having issues please follow these steps.

1- Download the latest flash player if you are not already currently using it.

2- Remove the Mafia Wars application. If you do not know how to do this, instructions can be found here.

3- Restart your computer. Log back in to your social network and re-add the Mafia Wars application."

By following either two of these steps, you should be able to see the money laundering collection. To get the money laundering collection, you have to help your friends launder money, which will appear on your status feed.

Vaulting the money laundering collection reduces the bank deposit fee from 10% to 7%. This is not a bad collection, but it's a bit underwhelming; it will only be useful in Cuba. Odds are people still won't be able to steal even 7% of your money from fighting if you have a decent amount of it, so it is better to just keep it in your inventory if you have more than around 50,000,000 (either New York or Moscow) or so.

As a boost, you can get a "Money Sock" which makes each job you do pay out 50% more (pretty weak in my opinion, even if you get 7) considering how many people you are going to have to help to get that many collection pieces in the first place.

Thanks to Bharath S. for the information on both making the collection appear and the pictures.
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November 17, 2009

Mafia Wars Raid the Docks Reward; Strategy Guide

First off, note the post below and that this page is in transition to a new domain - As a result, some of the links, the pages in the side bar, the comments, and just all around site functionality will not be available until the DNS servers are completely updated.

At any rate, here is some more information for the Raid the Docks limited time job:

Step 1: Untraceable Cell Phones
Step 2: Computer Set-Ups
Step 3: Concealable Cameras
Step 4: Blackmail Photos

And when you finish, you can get a cargo ship, which is a vehicle with 16 attack and 46 defense. You can get both the cargo ship and blackmail photos at the same time, but you need to be @95%:

Thanks to Paul for the photo submissions.
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Mafia Wars Guide Domain Name Change

Facebook's legal team sent me and e-mail saying that I could not publish my site on a domain which included "Facebook" in the title, since Facebook is a global brand and my site could hurt their image or something along those lines and I needed to change my domain immediately.

So, the new domain is now - it is a bit lengthy, but there is practically nothing available at this point as far as mafia wars related domain names go.

The old address should forward you to this page for the next few days but it will be going offline soon, so update your bookmarks.
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November 15, 2009

Mafia Wars Raid the Docks Limited Time Job; Strategy Guide

As part of Big Apple Week, there is a new limited job - Raid the Docks. It works much like Rob the Candy Truck job did. The XP:Energy ratio is 2, and you can only do the job once every so often. The amount of energy the job costs seems to be completely random. On an account of mine at ~600 energy, it cost me 60 energy, on my account that is in the 1200s it cost me 100 energy. However, on a third account (I know, lol) where I have 5000+ energy it only costs me 60 energy.

However, a few things are different. First off, the rewards are much better - you get 15-30 untraceable cell phones the first time you do the job (I am assuming this changes each time you do the job).

Another thing is, the amount of job mastery and items you get depends on how much energy the job cost. On my high level account, I spent 100 energy and got 25% job mastery and 30 cell phones. On my lower level account, I spent 60 energy but only got 15 cell phones and 15% job mastery.


If you spent 100 energy on the job, you have to wait 24 hours to do it again. If you spent 60 energy on the job, you only have to wait 8 hours.

Steps: Note in the picture above it says "Step 1". If you do this job once (at 25% mastery) or twice (at 15% mastery), this changes to "Step 2".

For step one, you get untraceable cell phones.

For step two, you get computer set-ups.

I am not yet sure what the reward is for mastering the job (I am sure it will be the cargo ship, not sure about the stats yet). I will post as I get more information!


Now it seems like all of my accounts have been normalized to the 8 hour timer. Weird.

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November 14, 2009

Mafia Wars Money Laundering & Collection; Strategy Guide

A new feature for Mafia Wars was added sometime last night called money laundering. When you do a job, you have a random chance to hit the "mother lode" and get extra money. However, you will need help to launder this money, which is where your fellow mafia members come in.

Once you hit the mother load, you can then ask your friends to help you out. I am assuming that once 10 people help you out (like the other jobs), you will be able to collect the bonus pay (will confirm or deny soon).

In addition to Money Laundering, a new collection was added then pulled down - the Money Laundering Collection:

It includes the following pieces: Money Iron, Dirty Laundry, Dryer Sheets, Money Line, Roll of Quarters, Death by Detergent, Dirty Bra. The bonus for vaulting the collection is rumored to be +10% extra money from laundering, but that is still up in the air for now, as the collection was pulled shortly after it was put up.

The only thing is right now the collection has been pulled down so it does not show up in your inventory. You still keep the items though - as if you use a 3rd party tool you can gift them.

