December 11, 2009

Mafia Wars Public Enemies Crime Spree; Strategy Guide

Here is the complete sequence of the limited time job Public Enemies Crime Spree:

Step 1: Bust Out of the Joint

Reward: 10x Prison Stripe (armor: 15 attack, 24 defense)

Step 2: Hold Up a Bank

Reward: 10x Dillinger's Pistols and Holders (weapon: 36 attack, 18 defense)

Step 3: Escape to the Safe House

Reward: 10x Agent Purvis' Rifle (weapon: 44 attack, 29 defense)

Step 4: Rendezvous with Billie

Reward: Locket of Billie (armor: 10 attack, 36 defense)

At 100%, each time you do the job you can get 10 Dillinger's Sunglasses. This is an armor piece with 23 attack and 34 defense. Pretty anti-climatic if you ask me!

Will have some updates later tonight about the new fighting system.
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  1. There is a new link when you fight that allows you to send the person who helped you to "collect Loot". its a BONUS when you fight; something like the double XP or when you lose the "someone took 1/2 damage type deal. but it allows you to send someone to find hidden loot. i have done it once and got 5 bodyguards and 2 santas helpers from ONE hidden loot job. Look into it and thanks! love this website!!! -russianBOSS

  2. -russianBOSS con'd:
    BONUS! ...Found the secret loot. Send them there to get the good. (that is what it will say)

    then a wall post box will pop up:
    ...found the location of a secret stash. If you pick it up, you can split the loot!-SEND THEM NOW-
    ENJOY. its worth it!

  3. this special jobs suck except for the purvis stuff

  4. Yeah, Purvis's Riffle is a great item. The lockett is so-so if you don't have 500 armored brief cases. What the hell were they thinking with those sunglasses?

  5. Definitely unimpressed by the dillengers glasses. Defensively, they're on par with camo body armor.

    definitely didn't like getting 20 prison stripes, 20 guns & holsters, then only 10 rifles! that's the best thing, and you only give me 10?

    as for the secret stash, don't like it. not everyone allows wall posts, so you don't get to collect every single one. mostly, i've gotten junk. a CM Seta? a hacksaw? uh, thanks for nothing. i coulda bought those. the boosts? useless fighting and robbing boosts. thanks again for useless and can't be used at all stuff. still waiting for the TNT or canonazo i used to get from loot drops.

  6. mafia mikes is now purchasable in multiples of 10, no mafia requirement.

    -b. ye

  7. I just got a special loot drop from a job - I got to choose one of Snow Fort, 9 of Spades, and Luxury Yacht. I get one automatically and then the first 5 friends who click on the link on my newsfeed get one. It's set up like the Dentist Drill jobs, I guess.

  8. I just finished Moscow, and it seems I have a few weeks till Bangkok. Which items should I collect if I want high attack and be efficient?