December 25, 2009

Mafia Wars Bangkok and Robbing News & New Year's Updates; Strategy Guide

According to the official Mafia Wars blog, Bangkok is set to release in January of 2010.

Some time after that, robbing will be added back into the game in a new and improved format. Strangely enough, this was announced as I was working on my own thoughts on the state of player vs. player in Mafia Wars. I encourage everyone to read that post, and check it out. I think these changes would really benefit the rest of the Mafia Wars community. Read it, discuss, and pass it on, and who knows, maybe some good things will happen!

By the way, Social Gaming Pulse is my new gaming site project. Expect a lot of new content to be added to that soon - I just wanted to get out my Mafia Wars post while the topic was still fresh and before it got lost in Bangkok mania.

In other news, multi-gifting (i.e. sending more then 1 item at once) functionality will also be added, which is a nice change. There is no ETA though on the re-implementation of robbing and multi-gifting, so it could be awhile before these are added to the game.

Additionally, we will see a new featured New Year's job with different missions and different payouts. It looks like some of the loot has already had the coding put into the game (you just can't get it yet):

While we wait for the new job on Sunday, enjoy the holidays and if you have some spare time, I implore you to read and engage in some discussion over the Mafia Wars post at Social Gaming Pulse.

Come back in a few days for updates on the New Year's limited time job!

Oh, and five free godfather points for clicking here - courtesy of the official Mafia Wars twitter page.
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  1. Dude your site is awesome. Always the latest news on Mafia Wars. Keep it up!

  2. Yeah, I think Zynga should pay for their lead game developers to take some continuing ed courses in Game Theory. The problem with Mafia Wars is that the game is so out of whack that any substantive changes to realign balance would screw one or another portion of their most loyal players. They've basically coded themselves into a situation where they really can't fix the game.

  3. Yep.. I'm worried about the sustainability of the game at this point. Special jobs and free gifts will only carry it for so long..

  4. So when is the new job coming?