December 15, 2009

Mafia Wars Secret Stash Gets "New" Loot; Strategy Guide

The Secret Stash in Mafia Wars just got some items added to the loot table. I was just able to get 5 money socks off of one secret stash:

There are also some old limited edition loot pieces available in the stash now, such as the Luxury SUV (it was available previously for 25! godfather points).

While none of the new loot items are great, the 5 money socks provides an interesting possibility. Money Socks (which are normally received from re-vaulting the money laundering collection) give 50% more cash from jobs.

While this would only be a few extra million rubles in Moscow, if you were able to collect quite a few of these and stash them on a second account, you could gift them over to your main account come the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok.

If the trends from Cuba and Moscow continue, you will simply not be able to get enough Baht. However, if you collect enough money socks, you could get a big head start on Baht (Bangkok currency) once Mafia Wars Bangkok is released.

Note that I'm not saying I would recommend doing this, but if you really want that extra edge, it is certainly an option!

Also, from the Mafia Wars app:

Scheduled Maintenance Downtime: Mafia Wars will be unavailable between 8-11PM PST on Tuesday, December 15th. This is a scheduled maintenance period to continue the progress we have already made in performance improvement and resolving known user account issues. Thank you for understanding.

Looks like they are doing some serious maintenance - I can't remember an announced downtime that long during primetime ever happening. Maybe some new servers will be added and hopefully a lot of the bugs will be fixed during this time (and maybe even some new Bangkok stuff!).
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  1. I have mastered all jobs in Chapter 1 Vor.
    but now, I can't continue to Chapter 2. somehow, windows for Chapter 2 doesn't show up. what should I do ?

  2. Maintenance has been pulled down.

    Scheduled Maintenance Downtime Cancelled: The downtime scheduled for 8pm PST tonight has been cancelled. Mafia Wars will not be going down.

  3. Money Laundering (Make sure you are in New York first):{"job_city":"1","job":"73","skip_interstitial":"1"}

  4. Is anyone else not having any money laundering come up on their home pages? I have 150+ Mafia Members that play all the time and I haven't seen a money laundering job all day!

  5. try just pulling up you mafia wars feed only

  6. and if you find a money laundering link, you never get a laundry item. Got like 0 out of 15 tries today.

  7. Off topic - Why is the Ace of Clubs so hard to find? A lot of people are missing that vault item.
    If anyone has it, please help me out:

    Thanks =)

  8. @EYLive- I have an Ace of Clubs for you but your link didn't work. Let me know how I can hook up with you and I can give you it.

  9. @APerfectC - Thanks! Here's another link:
    My FB name is "Egan Yu" if that link also fails.

  10. @EYLive - Think I found you, added as friend so I can send you a gift, if you don't have a friend request just go to to find me