Big Apple Week

Double mastery and double loot in New York, starting this weekend and running through the 22nd. Last time they had a double mastery day, I took an account through New York in less than 3 hours, so this would be as good a time as any if you were looking for a new account. Will keep an eye on it.

On that topic, I'm looking to potentially release Mafia Wars Guide v2 this weekend! Stay tuned for more updates, and I will update this post as more information comes out on money laundering.
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November 12, 2009

Mafia Wars "Experimental Crates"; Strategy Guide

There are a new set of crates out for Mafia Wars entitled "Experimental Crates". There are nine items total that you can get:

Balloon Boy - 10 attack, 28 defense

EMP Bomb - 4 attack, 32 defense

Gene Splicer - 27 attack, 16 defense

Gravity Gun - 35 attack, 20 defense

Executioner Drone - 42 attack, 22 defense

Ocular Implants - 25 attack, 26 defense

Chevalier Exoskeleton - 18 attack, 43 defense

Iron Bull - 28 attack, 42 defense

Vortex Ring Gun - 12 attack, 33 defense

Nothing too exciting here, but the graphics are pretty cool.
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November 11, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide - More Moscow Nerfs; Strategy

So, there are a few more changes nerfs to Mafia Wars Moscow that came out today. First of all, if you click this link, you can get a good chunk of rubles for free (based on level).

Also, it is confirmed that all Moscow businesses are unlocked at any level. Combined with the extra 10,000,000+ rubles everyone gets, I believe the thought is that if they can give out free rubles, people can buy the businesses and eventually get around to finishing the Moscow content.

Additionally, jobs pay out around ~15% more. Definitely steps in the right direction, but I still think most players will not be finished by the holidays, so I expect to see another nerf to this content soon.

Thoughts on the "Retuning"

I think the problem right now is that a character's capacity to complete jobs does not really scale. With each passing level, the amount of experience points you need to get to hit the following level increases. Even if you put all your points into energy, you can not keep up with this increase once you reach a certain level. As a result, after you reach a certain level, somewhere around 250-300, your capacity to complete jobs actually goes down.

Compare that with the way content is going. Moscow is significantly harder than both New York and Cuba put together, yet by the time most players reach Moscow, leveling up is not so easy. I think the only real solution here, rather than to nerf Moscow content into the ground, is that our characters in game need some sort of viable energy progression. The private island, helicopter, and golden throne made sense to me. As I completed the final content, my character was able to do more jobs, as it should be.

Fast forward to Moscow. Jobs cost literally 2-3x as much as jobs in previous cities, but now as we level up, it becomes harder and harder to do so again. So the content is getting harder while the capacity to level up (and as a result, do jobs) is getting worse.

This problem will only continue to grow unless the developers produce methods for increasing energy regeneration (like another golden throne / helicopter type item) for mastering jobs.
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November 10, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Re-tuned; Strategy Guide

And by re-tuned, I mean nerfed.


Yes, bribe penalty is completely gone - confirmed; jobs are paying out 100% now regardless of the items you own.

Here is a picture of the new business payout as well (click for full size):

Businesses now pay out around $70,000,000 a day. This is about 3.5x as much as before, which makes it a big buff. But, considering you need 6,000,000,000 rubles to get through Moscow and upgrade your businesses. At this amount, it would still take your businesses over 2 months to produce that.

Also, I noticed on a lower level account that I can buy the Trafficking Operation despite only being on Episode 4. Not sure if this is intended as I have not seen it mentioned anywhere officially.

So, even with this unprecedented boost, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a second Moscow nerf within a month if they want to stick to the plan; the plan being Mafia Wars Bangkok coming out around the holidays. Even with this business upgrade, I'm betting the majority of the 6,000,000 daily Mafia Wars players will not be done by Christmas.
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November 8, 2009

Mafia Wars Free Godfather Points Link; Strategy Guide

Here is a link from the Mafia Wars Twitter Page that will give you some free godfather points:

I ended up getting 5; this is a limited time offer. It is possible that you may need to be a "fan" of Mafia Wars on Facebook to get the bonus.
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November 7, 2009

Mafia Wars Cuba Job Requirement Matrix; Strategy Guide

While Mafia Wars Cuba has been out awhile now, Borut, a reader of the blog, submitted a Job Matrix for Mafia Wars Cuba (much like the Moscow one posted earlier), so I thought it would be nice to share with everyone:

If you have anything that you think would be useful that you would like to contribute to the Mafia Wars Guide, feel free to send me an e-mail (you e-mail me through my profile).
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Mafia Wars Blunderbluss and Lefty Guns' Leather Coat; Strategy Guide

Yesterday Mafia Wars added some new free gifts to their free gifting menu. I'm guessing these items will continue to cycle through with regularity like in FarmVille.

