December 9, 2009

Mafia Wars Public Enemies Crime Spree and Holiday Items; Strategy Guide

The Public Enemies Limited Time Job "Crime Spree" is now available.

It looks like it is molded after the "Raid the Docks" job. There is an 8 hour cooldown between jobs, and there will be several steps to the job. By mastering the job before the event is over, you will get a piece of limited edition loot.

Step 1: Bust Out of the Joint - Reward: 10 Prison Stripes (armor, 15 attack, 24 defense).

"No jail cell can hold John Dillinger for long" (I wish they would use flavor text like this for all the jobs in Mafia Wars)

You have to do Step 1 twice to get to step 2.

Step 2: Hold Up a Bank - Reward: 10 Dillinger's Pistols and Holders (weapon, 36 attack, 18 defense)

"You held up a bank, like John Dillinger during the Mafia Wars Public Enemies Crime Spree event and got Dillinger's Pistols and Holster."

Step 3: Escape to a Safe House - Reward: 10 Agent Purvis' Rifles (weapon, 44 attack!, 29 defense). Very nice reward! Hopefully the glasses are good too.

"Let things cool down a bit."

Step 4: Rendezvous with Billie - Reward: 10 Locket of Billie (armor, 10 attack, 36 defense).

"I'm gonna die an old man in your arms. We're too good for 'em."

Update: The reward for mastering the job is Dillinger's Glasses - not sure on the stats. Thanks to John for the pic:

Will update this section as I get more information!

There are also 3 new Holiday gifts that you can send your Mafia friends:

Santa's Little Helpers (weapon) - 26 attack, 8 defense

Blitzen (vehicle) - 16 attack, 21 defense

Snow Fort (armor) - 7 attack, 25 defense

Anyone else have a problem with these gifts disappearing? I had to accept them several times just to get 1 of each.

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  1. I got them all from the first attempt

  2. Unless I am wrong, Prison Stripes are not consumables. They are a kind of Armor; 15 Attack 24 Defense. Neither they are related to Moscow - they are/were in limited time loot:

  3. Please make a note that about 10 hours ago when the new free gifts popped up "Santa's Helpers" used to be named "Milk and Cookies"

  4. Has anyone noticed that with all of this new stuff on the home pages, the link to Send Energy has disappeared???

  5. I've been having a problem with disappearing gifts, but only with Untraceable Cell Phones. I accept them, but then they're not in the inventory. BUT when I get one as a loot drop, or as a gift sent personally, that one's there, and then all the others suddenly materialize.

  6. Also... my Top Mafia has dissapeared.

  7. @Artiom - You're right, fixed it. Any post I make at 6 AM in the morning has a chance to contain errors :P

    and lmao @ those items being named milk and cookies.. seriously what were they thinking?

  8. step 2 (30%) is also prison stripes

  9. Step 3 Hold up a bank

  10. Step 2 (45%), we have 10 Dillinger's Pistol (36/18). I hope the last step reward is 10 Agent Rifle or Wooden Gun :P

  11. I think its gona be 10 of those useless V8s

  12. Step 3: Escape to the Safe House - Let things cool down for a bit.

    Sounds like 10 V8s

    here it is written that it will be 10 agent rifles, hope it's true :-)

  14. Merry Xmas it is 10 agent rifles=D

  15. well, according to link above, Last reward is not valuable to collect. Sad if Dillinger's sunglasses only have atk 23 and def 34 which mean second class armor/weapon

  16. just did the final job. the reward is 10 Dillinger's sunglasses.
    23 Attack 34 Defense

    how lame?

  17. dillingers sunglasses 23/34 att/def...utter rubbish!

  18. dillinger sunglasses atk 50 def 48 good

  19. yep
    Dillinger Glasses
    23 attack, 34 defense.

    Thanks for the crap Zynga

  20. Thanks for 10 wonderful pieces of shit!!!

  21. the holdiay gifts crash my browser whether i am giving or receiving...any thoughts? i'm using firefox...