December 3, 2009

The Mafia Wars Guide is Finally Here

It took awhile to get everything together, but I am proud to say my new Mafia Wars information product, The MafiaPros Guide, is now available. Better late than never, right?

The MafiaPros Guide is a collection of 5 separate Mafia Wars guides. Here is what you will get:

Speed-Leveling Guide: This guide is a step-by-step, level-by-level guide to taking a brand new account through all of New York and from levels 1-300 in 2 days. Best of all, new game changes (such as the nerf to Bank Heist, changes in new account creation) do not effect this guide at all.

Fighting Guide: This guide outlines how to create a solid fighting account in the shortest time possible. Combined with the item guide, you can easily win 99% of your fights within a month of starting.

Item Guide: This guide outlines how you can gather a full set of Moscow loot in a very short amount of time. This one is definitely targeted to the more advanced players who still do not have 500 of each of the best weapons, armors, and vehicles Moscow has to offer.

Moscow Guide: This guide outlines the quickest way to work through Moscow, both for a high-energy account and for a fighting-based account.

Master Guide: This guide serves two purposes. First off, it is essentially your introduction to the other guides and lets you know where you should get started based on your goals. Secondly, it has a variety of cheats and strategies that I simply did not feel comfortable sharing on this blog due to the fact that many things I mention end up being changed shortly after the post.

Additionally, with my new host, I will be able to provide free updates for the guide. In other words, when Mafia Wars Las Vegas comes out, you won't have to buy again - you will get the new updates and guides for free.

Here's the deal: For a short while, The MafiaPros Guide will be available for only for $29.99. With the release of Mafia Wars Las Vegas, the price will rise as I begin to advertise outside of this blog. Additionally, as new expansions come out, the price will rise with each additional guide that I end up adding to the The MafiaPros Guide package. This is your last chance to get it under 30$ before Mafia Wars Las Vegas comes out.

However, if you get it now, you will be locked in at that price all while getting free updates and new guides as I write them.

You can get The MafiaPros Guide by clicking here. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at mafiawarsguide at (replace the "at" with an "@"). All payments are handled through, which is the most trusted name in digital products.

Side Note:

Over the weekend I will be putting together resources for affiliates, so that you the reader can make a 75% commission on each copy of The MafiaPros Guide that you sell. More information on that later.

As a thank you for your support, if you purchased my original Mafia Wars Guide off of Lulu a few months back, you can be upgraded to The MafiaPros Guide, free of charge. Send me an e-mail at mafiawarsguide at with your name, order #, and attach a .pdf copy of the original guide and I will send you the new guides.

Again, you can get The MafiaPros Guide by clicking here. Thanks everyone for the support!
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  1. btw skill points are back! yay :)

  2. "and i powered through the cuba section in a little under two hours"

    that would be a feat unless someone gives you alot of politicians...

  3. I like your blog, and your free strategy guide was great. I feel like I should say, though, that from a marketting perspective you're priced WAY too high.

    Mafia Wars is not World of Warcraft. Very few people will pay 30 dollars for a leveling guide to a free, web based game.

    If I were you I'd set my initial price point at 10 dollars and leave it there, offering occassional discounts.

    Also this notion of increasing the price of the guide for each update is wrong. You shouldn't be giving away new guides to existing customers, only updates to the existing ones.

    Each new content release should be a new purchase.

    By the time four or five updates have been introduce you'll have a 50 dollar guide and nobody will pay for it, whereas maybe people will buy the 10 dollar guide and one or two 5 dollar expansions to it.

    Don't get caught into the trap of thinking of it as "losing 20 dollars" on each sale. Ultimately with a lower price point you'll sell more copies and make a lot more money.

  4. sounds dodgy to me too expensive, rather unlikely claims (without running so many accounts at once it would be like a full time job) and the "full refund guaranteed no questions asked."

    sorry man but no way.

