December 13, 2009

Mafia Wars Fighting Change Reverted; Strategy Guide

Good news: the developers have heard the complaints and decided to revert the change to fighting loot drops. Read about it here - thanks to the poster for this link.

Random loot drops from fighting will be back next week. Hopefully Mafia Wars Moscow items will be included here, considering that Mafia Wars Bangkok is right around the corner.

I'm interested to see if Bangkok will really be out so soon considering that Mafia Wars is running so poorly at the moment. On one hand, they really need to hunker down and try to fix this code (or revert back to the old host). On the other hand, Mafia Wars Bangkok could shift the attention away from all the server and coding problems they are currently having. We'll just have to wait and see!

Other Cool Bugs

Thanks to Dave for this picture showing the Surveillance Camera boost, which will purportedly offer +154 robbing defense:

That isn't the actual item he received - it was just a bug that made it pop up. This item is currently not available in game currently as far as I know. There are two other items, the Hobo Lookout (+55 robbing defense) and the Reinforced Door (+106 robbing defense) that are randomly popping up from time to time.

In other news, I have put together an affiliate's guide for information on how you can make some hefty commissions selling Mafia Wars Compendium. You can download it for free by clicking here.
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  1. Any truth to this? Mafia member of mine posted it earlier today:

    On Dec 1, 2009 FB revised their Developer Principles and Policies. The biggest problem was section V subsection 2: You must not provide users with rewards or gate content based on their number of friends who use your application...Zynga had to do away with how Mafia Mike's and weekly loot were purchased, etc. If not completed by the 20th, FB will pull MW.

  2. Yeah, that's true. No more level req on Mafia Mike's and the weekly loot is now a spam job rather than something you buy.

    Necessary change IMO.

  3. There must be some really nasty random number generator at Zynga.

    I was hunting for Zloto cars and from the first 3000 energies 10 came out. Then the next 6000 not one of them.

  4. hmm something like that happened to me a few days ago.. i was looking for the ubijca assault rifle and i got 3 in a row... then i did the job where you get the gaff hook and the armored briefcase and got them in the first try... luck or...?? :P

  5. I had passed all the Cuba tiers a while ago and the Next! achievement doesn't show up in my achievements.... What Gives??? It even says that it is completed (6/6).

  6. Just got a new boost from a friend's hidden stash. Money sock, gives +50% money on jobs.

  7. There is also a new vehicle from friend's hidden stash. Luxury SUV, stats are 16-16 and not giftable. Just a collectors item.

  8. @cory/anon - thanks, just posted about it