November 6, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Business List; Strategy Guide

I just realized that I never posted a finished business guide for Mafia Wars Moscow (Click to see full size):

There are 5 total businesses:

Unlicensed Taxi Stand (free business for going to Moscow)

Cigarette Smuggling Ring (unlock by completing Episode 1 chapter 3)

Black-Market Car Lot (unlock by completing Episode 2 chapter 3)

Munitions Trading Camp (unlock by completing Episode 4 chapter 3)

Trafficking Operation (unlock by completing Episode 6 chapter 3)

In Moscow, each business is exponentially more expensive. In other words, upgrading the cigarette smuggling ring fully is 3+ times cheaper than the Black-Market Car Lot, despite the fact that the Black-Market Car Lot only pays out twice as much.

What this means to the player is it is best to upgrade the cheapest business you have access to first. All in all, you will need to spend around $600,000,000 rubles to fully upgrade your businesses. Despite this high price tag, Moscow businesses are very good.

Moscow businesses pay out a lot. With all the businesses fully upgraded, you will earn about over 70,000,000 rubles per day or so, thereby repaying your initial investment in less than 10 days. Upgrade your businesses right away, especially after the recent change.
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  1. But the ridiculous part is the last business you can't get until you're almost done!! Is there a shortcut to jump to episode 6, Chapter 3 so you can get this business? people aren't finishing Moscow becuase it is so expensive. It will take the average player neraly a year to finish if they don't do jobs just to rake in money! I'm just going to start the new asia one when it comes out and hope they make it more like Cuba (good) then Moscow (bad)

  2. Hmm, you kind of need to be on episode 6 just to get enough $$ to upgrade the business as it costs 400,000,000 to upgrade the last business fully.

  3. They must have changed the unlock for the Trafficking Operation business. It was open for me and I have only mastered Avtoritet Chapter # 2...

  4. i have done zero jobs and have unlocked the first 3 so far. just an FYI

  5. for those who posted in the last 3-4 days you WILL have unlocked the businesses due to complaints about Moscow being too hard. You will also notice that the bribe penalty is gone AND if you go on the fan page there is a link to "It's Raining Roubles!" Click that link and it will get you started!

    I got 50 million! Enjoy

  6. > WILL have unlocked the businesses due to complaints about Moscow being too hard.
    >Moscow being too hard
    >too hard
    >Mafia Wars

    Are you serious? People were whining about this game being "too hard"? What kind of drooling idiots play this game that are having a hard time with it?!? It's so easy, it's barely a game! I don't understand how you can be a functioning human being in the real world and lack the "skill" to be able to hack it in this game. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it, but as for "hard"...give me a fucking break, morons.

  7. The hardest part about Mafia Wars is the Strip Club. Har har har.

  8. I had a bug in which i could buy all businesses without unlocking :')
    Seriously xD

  9. wait, is that not normal? (in response to anonymous above) if so, i had it too!!

  10. ive got all my businesses upgraded and have 2 billion 200 million rubles in the bank! im on episode 4 level 2 and the only thing stopping me from progressing quicker is the amount of energy it takes for each job!!!

  11. The amounts of energy required are insane. Moscow is still too hard. I am like a week on one level.

  12. you could just easily do all the other missions in new york and cuba and save up the money in moscow willing completing the other cities thats wit a did and a saved a good amount before a even started it

  13. You don't need to complete the chapters anymore, I have only done one job in Moscow and I have all the properties fully upgraded.

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