December 29, 2009

Mafia Wars Q&A: What to Spend Godfather Points on?; Strategy Guide

I got a question today that I figured would be good to share with everyone:

Michael writes:

Love your reads on buying profile points vs. special loot. Hard to tell if the game still considers the extra 4 points towards def as 4 x 501 for 2004 or if its just worth 4. Any input from your users recently on this subject?

Originally, I had mentioned that the only good use of Godfather points was buying +4 stats because loot was worthless. However, since then, the combat calculator has changed, I've experienced more game situations, and as a result, have changed my position (albeit slightly).

While it's true that stat points are weighted a lot lighter than they used to be, it's definitely not directly additive to your equipment score (i.e. +4 attack stats point is not just +4 onto your total offensive loot score).

The fact of the matter is that loot is not and most likely will never be a good investment of Godfather points. Unless there is an item you particularly want to add to your collection, it's just not worth it; if you are going to spend 15 points, it's better to spend them elsewhere.

The real reason for this is that loot is transient, stats are forever (deep, I know). If you're still playing this game in a few months, any loot you would have bought now would now be second-hand to Mafia Wars: Bangkok loot. If you're still playing in 6 months any loot you purchased post-Bangkok release would be secondhand to Las Vegas loot. However, if you had picked +stats, you would still be reaping the rewards long after the seasons change.

My answer? If you want to improve your character, the only option is still either +4 stat points or an energy refill, depending on the situation.

Situations where an energy refill might be superior than +4 stats:

- You are about to finish a content piece that will let you level up faster (i.e. about to master the Boss tier for the 3rd time). This way, the time you save by not waiting for your golden throne will become more time you spend generating 2x energy, making this use of an energy pack better than normal.

- You are a really high level energy-based account. For example, my level 1300 energy account has over 7,000 energy. If I spend 10 Godfather points to fill up 2,000 of that energy, it would take me 500 levels or 400 energy packs before +4 stats became better than the energy refill, and that's a long time. I'm not even counting the fact that energy refills are cheaper!

Situations where +4 stats would be superior than an energy refill:

- Pretty much every other time not listed above (though there may be an occasional exception). I will say though that if your maximum energy pool is less than 1/2 of the amount of XP required to level up next level, an energy refill is almost never worth the stat points.

Personally, I'm saving my Godfather points for Bangkok, at which point I will probably spend them all on energy refills because I want to finish the content first!

Of course, you can buy whatever you want with your GF points - I'm not going to be mad if you buy a limited edition loot piece instead of +4 stats. As I think about it, I'll actually be quite happy with that, because I am going to beat you in fights!

An Important Exception:

If money is as tight in Mafia Wars Bangkok as it was in Moscow and Cuba, you may want to consider spending some godfather points on currency rather than on energy refills, depending on your character level.

The amount of currency you get for 10 godfather points depends on your level rather than how much content you have done - it makes no difference whether or not you are on episode 1 or episode 6.

So if your level is high enough, you could buy enough cash to make it through all of the early content and get a huge headstart on the competition for a relatively small investment. If Baht (new currency) is tight in Bangkok, I'm also planning on spending 10-30 godfather points doing this as well, rather than spending those points on energy refills.


Have a question? Submit it to me and it just might end up on the next Q&A post!


In an unrelated but interesting story, Mafia Wars Autoplayer has been shut down. Apparently Zynga was threatening a lawsuit for copyright infringement!
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  1. Keep in mind that Zynga has said that there is a special combat bonus based on the items that you are using. I would imagine that the bonus for items purchased with godfather points is quite high. But we really have no idea what this bonus is since Zynga doesn't tell us. It doesn't matter to me, though. I only buy skill points anyway.

  2. Do you have a link to this special combat bonus thing?

    I guess that would be a way to make these items worth something, but do they really think that is going to convince people in our line of thought to buy these items? It could be like a .01% bonus lol.

  3. Unfortunately if you're an achievement completist you have to go for the crates until you get the rare.

  4. Well on both of my accounts I got the rare item buying just one crate the first and only time I spent my GF points on anything but +4. Maybe I just got lucky, but it seemed extremely easy for me to get this achievement.

  5. i just noticed that my Russian Bear (22/45) was replaced with my Dillinger's Wooden Gun (12/45) on my best defensive weapon..and i have only 1 piece of both. i wonder why..

  6. lols so far i still realised Skill Point is still main thing under attacked by low lvl with high skill points lols well no choice ... weapons are just for show or another case of 2 person having same def or attack suppose good weapon wins however if it;s about great different between skill points i must say skill points makes a big different

  7. I was able to get the Panama Hat (a18/d35) for 5GP during the Xmas sale - are these occasional bargains an exception? I would never spend 20+ GP on other items and usually go for energy refills because I enjoy playing as long as I can...

  8. It's only an exception if you really want it. It's not going to help you fight - the Panama Hat at a18/35 defense is significantly worse than an executive overcoat (free item)

  9. I bought 2 pins for 7 points each during the holiday sale and when I attack someone they are always listed near the top of things that I use in a fight. So I think they were a good purchase and if 6 months from now I'm still playing this game and there's another sale, I'll buy something else that will take me into another 6 months of the game.

  10. wow... i cant believe bergeron got a spot and stamkos didn't...

  11. what about buying extra mafia members? It seems to help me in the fights... but maybe it's just because I'm new and have low mafia member numbers.

  12. @Curious - it really depends on how often you play I suppose. I already have a full set of Moscow loot, so buying loot does nothing for me. If I bought 500 kodiak bears or w/e weapon that is that has 44 or 45 attack, it would only be a 1.5% upgrade in equipment attack score.. if I spent those same couple thousand godfather points on attack stat points though, I'd probably double my attack score.

    @Anon - Top priority should be able to max out your mafia - but you can do that for free. Why not just add the members then use those same godfather points on +stats or energy refills?

  13. I posted earlier on the special bonus that they give you for the best items that you fight with. I went back to Zynga's support page and it's no longer there. It was there a few months ago, but they've since changed the page, so I assume that they probably did away with that nonsense.

  14. Yeah, I had never heard of that. If the bonus was significant enough, people would be complaining of phantom losses and the like I'm sure.

  15. Could anyone tell me how "extra mafia members" are taken into account?

    Let's say i play with my main account and dont want to add new random people to my friendslist just to get to 501 mafias, would it make sense to buy extra mafia members or are they inferior to "humans".
    I quite dont get the mechanics how these are used in combat either the human friends or the bought ones.
    Would be awesome if someone could give me a small explanation.
    cheers :)