December 28, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Faberge Egg Oddity; Strategy Guide

On a completely unrelated note, I've noticed something strange going on with collections in Mafia Wars Moscow, and I'm not alone.

Something is wrong with this picture.

Note that I only have 1 Pansy egg, and that was a gift from a friend. You can only hold 5 of each collection piece, and for some reason, I hit the cap on every other item but never can find a single Pansy egg. This isn't new either, this has been plaguing me since Moscow's release.

Sometimes kind souls give me Pansy eggs I send myself Pansy eggs from a second account, at which point I vault the collection and start over, but in the end I am always just waiting on another gift. I've found at least 30 of each of the other types of eggs and have only found at best 3 Pansy eggs. At first I thought I was crazy, and random loot is random, and all that stuff, so I just brushed it off.

I then later noticed the same phenomenon on another one of my accounts, but with a different egg. Same thing though - 5 of everything and none of another. I still thought I was just imagining it and that the RNG was infallible, but then I received this e-mail from Scott, a reader of the blog:

On top of that, they seem to have made one item from each collection far rarer. if I pull up my Moscow Vault Collections page, I note that I have far less (in most cases, zero) of the third item (starting from the left) than anything else. Everything else is capped at 5.

On a whim, I dumped all my Eggs to a different account, and went back into Ep. 6 to get Carbon Blades. All of a sudden, I started getting Eggs again. Except for the Military Egg, which is 3rd from the left.

I don't know how much of this you already knew, or whether any of it's worth posting, but thought I'd pass it along.

Scott, this is definitely worth posting. The people.. they need to know the truth. The only question left is, how many countless others out there have experienced a similar devastating decorated egg drought?


Look at this trading post on the forums. This guy has 30 of every egg type for trade except for one egg, which he only has single digits of. Top that!

Double Edit:

Well, I was topped. Take a look at this picture that a reader named Eiður sent in:

I'm guessing this is someone's alt account that they sent over eggs from their main account, and since the main account never found the Jade Egg, this is what they ended up with.
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  1. I have the same problem with most of my Moscow collections. 5 (max) of them all...except that one weird item that has 1 or maybe 2. I have the level maxed out at 3, yet that one item is never found again.

  2. Lol. Same thing happens to me with the Military egg. 5 of everything and only 1 of that. And I keep spending thousands and thousands of energy on Episode 6

  3. Every account has a column they don't get. If you don't get the second Egg, then you don't get the second doll or the second tattoo.

  4. This isn't a bug. This is on purpose (mine is the first column). It causes players to post their wishlists to their profiles (giving MW more publicity). Pretty standard marketing, really.

  5. For me it's just on the eggs - I have 5 of every piece of the tattoo collection for example.

  6. Also same case with the egg (and many other collections). I have none of Diamond egg and have all egg in five. Seem that the rare is random, Diamond for me and Pansy for you.

    I agree. This setting will make us trade each other and wishlist more effective.

  7. This happened to different players at different times. Also happening in Cuba and NY. This happened to me too but they are all in different columns. On a side note, moscow has a glitch where episode 5 and 6 doesn't use the consumables you need so you only need 1 in theory. Made my life much easier there.

  8. for moscow its my first row,
    and it also seems capped for my cuba from tropical fruits and onwards, also in the first row.

  9. it happened to me right from the very start. really REALLY surprised it's making news now. this was discussed amongst my clan 3 months ago!

    on my loot account it's military eggs, but my main account has many. on my other it's peter the great... and yes, it's the 3rd column that is low in my main account for all collections... 40-50 drinks but sex on the beach = 17. 50-63 of all the memorabilia collection, but manifesto = 26

    oh, and you said "top that!"
    How;s this:
    Diamond trellis 76
    Jade 64
    Military 23
    Pansy 78
    Ranibow 67
    winter 67
    peter the great 29

    (as i said, i'm missing 3rd column one account, 7th column on other!)


