December 4, 2009

Mafia Wars Public Enemies Loot Event Strategy Guide

Starting December 6th (that is this Sunday) at 12:01 AM (i.e. a minute past minute on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning), there will be another Mafia Wars loot drop weekend - this time themed around the movie Public Enemies.

Just like with the Halloween event and the Raid the Docks event, there will be a limited time job associated with the Public Enemies event in addition to the 8 random pieces of loot that will drop.

From the looks of it, Dillinger's Wooden Gun (12 attack, 45 defense) will be once again one of the loot drops associated with the event (1 defense higher than the Zmeya Carbon Blade):

In other news:

- Mafia Wars Moscow is now once again rewarding skill points for mastering jobs. Edit: Either apparently just for some people it was fixed or it is back to being broken.

- The new "loot a shipment of" item is Dentist's Drills - weapon, 21 attack, 11 defense.

- There are a new set of crates - "Best of 2009" - which contain:


Cane Cutter
35 attack 5 defense

Siberian Tiger
36 Attack 14 Defence

Vortex Ring Gun
12 attack 33 defense

Pearl-Handled Revolver
40 attack 10 defense


18 Attack 32 Defense

Ghillie Suit
16 attack 42 defense


Tiger Tank
18 Attack 48 Defense

48 Attack 12 Defense

Thanks to B. Ye for the picture.

Will have updates on the Public Enemies loot reward items and job once it is released!
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  1. you do an excellent good job with keeping us up to date. thanks homey.

  2. cud you know this before it started ... great info...thanks man ;)

  3. I still don't get skill pts for mastering jobs :(

  4. got a few questions!
    i dont get points either but i still get free points on moscow job helps but it is very inconsistent. I dont get a skill point for every person that helps and i was wondering if you know the pattern to ensure u get 1 point for each person that helps. Also, is it required to master a job tier completely to receive the extra 10% job rate? or mastering a job alone at level 3 will get you the bonus job rate neverthless?

  5. got skill points yesterday for mastering job in episode 6 of moscow but today no skill points for the next job. very strange.

  6. Lol.. might already be broken again.

  7. Same as above... got skill points in Moscow Ep 6 finishing off some jobs, but today it's a nogo again... damn and I was so happy to finish the some Russian tiers... disappointing

  8. +1 to the list of people who were getting skill points yesterday for mastering jobs, but not today.

  9. Dillenger's Pistols and Holders - 36/18 (Weapon)
    V8 - 13/26 (Vehicle)
    Public Enemy #1 Newspaper - 6/30 (Armor)
    Fur Coat - 12/28 (Armor)
    Prison Stripes - 15/24 (Armor)

    Ans of course, Dillenger's Wooden Gun...

  10. Locket of Billie - 10/36 (Armor)
    Agent Purvis' Rifle - 44/29 (Weapon)

    And that's a wrap! Great Blog!

  11. The new crates might also be a good way to get the Treasure Hunter achievement - each of my accounts bought 3 crates and each got one rare item and two uncommon ones.

  12. I HATE STUPID ZYNGA!!! bought 3 crates. All lame uncommon items with low stats.