November 24, 2009

Mafia Wars Food Fight: Thanksgiving Loot Items; Strategy Guide

Starting Thursday and running through Monday, Mafia Wars will be releasing another holiday loot event (Thanksgiving for all you non-Americans) entitled Food Fight.

Conveniently, there will not be any confusion around the release time - the promo pic specifically states that the items will go live Thursday Morning at 12:01 PST and will drop until Monday Night at 11:59 PST.

There will be 8 items in the set as usual. Only 6 so far have been named:

Mashed Potato
Cooked Goose
Carving Knife
Pea Shooter
Gravy Boat

You can see the two icons of the other two items on the official Facebook page. I am assuming the item depicted as a turkey leg in the guy's mouth will be "Turkey Stuffing". I have no idea what the item will be called where the guy is passed out at the table. Any guesses?
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  1. Does anyone know if Zynga is doing anything to fix the problem with stat points in Moscow episodes? Or is this a new "feature"?

  2. episode 5 and 6 don't give stat points if you master a job :-s

  3. Yep.. posted about that a few days ago.

  4. @MWGuide: I've just seen two new upgrades. The first is not much of a deal, there's a new picture for the turkey silencer, much better now as the other picture looked like the turkey was the bullet and not the silencer... =)

    And the other one is the wishlist, now with 5 itens! Really cool!

  5. just FYI for everybody, there is a link to get a 2nd epack, even if your 24hrs isnt up. I used mine 4 hrs ago, got a link saying to ask friends for an epack, and sure enough people responded and i got a 2nd.

    Not sure how i got the link. But sure enough it worked

  6. for the last item, how about "food coma" ... haha

  7. me too got the 2 nd energy pack...but after that it says "u have to wait 30 hrs for ur next pack"...nyways not a bad deal...2 epacks in 3 hours

  8. The Idaho Special shipment loot has been replaced with the option to loot a Power Plough (20 Attack, 16 Defense).

  9. And here's the link for the Pwer Plough:

  10. Just wondering i sometimes get excess skill points like from 5 to 8 out of a sudden ... is it a bug ? or is there some way to get more excess seems good and it rules ... btw i didnt master any job while getting this excess

  11. I collected them all in 30 minutes with about 1000 of energy spent on the mugging job.

    Stuffed Turkey (19 attack 25 defense)
    Pea Shooter (26 attack 12 defense)
    Cooked Goose (15 attack 27 defense)
    Mashed Potatoes (24 attack 21 defense)
    Electric Carving Knife (34 attack 18 defense)
    Gravy Boat (40 attack 24 defense)
    Food Coma (20 attack 42 defense)
    Lucky Wishbone (16 attack 36 defense)

  12. yep, see the post above for the write up

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