  10. 542 eggs looted total. 0 Jade Eggs. Ridiculous.

  11. i have the problem in cuba and of course moscow... i thot they just making is so hard to get.. until now, i havent got any soul patch for my second account... while it was impossible to get any french fork in my main account...

  12. I have the same problem for 3 collections - dolls, eggs and soviet memorabiolia. The thing is the missing items for each are all in DIFFERENT columns!

  13. great info on your blog. i was wondering if yoyu had done any discussions about the boss fights and the merits of those. i searched your archive but was not able to locate anything specific. thanks so much! your info makes this game more fun!

  14. i must say that it happens to me too
    weirdly, i rarely get the chance to loot the items second from left at all collections in moscow (e.g kremlin, jade egg, etc.)
    to make my weirdness even weird, my friend even got tonnes of the collection pieces that i hardly have!

  15. I also have 0 of one egg and 5 of every other. As a result I get NO eggs at all from jobs.

  16. I don't want to mess with no one but I was happy to decide me early for a second energy account.
    All that stuff from that account goes to my "strong" account. Of course one egg is missing all the time: The Diamond Trellis.

    I have over 200 of the other eggs and would like to trade them with someone who needs some Pantsy or whatever Fabergé Egg.

    Feel free to add me for trading.

    Offtopic - Today I got my 1000th Ugly Sweater. Maybe the time should be right for a new war loot item but I think the Zynga Graphic Section is a bit overloaded in producing more and more unneeded stuff.

  17. I have the same with the military egg.

  18. I have the same problem on all the collections: NY, cuba and russia.
    Only way to keep getting all the collection items is not vaulting them.
    but why do u need them then :-p

  19. i keep giving mine away, but i can def confirm the 5 item cap. i basically have 5 each, except in all collections the third one form the left, where i have one or zero, and am not getting any.

  20. same thing happens in the second tier of cuba, the one with the fruits, i can´t get the lime.
    Maybe it´s with the vaults that save energy for the missions

  21. On an unrelated note, here is a new link for free reward points that came up in my notifications this morning, just passing it along in case you didn't get it.

  22. Same thing happens to me in NY, Cuba and Moscow. I have to send the final collection item from a 2nd account in several instances. Very annoying.

  23. There is one thing I noticed: if you don't vault it, then you can have all 7 items with equal chance. There's still 5 cap but if you check every once in a while, you should have 5 of all of them. Then vault and revault repeatedly and start over. Although once you vault, there will be one collection you will rarely get

  24. Good call on the ball drop loot, but i've only gotten 1 peter the great egg, i never had trouble with any of the others

  25. I don't think it's just happening in Moscow. In every collection I always have lots of items, except one. Took me forever to gain 10 of diamonds, gold cufflinks, the cue ball. I've tried from another account and it's the same thing.

  26. I have spent several thousand energy, possibly tens of thousands, on Soldier jobs and have yet to see a single Ace of Clubs.

  27. Actually the Club collection is the hardest to get! (not counting lotto or laundry). Part of the problem is that the soldier level drops 4 different collections so the odds of getting any one item is slimmer.

  28. I think the anon who noted that one item only becomes scarce AFTER the collection is vaulted for the first time. This would explain my multitude of tattoos in my moscow (didn't vault till I had 5 of each and didn't cash in for the worthless boost) and my lack of eggs (which i cashed in right away for the +energy bonus).

  29. I bet they would not have to make one item rare if people stopped cheating and creating multiple accounts to get extra items.

  30. for me it doesnt seem to be limited to one set row. for tattoos i cant get the star (3rd row), and for russian leaders i cant get stalin (6th). managed to get all the dolls on my own though.

  31. And I bet people wouldn't make multiple accounts it was actually viable to progress through fighting!

  32. i have the same problem too, but with military egg...
    what a **** game.

  33. I have the same problem so far (haven't gotten to the eggs and just started the drinks)

    this is image to show the tats, dolls, and medals