December 27, 2009

Mafia Wars The Last Score of 2009 Limited Time Job; Strategy Guide

The new Mafia Wars limited time job, The Last Score of 2009. As advertised, there will be 3 different jobs you will have to choose between.

Each time you do a job, you get a little bit of job mastery. I am assuming there will be a nice item available once you reach 100% mastery.

After you do a job one time, you will be locked out either 5 minutes, 4 hours, or 8 hours, depending on which job you picked. After that time has passed, you can collect your reward and choose a different job.

Steal a Bottle of Champagne: Cost: 30 energy. Reward 45 + 15 experience points (2 xp: energy ratio) and 10% chance of getting 2 Champagne Bottles (+25 attack).

Crash the Mayor's NYE Part: Cost: 60 energy. Reward: 120 + 30 experience points (2.5 xp:energy ratio) and 50% chance of getting a "special item".

The "special item" is a "Party Balloon", a vehicle with 6 attack, 18 defense. While there are a lot of other items that people have found in the database, so far everyone seems to have been getting party balloons. Perhaps the "special item" will change each day.

Steal the NYE Manhattan Ball: Cost: 100 energy. Reward: 300 + 50 experience points (3.5 xp:energy ratio) and a 100% chance of getting a rare item.

The rare item is the "Manhattan Ball Drop" - a weapon with 19 attack, 30 defense.

Thanks to John for some of the item stats.

For getting the Job Mastery to 100%, you get a "Corkscrew". This is a weapon with 33 attack and 22 defense.


With all those options on the table, doing the "Steal a Bottle of Champagne" job is the fastest way to complete the 100% mastery. If you did that job every 5 minutes as it was available, you would make it to 100% mastery in just over 8 hours. The downside is that the XP:energy for the "Steal a Bottle of Champagne" is the lowest and an attack boost just isn't something that impresses me too much.

As far as the rewards for the other jobs, there is no particularly good items. I'll be doing the ball drop job over and over again because the XP:Energy ratio is so good.

I will update with loot pics and stats as someone gets the job mastery item. Feel free to post anything you find in the comments and I will update accordingly!

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  1. There seems to be a bug and the transition haven't been made completely. I tried the "Crash the Mayor's NYE Party", but got a Tommy Gun Ornament with the old holiday special screen instead. Wasted 60 energy point on that. I'd wait another 15-30 mins and see if they've made the transition.

  2. Steal a Shipment
    of Champagne
    5 minutes

    Experience: +45
    Job Mastery 1%
    This job requires...
    30 Energy
    Bonus Payout
    Experience: +15
    10% Chance of Attack Boost

    Crash the Mayor's
    NYE Party
    4 hours
    Experience: +120
    Job Mastery 7%
    This job requires...
    60 Energy
    Bonus Payout
    Experience: +30
    50% Chance of Special Item

    Steal the NYE
    Manhattan Ball
    8 hours
    Experience: +300
    Job Mastery 15%
    This job requires...
    100 Energy
    Bonus Payout
    Experience: +50
    100% Chance of Rare Item

  3. Crash the Mayor's NYE Part: special item: party baloons 6 Attack 18 Defense (vehicle)

  4. Are you fucking kidding me? A fucking party ballon? Zynga is getting ridicilous...

  5. manhattan ball 19 attack 30 defence

  6. mastery gives a Corkscrew... 33a 22d

  7. uhhh wow fucking genius. a fucking corkscrew.. SCREW YOU ZYNGA!

  8. this is a link that allows you to the job as many times as you want... enjoy! :D

  9. how do u find links like that?

  10. So is it just the balloons or the ball that you can loot? Or the other things in the pictures from above?

  11. does the link above work for you guys?

  12. awesome link!!!!! works great!!!!!!

  13. To whoever posted link, Thank You So Much!

  14. Your welcome, np :D

  15. Link was nice while it lasted :)

  16. Yeap. It helped me loot some Moscow loots :D

    New link 5 Godfather Points here --->