  5. I agree, I'd consider 10, but not 20 and then 30

  6. @ the Cuba in under 2 hours post - that is from the comments posted here:

    Note that the first two comments are from the ORIGINAL free guide that is still available on this site - when that comment was made, politico corruptos weren't even in the game yet.

    @ the MW vs WoW comparison - I think that 19.99 is very reasonable. I put a lot of work into this product and I personally know of multiple people who have spent 100s if not 1000s of dollars on Godfather Points - picking up a guide for $20 is a small price with a lot of return.. and with the money-back guarentee, there is no risk. Also, the top WoW guides actually run $59-99 these days!

    As far as charging for updates goes, I don't really like that idea, because the all the guides required a drastic overhaul with the release of Moscow. One of the aims of the guide is to create a place where I am able to give the reader the best strategies without exposing them to such a large audience that the developers end up changing game mechanics to "break" the strategy.

    @ the person not believing the money-back guarentee - my payment host,, has a mandatory 60-day money back guarentee on all products sold using their service. This is fine with me, and while there is some risk that some people might buy it with the intention of keeping the information and returning it, in the end I KNOW my product is good and am not afraid to make that endorsement clear for all to see.

    Even if you don't end up picking up the guide, I will always still provide tons of great, free content on this blog as I have been doing for the past 6 months.

  7. just some info on the new [best of 2009] crates, thought it might be best to put it on the most recent post. (had to type it myself)

    any yay skill points are back... but -_- i ended up wasting about 20 of them by mastering before they were back

  8. Does anyone know what is up with character selection? Any new account is made a maniac by default. How can i choose fearless

  9. I posted a way around this in the guide - I know if it goes up here though for 10,000 people to see it'll be fixed in 2 seconds lol. You might be able to find it on your own if you look hard enough.

  10. Hehe. Figured it out. Thanks. All it took was the posibility of a way around it

  11. Hi,
    i bought mafia wars compendium a few days ago.
    read through all the guide and have one questions.

    when do i have to start collect the items in Cuba/Moscow, after i mastered the 1st level or after the 3rd level?

  12. @4:36 - I answered your question via e-mail, thanks!

  13. i just bought the guide for two reasons, the first is the updates in the new cites, and the second is really a thank you for helping me level, and get a real grasp on the game from the free info i receved on this web site. after spending hundreds of dollars on worthless GF points this is well worth it. Thanks agian

  14. Why can't I promote a fearless character as my wheelman?
    It says -% when I tried doing so.
    Any advice on this?

  15. Could you clarify? I've never heard of anyone having trouble promoting a fearless character to wheelman.

  16. @MWG: This problem has been fixed. I just tried doing it a few days later and it works perfect :D

  17. I was just wondering, i know this is a stupid question but i am new to this mafia wars , but like all games i play, i do like to strive at playing it. so i was wondering if this guide was one that was also for the facebook mafia wars, i as told they are one and the same but im not sure. I also had another question, i had just started playing this because alot of my friends were playing it and needed more members. The only problem is when i send out my invites, they will accept them and they dont show up on my members, its like they dont go through, i was wondering if it was just that mafia wars is having problems or i am doing something wrong. I would be really appreciative if someone could help me. thank you, Ben,

    PS: i am looking for members so you can look me up on facebook. Benjamin Farmer

  18. Hey ... I want to Buy mafia wars compenium.
    jus has 1 doubt... what's exact leveling speed..i mean.. its 500 levels in one day or 300 levels in 10 days. I am confused.

  19. sorry ... is it 500 levels in 2 days or 300 levels in 10 days??????

  20. I purchased the compendium. It working. 1-400 in 3 days and finished NY and Cuba already. No bullshit. To Mafia Wars Guide, if you need further testimony, please contact me in Facebook(Mario Speed).

  21. Hey Mario, couldn't hurt! Will shoot you a message later today!

    My original guide that's up on this site for free was 300 levels in 10 days, the compendium you can get 500 levels in 2 days if you have enough time to play.

    Leveling up that much takes some time clicking the "Do job" button over and over!