November 6, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide - Beta Test E-mails out, Other News

So, as I have mentioned a few times now, I have a very much upgraded version of my original Mafia Wars Guide which will be released soon.

Well, now that I have had some time to think about how to work Moscow into the equation, the initial version is finally done, and I have just sent out e-mails to the 6 testers I picked from last month's post asking for testers. So if you are one of those people, check your e-mail! In 72 hours, if everyone has yet to respond, I may send out another e-mail or two, so all is not lost yet if you were hoping to snag a free copy.

If you purchased the last guide, I will upgrade you free of charge. Thanks for your support! More details on that closer to release.

For the rest of the readers, expect a release soon. By switching over to Clickbank, I will be able to offer free updates as content comes out in addition to being able to split the guide into sections for different levels of advancement, thereby offering something for both beginners and advanced players.

In other news

A lot of things got broke the other night.

Somethings got fixed. For some people with access to rackets, influence disappeared and rackets were able to be purchased for just small amounts of New York currency. Thanks to that, I will have a cash rackets post up soon with the scoop on that. This has been reverted back to influence for those effected.

However, some things did not get fixed. A lot of the coding behind Mafia Wars changed, and now virtually every 3rd party add-on no longer works. And even if you are not running 3rd party add-ons, the game is still very buggy and simply is not running very well.

Rumor has it that Zynga is banning players for using 3rd party tools, but as they say, screen-shot or it did not happen. That's ridiculous - I would venture a guess, based on traffic to Spockholm and other 3rd party tool sites that almost half their daily active players use 3rd party tools. Banning half the player base is not a smart move and would effect their bottom line.

What I expect to happen is we will continue to see this "coding war" where Zynga's developers try to code around 3rd party tools while Mafia Wars fans, that also happen to be programmers, simply work around it.

Personally, I think it is a waste of Zynga's time. Millions of people play Mafia Wars - many more players than they could ever afford to hire - so eventually some bored programmer will work his or her way around it.


And a mod that calculates EXP:Energy ratio remaining till the next level is already out, and can be found here:

Only a matter of time for gifting to be back..
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  1. And still not fixed is the Moscow Get Help Button, I'm a bit sick of calling for help, getting 3 friends help and no Job % for it!!

    Really like the blog, been very helpful! Cheers!!!

  2. dude, u need to be in moscow to be able to get the job %

  3. I am in Moscow? Mastering Level 3 of Baklan, is it when i log out i need to leave it on the moscow page and not touch it or what? I press get help, come back whatever time later and the little windown pops up saying a,b and c helped on the job, here's the exp and money for them helping but the job itself stays at 0%??

    Sorry if i'm missing something blatantly obvious???

  4. i dont think there is a ryme or reason to the 'get help' button not working. i think its just a bug that occurs sometimes depending on too many variables for us to see.

    but on topic, yea if they ban me for using attackX then fine, because i couldnt play it any other way. seriously, the stupid 'attack again' button does even show up 90% of the time.

  5. @ first poster, if you click the "HOME" button when you call for help in Moscow, it ends the call for help. I'm not sure why. You can go to other job pages, you can go to the fight screen, but you can not click "Home". If you leave Moscow, you will have to stay out of Moscow until people have finished helping you.

    @last poster - the attack again button does not show up when the person is already iced or dead. Such a large # of people are looking at the same fight list though that people end up dead a lot.

    I agree though, the game is virtually unplayable without mods.. gifting is so incredibly painful!

  6. the thing with moscow get help button is not you may not click the "home" button..
    i found out that if you want to get the mastery % you have to be at the corresponding job tier page, and online when other people clicked the help you button..
    so even if you do click the "home" button as long as you get back to your job tab when other player clicked the help you button then it'll work just fine.. :)

  7. Hey, Im the first poster, thank you very much for all your help!!

    Love the blog!!!

  8. Hey!!! Cheers from Peru!

    How can i get the Slum Lord's Achievement & the Cashing Out's Achievement IN THE FEARLESS CHARACTER ? I only have Rackets but no properties ???? Please Help me !!!

  9. just noticed that they put a new feature in that if you click on an item that you need for a job it takes you dirctly to the inventory page and highlights it for you in green. or was this always here before and i never noticed it?