December 16, 2009

Mafia Wars Bangkok Loot Preview; Strategy Guide

Here are some "pictures" of some new loot items from Mafia Wars Bangkok, courtesy of the Mayor of Wingville.

I drew a red line separating the weapons, armors, and vehicles - as you can see it's just text so far, there are no graphics. The pictures you see are just vehicles/armors/weapons from this account - there are no Bangkok pictures yet. However, this was accessed live on Mafia Wars, so they are at least in the process of adding Bangkok to the game very, very soon. I'd bet within the week.

If you can't see the graphic, here is what we have so far:


Attack Cobra
Komodo Dragon
Jade Inlaid Pistols
Forest Scorpion
Hung Fa RPG
Type-103 Machine Gun
Scalding Hot Tea
TAR-21 (rename? maybe this will change)
Harpoon Cannon
Typhoon Cleavers


Muai Thai Bodyguard
Silk Scarf
Monk's Robe
Royal Thai Army Beret
Optical Camo Suit
Ronin Armor
Tiger Sak Yant


Riding Elephant
Royal Thai Army Jeep
Dirt Bike
Lloyds Spectre
Bosozoku Convertible
MalayMobil Helang
Seua Daao Sub
Kage Jet
Armored War Elephant
Royal Thai Police Tank
Fugama Kame SUV

So there are our prospective names for new loot and items in Mafia Wars Bangkok. I suspect that a lot of these will be items simply available in the store - I'm betting there are still items out there that are not on this list (i.e. from the equivalent of "Episode 6" in Bangkok).

Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks to the Mayor of Wingville for sending over the pics.
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  1. Looking forward to the Ronin Armor and the MalayMobil Helang.... whatever that is. lol

  2. They will rename the TAVOR ASSAULT RIFLE 21,I guess they do not want to pay royalties to IMI using a trademark.

  3. If that's the case then maybe it's a bit longer to Mafia Wars Bangkok if they still need to rename items and implement images

  4. For the inventory items
    (stuff that you can buy):
    Chinese Army Knife, Chinese
    Army Pistol, Thai Sword,
    Bullhook, Bo Staff, Chinese
    Army Assault Rifle, Raion
    Assault Rifle, Cheng-Wei X94
    Machine Gun
    Silk PJs, Wrist Wraps, Khen
    Shield, Royal Thai Army
    Helmet, Tabi, Kowloon
    Police Uniform, Yakuza
    Assasin, Shaolin Bodyguard
    Tuk Tuk, Moped, Long Boat,
    Thai Compact, Japanese
    Sedan, Junk, Fugama Hasu
    (Lotus), PLA Armored Car

  5. Remember where u heard it firsT! LoL

  6. helang means eagle in malay. I'm from malaysia. the language is also similar to indonesian.

    anyway, i have a question to ask. i didn't get dilinger's wooden gun. did u say i can still get it if i keep clicking on the mugging job at street thug level??? kindly help. I only have 16 in my mafia and its quite frustrating coz earlier i did a huge mistake and only after level 20-something did i realise the gameplay i missed. so i'm scurrying for points. just started 10 days ago. On sick leave.. used it up to get to level 47, but i think dilinger's wooden gun would've helped me win a few more fights...

    this guy i wonder how he got 999trillion XD

  8. Komodo Dragon is from indonesia, and only exist in indonesia, in an isolated island named Komodo island!
    The Komodo Island is now nominated in as a new 7 wonders of nature.
    Because of this big stupid mistake, now people with associate The Komodo Dragon with Thailand(Bangkok)...which is one of our national pride...

  9. @anon - the dillinger event is over - you can't get a wooden gun anymore. it's not that big of a deal anyway, a single gun is not going to make or break you.

  10. haha.. thanx anyway... appreciate it. at least i can stop fixating on it and move on:)

    komodo dragon is only found in indonesia. true. haha... i guess the dudes doing mafia wars failed to do a simple research to associate better things to thailand. like i mentioned, helang is a malay/indonesian word. is eagle called helang in thai??? i wonder...

  11. How the hell there is Komodo Dragon in Bangkok =p

    And Malay Mobil Helang... That's very funny name... =)

  12. malay mobil helang = malaysian eagle car
    maybe they just associate bangkok as 'asia', not 'thailand', hope bangkok have better loots than moscow, especially the komodo, it can even kill a bear in one bite!

  13. Perhaps it's a loot item from "Arm Poachers Headed For the Komodo Island". I doubt they wouldn't know something like that.

  14. The Malaymobil is a depiction of the Malaysian Police's Evo cars. XD

  15. Komodo Dragon? what is that shit?