December 28, 2009

Mafia Wars Last Score of 2009 Update; Strategy Guide

Something I missed in the last post but I feel should be highlighted: you can get 10 free godfather points by clicking links on your wall:

Just click on the "score big" link in the bottom right.

By completing the 100% mastery, you get a Corkscrew - a weapon with 33 attack, 22 defense.

While the items associated with this event are pretty weak, personally I'll take access to these jobs with great XP:energy payout and 10 free godfather points any day over a couple minor upgrades!
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  1. Corkscrew
    33 Attack 22 Defense

    You get this Weapon by finishing the Job ;)

  2. The event was worth it for the now closed bug that let you collect the item via a link. I leveled up like 70 times with that one :)

    What to do with 1,365 balls.

  3. Should I have to do a definite job 100% for the mastery item or 3 different jobs to 100%?