December 27, 2009

Mafia Wars New Year's Job & Gift Safe House Loot Wrap-Up

Just a quick wrap-up on the Gift Safe House and a note on the new limited time New Year's Job.

In case you did not pick it up between previous posts or the comments, you can get 5 unique items from the gift safe house:

Top to bottom, name and stats:


GrowPet: 27 attack, 12 defense
Lump of Coal: 22 attack, 14 defense


Fruitcake: 13 attack, 15 defense
Bobble Head: 13 attack, 23 defense
Economy Pack of Socks: 10 attack, 20 defense

For opening 10 gifts, you get the Gift Wagon (vehicle; 18 attack, 29 defense) as a reward. For opening 20 gifts, you get another Gift Wagon. There is no special reward for opening all 50 gifts.


New Year's Job

A new limited time job for New Year's will be available starting "December 28th". I'm not sure if that means late tonight or late tomorrow night. According to the developers, this will be a unique limited time job in that players will have to choose between "different missions with different payouts".

I'll have updates as soon as possible either way.


Also, note that every post I make, especially with Mafia Wars Bangkok right around the corner, is going to fit into the right-hand side bar. The search function works great though, so if there's an odd item you are looking for the stats of or an old post you remember, you can bring it up quite easily with the search tool (also on the right hand side bar).
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  1. i miss the old loot that had something to do with mafias, fighting, and robbing. now all the loot seems so silly and "pc" to me.

  2. anyone know where, or when the Luxury SUV can/could have been found. Was browsing through some of my mafias profiles today just to compare what items we each had, and I know how and where they got just about everything I do not have compared to them, but I noticed a luxury SUV on one of the profiles (a pic of an Escalade) and i'm really curious as to when or where they got it fro? And it would seem that they got it recently because it is at the bottom of their list of cars.

  3. re luxury suv: they got it through the secret stash thing.

  4. Do know of any gangstas who gets excited over tube socks or Chia Pets when they go out looting?

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