There are currently 5 "limited edition" items that you can send:

Claymore: Weapon, 19 attack, 10 defense

Blunderbuss: Weapon, 27 attack 7 defense

Lefty Guns' Leather Coat: Armor, 10 attack 24 defense

Mara Serpiente: Vehicle, 24 attack, 18 defense

Garza 9: Weapon, 25 attack, 10 defense

The first three items were originally the "limited edition" items you could buy for $10,000 for each 2 people in your Mafia. The Garza 9 and Mara Serpiente can be also found in Cuba, so nothing to exciting here.
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November 6, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Business List; Strategy Guide

I just realized that I never posted a finished business guide for Mafia Wars Moscow (Click to see full size):

There are 5 total businesses:

Unlicensed Taxi Stand (free business for going to Moscow)

Cigarette Smuggling Ring (unlock by completing Episode 1 chapter 3)

Black-Market Car Lot (unlock by completing Episode 2 chapter 3)

Munitions Trading Camp (unlock by completing Episode 4 chapter 3)

Trafficking Operation (unlock by completing Episode 6 chapter 3)

In Moscow, each business is exponentially more expensive. In other words, upgrading the cigarette smuggling ring fully is 3+ times cheaper than the Black-Market Car Lot, despite the fact that the Black-Market Car Lot only pays out twice as much.

What this means to the player is it is best to upgrade the cheapest business you have access to first. All in all, you will need to spend around $600,000,000 rubles to fully upgrade your businesses. Despite this high price tag, Moscow businesses are very good.

Moscow businesses pay out a lot. With all the businesses fully upgraded, you will earn about over 70,000,000 rubles per day or so, thereby repaying your initial investment in less than 10 days. Upgrade your businesses right away, especially after the recent change.
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Mafia Wars Guide - Beta Test E-mails out, Other News

So, as I have mentioned a few times now, I have a very much upgraded version of my original Mafia Wars Guide which will be released soon.

Well, now that I have had some time to think about how to work Moscow into the equation, the initial version is finally done, and I have just sent out e-mails to the 6 testers I picked from last month's post asking for testers. So if you are one of those people, check your e-mail! In 72 hours, if everyone has yet to respond, I may send out another e-mail or two, so all is not lost yet if you were hoping to snag a free copy.

If you purchased the last guide, I will upgrade you free of charge. Thanks for your support! More details on that closer to release.

For the rest of the readers, expect a release soon. By switching over to Clickbank, I will be able to offer free updates as content comes out in addition to being able to split the guide into sections for different levels of advancement, thereby offering something for both beginners and advanced players.

In other news

A lot of things got broke the other night.

Somethings got fixed. For some people with access to rackets, influence disappeared and rackets were able to be purchased for just small amounts of New York currency. Thanks to that, I will have a cash rackets post up soon with the scoop on that. This has been reverted back to influence for those effected.

However, some things did not get fixed. A lot of the coding behind Mafia Wars changed, and now virtually every 3rd party add-on no longer works. And even if you are not running 3rd party add-ons, the game is still very buggy and simply is not running very well.

Rumor has it that Zynga is banning players for using 3rd party tools, but as they say, screen-shot or it did not happen. That's ridiculous - I would venture a guess, based on traffic to Spockholm and other 3rd party tool sites that almost half their daily active players use 3rd party tools. Banning half the player base is not a smart move and would effect their bottom line.

What I expect to happen is we will continue to see this "coding war" where Zynga's developers try to code around 3rd party tools while Mafia Wars fans, that also happen to be programmers, simply work around it.

Personally, I think it is a waste of Zynga's time. Millions of people play Mafia Wars - many more players than they could ever afford to hire - so eventually some bored programmer will work his or her way around it.


And a mod that calculates EXP:Energy ratio remaining till the next level is already out, and can be found here:

Only a matter of time for gifting to be back..
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November 3, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Job Requirements Matrix; Strategy Guide

Here is a matrix outlining the items that you need to purchase in order to finish each tier in Mafia Wars Moscow all three times. Special thanks to Don Scott for helping with the graphics (clicking will open image in new window):

Click to see full size

M stands for Mafiya requirements, V stands for Vory requirements.

I am fairly sure this is accurate, but there is a chance there are one or two requirements missing. If you notice something is off, please post in the comments so that we can fix it. All item numbers indicate the amount needed to progress through the tier for the third time.

As a side note, the my guide, updated for Moscow, will be ready by the end of the week. Stay tuned (and be ready to check your e-mail to the people who submitted the post a few weeks back)!
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