November 12, 2009

Mafia Wars "Experimental Crates"; Strategy Guide

There are a new set of crates out for Mafia Wars entitled "Experimental Crates". There are nine items total that you can get:

Balloon Boy - 10 attack, 28 defense

EMP Bomb - 4 attack, 32 defense

Gene Splicer - 27 attack, 16 defense

Gravity Gun - 35 attack, 20 defense

Executioner Drone - 42 attack, 22 defense

Ocular Implants - 25 attack, 26 defense

Chevalier Exoskeleton - 18 attack, 43 defense

Iron Bull - 28 attack, 42 defense

Vortex Ring Gun - 12 attack, 33 defense

Nothing too exciting here, but the graphics are pretty cool.
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  1. i got the Chevalier Exoskeleton ( armor)(ATK18/DEF43) - RARE!!!


  2. bought 3 crates :

    Executioner Drone 42 atk/22def ( vehicle )
    Gravity Gun 35 atk/20 def ( weapon )
    Gene Splicer 27 atk/16 def ( armor )

    Btw, idont think the iron bull is part of the experimental crates.. i think it belongs to the admin..

  3. Can somebody explain me the outgunned,outclassed and outmanned status during fight.
    Even though my mafia size is more than 501 I keep getting is this possible when both are fighting with same mafia number

  4. What's the deal with the dirty bra?

  5. new collection items in new york:

    Dirty Bra
    Death by Detergent
    Roll of Quarters
    Money Line
    Dryer Sheets
    Dirty Laundry
    Money Iron

    double mastery in new york starting sunday!

  6. In which job tier do you loot that new collection?

  7. My NY inventory page doesn't show that collection?

  8. @Anonimous above: you must buy the experimental crates in the godfather section to earn this loots

    Have you guys seen? Double mastery and double loot starting on sunday! yay!

  9. those are just below your lotto collection in NY,although zynga being zynga dont think updated this for everyone...i dunno how u get those though!

  10. In Moscow, i am on level 3 mastery, and i just finished the job before the boss fight...why is the boss fight still locked???

  11. i am showing the money laundering collection on my rackets account but not on my normal old account. it is posted below the lotto collection in NY. items are:
    money iron
    dirty laundry
    dryer sheets
    money line
    roll of quarters
    death by detergent
    dirty bra

  12. How do you collect the money laundering collection??

  13. There seem to be selective upgrades - I tried to collect on a Money Laundering job and was told the job was not recognised!

  14. Zynga and FB is spying on us.

    If you have opened MW recently, look for a cookie named "" which is commonly used by gambling sites for fraud-protection and keeping track of users. This was added in a recent update.

    Script users, be warned.

  15. I have several questions, too.

    - Regarding the iesnare cookie, do you know if this was done by Zynga and/or Facebook intentionally?

    - I've heard a rumor that the loot drop % for Cuba has dropped dramatically. True/False?

    - Why are all the Boss jobs in Moscow locked? It'd be nice to "officially" finish the 3rd episode.

    - Any "official" word on how the Money Laundering is supposed to work?

    Thanks again for all the work you do on this blog. It's appreciated.

  16. It seems that a LOT of new stuff is on the fly in mafia wars!

    I believed the money laundry job would be similar to the rob the candy truck job but actually it seems that it will be quite different, new collection and the more you spread more money you make... maybe to make that nest egg achievment a bit

    Another thing is a new top mafia position (or a bug), it seems a lot of people are engaging wars with 7 top mafia members...

    Here's some pics of all this stuff:

    Hit the jackpot

    Hit the jackpot (help)

    Money laundry collection

    Death by detergent (loot)

    7 top mafia 1

    7 top mafia 2

    7 top mafia 3

    7 top mafia 4

  17. i got the gravity gun

  18. Picked up an emp bomb, a gravity gun, and a Executioner Drone