December 21, 2009

Mafia Wars Holiday Blowout Sale & Haitian Drum; Strategy Guide

Mafia Wars is now having a Holiday Sale over the next week, similar to the Black Friday sale. The format is the same - consumables now cost 20% less godfather points and you can buy a variety of previously released limited edition items for 20% less godfather points than they were originally offered.

In addition to old limited edition pieces, there are three new pieces available:

Knuckle Trimmer (31 attack, 23 defense)
Red Boa (19 attack, 38 defense)
Trio Mesa (16 attack, 34 defense)

Furthermore, there is a "special Holiday Sale Reward" for buying 10 items during this sale period. The reward is a Cherry Picker, a weapon with 36 attack and 13 defense (I think):

Nothing special IMO - though I suppose some people buy 10 items anyway throughout the course of the week and will just end up getting a free item.

If you aren't up for the holiday sale, you can also grab the Haitian Drum, a new limited edition loot piece available for 25 godfather points.

This is an armor. The developers say that 50% of the sales of this item will go to charity.
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  1. I was about to post that! Nice. I opened 10 gifts with that.

  2. The link is no longer working.. atleast i could get some free stuff
    there is another link were you can get free gift wagons...
    and yeah i got the same problem D:

  3. my first day was a ruined lol im the type tat bother really bother about sending out request so i sent it randomly ended up no `helped me D;
    gosh btw would i still have a chance of getting 50 gifts ?

  4. You can send out 20 requests a day for the next two weeks - you can easily still get your 50 gifts in