November 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Idaho Special; Strategy Guide

Since a lot of you have been asking about the Idaho Special, here is a little write up on that. When you log in, on the bottom left hand corner of the home page, you might get the option to loot a shipment of Idaho Specials. When you get that option, you can post on your wall asking for help.

Note: Most people will never get this option to intercept the potatoes - it seems to only be active on a very small percentage of Mafia Wars accounts (much like the money laundering job). You can force start this by being logged into Facebook and clicking this link (thanks Zero Beat).

If 5 of your friends help you out, you can get 5 Idaho Specials. You have to click on the link on the home page to collect your take:

However, anyone can get help out a friend that has access to this. You get one Idaho Special simply for helping a friend out with this task.

Simply scan your news feed (make sure it is set on "View Live") for this message:

Click that link, and if you are the first of 10 people, you will get an Idaho Special:

I was able to grab one even though the notification was 13 hours old, so if you really want one, look back a day or two through your news feed for this message.

Also, note in the top right a new search feature. It seems to work really well so far. The navigation bar on the right hand side is getting a bit lengthy!
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  1. here's how to get your friends a shipment of them:

  2. So how do you do this one?
    "5 of your friends helped you loot a shipment of idaho specials. collect your take to recieve 5 idaho specials"
    this message has been on my hame page for three days... how do you "collect your take"
    and no, it is'nt under properties

  3. You can also get one by winning a war and rewarding your friends.

  4. Same here, i followed the link above, 5 friends helped, now how can i get the "Take".


  5. Again great guide. Too bad I can't take advantage of it today since MW is all screwed up on my computer. The formatting is off and the error messages are ubiquitous. I care a little more than normal since I wanted to tap out the NYC tiers on the last Big-Apple day.

  6. New thanksgiving loot

  7. @Anonymous 2 posts above: After 5 friends help, all you gotta do is visit your mw home page and you'll see the link to collect the 5 Idahos take.

    @MWGuide: Have you seen/heard anything about the food fight event this weekend?

    Here's a promo pic:

  8. Yep Jukes, just saw that. Writing up a little post now, will update when it goes live.