November 7, 2009

Mafia Wars Blunderbluss and Lefty Guns' Leather Coat; Strategy Guide

Yesterday Mafia Wars added some new free gifts to their free gifting menu. I'm guessing these items will continue to cycle through with regularity like in FarmVille.

There are currently 5 "limited edition" items that you can send:

Claymore: Weapon, 19 attack, 10 defense

Blunderbuss: Weapon, 27 attack 7 defense

Lefty Guns' Leather Coat: Armor, 10 attack 24 defense

Mara Serpiente: Vehicle, 24 attack, 18 defense

Garza 9: Weapon, 25 attack, 10 defense

The first three items were originally the "limited edition" items you could buy for $10,000 for each 2 people in your Mafia. The Garza 9 and Mara Serpiente can be also found in Cuba, so nothing to exciting here.
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  1. Its only me, I just findout that my limited item "Whaambulance" (atk 28/def 5) item is missing. Also is so fast Zynga replace it with old limited item (Riot Shield)

  2. possible that it violated copyrights for another game / something else.. just like the Humvee and other items got a change

  3. The Whaambulance limited item is up again and now i have it back in my loot. Maybe a glitch (I am sure its missing as i post before cause it dont show up in loot list and also not being used in fight (My evg vehicle still below it)

  4. Well, finally i find the best answer. Seem Zynga rolling back the system to old one so at the time i miss new item such as whaambulance that already in my loots. And all fixed