December 21, 2009

Mafia Wars Bring the Family Together Limited Time Job; Strategy Guide

With last night's Mafia Wars update came the addition of a new limited time job - "Bring the Family Together":

Here is the progression for the job:

Step 1: Bust a Wise Guy Out of Jail. Reward: Tommy Gun Ornament (weapon; 20 attack, 13 defense) and you unlock the Safe House (more details on that in a later post) and 20% job mastery.

Step 2: Sneak an Exile into the Country. Reward: Getaway Car Ornament (vehicle; 6 attack, 23 defense) and 20% job mastery.

Step 3: Help Shake Police Surveillance. Reward: Grenade Ornament (weapon; 19 attack, 10 defense) and 20% job mastery.

Step 4: Settle a Family Dispute. Reward: Nutcracker (weapon; 25 attack and 12 defense) and 20% job mastery.

Step 5: Obtain a Governor's Pardon. Reward: Holiday Star (15 attack, 20 defense) and 20% job mastery.

For finishing the job, the final reward is a Decorated Tree (4 attack, 26 defense).

Thanks to Mayor of Wingville for the picture!

About the "Bring the Family Together" limited time job:

The job is on an 8 hour timer, which you can now spend godfather points on to lower the timer:

If you click on the "Want to do the job faster?" button, a pop-up menu will come up asking you if you would like to spend 1 godfather point to lower the timer by 1 hour, 4 for 4 hours, and 8 for 8 hours (i.e. reset the button).

In other words, for 8 godfather points you can do each step in succession. For 32 godfather points, you can finish the limited time job instantly.

After completing the job, instead of staying at 100% like before, it restarts back at 0%. Not sure if this is intended or unintended! We will find out if it stays like that in a few days.

While the items are not exactly the best ever, you can get some free godfather points out of this deal. With each item you get, you can post a link to your news feed which your friends can click on for 2 free godfather points. The limit is 10 free godfather points.

More info to come soon on the other additions this update!
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  1. This is intended. Think about it, they allow you to spend money to hurry up the process, so it is wise to make you REPEAT the process.
    I am not criticizing anyone though, just think that they have great minds at Zynga. They sure know how to make money.

  2. I'd prefer to spend my GF pts on the haitian drum rather than decorated tree.

  3. Do you get anything different for "mastering" the job a second time?

  4. How long do we have to do this job? when is the time limit up?