December 12, 2009

Mafia Wars Mafia Mikes & Bangkok Info; Strategy Guide

So, since some of you have been asking about Mafia Mike's:

Yes, the Mafia cap is off of Mafia Mike's (the property in New York - assuming you have property and not rackets).

However, the price has gone up significantly. At around 600 Mafia Mike's, it will take around 100 days to get a return on your investment, so make sure you calculate that before dumping a bunch of money into them:

Cost of Property
Pay per hour * 24


Mafia Mike's #600 costs ~$30,000,000. Pays 12,000 per hour. $30,000,000 / ($12,000 per hour * 24 hours per day) = ~104 days.

Mafia Mike's are now worth no more than Valu-Marts (or even less) in terms of the time they will take to pay you back for having them.

Note: They didn't reduce the price output of your Mafia Mike's, but rather significantly increased the cost. So if you had 1,000 Mafia Mike's before, this change does not negatively effect you in any way.

Mafia Wars Bangkok

In other news, looks like a few stealth changes (or maybe I just did not notice the first time around) to Mafia Wars: Bangkok.

Now, when you are in Moscow and you go to fly to Bangkok, the "New" tag is gone (at least on my version of Mafia Wars).

Additionally, as expected, there will be a new type of currency for Bangkok, the Baht, which you can see at the top left of the screen by the "bank" screen. Clicking "bank" just leads back to New York for now.

Mafia Wars Bangkok could really be just a few days away!
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    Section V, Point 2:

    "You must not provide users with rewards or gate content from users based on their number of friends who use your application."

  2. wonder if will be there a: you must be (insert level # here) to travel to bangkok D:
    ... and wtf with the poster above??

  3. @Above poster: Zynga was breaking the facebook applications terms of use.

    Mafia Mike's are only available if you have x amounts of friends also using the application. By having this rule in game, Mafia Mikes were an 'illegal' part to the game, so they had to be revamped so everybody could get the, regardless of Mafia size.

  4. Hey u ... know how to hack ? im jealous XD
    El Capitan Principal Donna
    Level 4294967295 Mogul
    Gosh top families rised soooo high

  5. Those have got to be a bug in the scoreboards. You can't have 4,000,000,000 jobs done while still at level 11.

    And about my post above...

    Zynga was breaking the REVISED policy on Facebook appications due to the added bonuses of having lots of friends. These also counts for almost all of Zynga's other games as well as other Mafia Wars-style games.

  6. Isn't the whole MAFIA SIZE thing also a violation??

  7. bangkok is just exactly under new york, and atop cuba, does it mean it'll be easier than cuba??? hmmm....

  8. @Above poster: I think it's there because it's following alphabetical order (New York is on top because it's first/starter city)

  9. Good news. In a live blog on the Zygna forum yesterday, Zygna announced that they are going to cave on player anger over the change in fight loot drops and bring them back!

  10. This link might work for the loot drops info:

  11. any-one,knows how to enable properties instead of rackets, or some-one has both ??

  12. I believe it must be the 24 hour strike that does it. There were a few groups doing it. All in all, I'm just glad the loot drop is back, rather than the spam-a-friend bonus loot. >____<#