December 11, 2009

Mafia Wars Secret Stash; Strategy Guide

As many of you have already noticed, you no longer get random loot drops from fights in Mafia Wars.

Now when you win a fight, you have a chance to find a "secret stash". However, you can't loot it yourself - one of your friends is randomly selected and you can ask them to help you out with it.

When your friend finds your post on their wall, they can click the link on the link. If you click on a friend's secret stash link, you will go to a screen like this:

And you and the friend will both get a few pieces of rather unspectacular loot. It's really weird that you win items that you can buy from the store for New York cash.

The problem with this new secret stash feature is that the majority of the players don't like it. The issue is not really the loot drop loss but rather the fact that you now have to spam.

Between calls for help for NY, Cuba, Moscow jobs and bosses, laundering money, wishlists, leveling-up boosts, limited edition loot pieces, and now even energy packs, the last thing Mafia Wars needs is another function that requires spam. Even worse, you have to post it on your friend's wall rather than your own. Most people don't want other players Mafia Wars posts taking up their personal wall space.

In theory, I'm sure this looked good on paper, it just did not play out well. I don't simply want to be a critic though, so here's my suggestions:

1. Bring back random loots and make finding the "secret stash" much rarer (like a 1/200+ fights).

2. When you do find a secret stash, you should post it to your own wall/feed rather than on some other person's wall. Anyone should be able to help out - first come, first serve.

3. Due to the rarity of the event, increase the loot drops in both number of items and quality of items.

With these simple changes, Mafia Wars would cut down on the spam due to the rarity of finding the secret stash. Posting on your own wall would reduce spam complaints as well. Additionally, it's something people actually look forward to because the loot is better.

Oh well, at the end of the day, I don't count on fighting for loot drops as it is.

Hopefully I will have some news about Mafia Wars Bangkok soon!
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  1. Nice suggestions. However with your idea, for the folks with huge mafias, you run into the problem of actually getting a loot stash, especially if there's only one. Should it be for 5 stashes, like we're seeing the loot postings now? Or eventually with a limit of some number of stashes per day, like the job helps?

    With this change to loot for fighting, it's almost like they're encouraging energy characters. of course, it's next to impossible to change your character once you've gone far enough down a path. I'm not a pure fighter, but have been really liking the past loot drops for getting loot. It was better than jobs to randomly get something good.

    I've also seen Cuba items (CM Seta, machete) as well as NY items and boosts. Generally unspectacular.

  2. It's stupid lols i just spam job buttons which makes me lost 5 to 6 stash 0.0

  3. i love to fight but now i dont really feel like to fight. very frustrating. may be i'll quit playing for a while.

    i hope they will bring back the old fashion way.

  4. They are absolutely ruining this game. Everything about it now is designed to be intrusive and annoying. They're trying to turn their player base into evangelists...forcing us to post 7 or 8 different posts to our walls every day.

    People who don't play mafia wars HATE all the facebook pollution.

    Zynga really needs to stick to in-game messaging, not relying on the facebook wall. Personally if I have to post something to my wall to beat a boss or finish a job I use one of my alt accounts to click it and then remove the post from my profile so too many people don't have to see it.

  5. In response to the comment "However with your idea, for the folks with huge mafias, you run into the problem of actually getting a loot stash, especially if there's only one. Should it be for 5 stashes, like we're seeing the loot postings now? Or eventually with a limit of some number of stashes per day, like the job helps?"

    I'm not sure what you are saying. If you have more mafia members you should be more likely to get one, after all that is the purpose of the spam - to get people to play mafia wars. I'm sure they could tweak the numbers to make it not a problem (how frequently the loot stashes pop up, how many people can collect from 1 stash, setting a limit on number of stash collects per day, etc).

  6. Is it possible that they could trash this game any worse?

    The game is a borderline joke now to most of us long time players.

    If it's not broke, don't fix it.

    Oh by the way: [See If You Won] lol, just click 98334 times and maybe you'll find out.

  7. Well, I needed a reason to stop playing and I guess this change will do it. Worked so hard to get rackets and fighting boosts and now it's not even worth it. Hate posting to get loot, won't do it. Hardly anyone on the hitlist the last few days so that's not even fun.

  8. @MafiaWarsGuide - I wasn't clear with what I was saying about posting stashes. Think what happens with job helps now. or wars. Some of them, I see it in my feed for 2 seconds ago. I click on it, and am too late. Wouldn't your suggestion be the same? Sure, more mafia means more chances, but it's also more chances to be frustrated. Especially with limits imposed that are hidden values. Like the jobs helps of 25/city/day when you don't know how many you have, and when it will reset. (Nothing's more frustrating than being told to try again tomorrow when it's the morning and you've just signed in!)

  9. @ack - true, but I think it's far more annoying for the user on the other end who would have to wait for help for hours.. these types of games provide instant gratification.. can't take that away or no one will play IMO.

  10. the new thing blows, cause i fight for my lost/won-ratio,xp but also the loot.
    i hate the spam mafia wars creates, i want the old system back, cause like this, i will never get anymore loot!!

  11. does zynga even listen to their market? i hate how they messed up everything. they took out the fun in robbing and now fighting..this isn't even mafia wars anymore..mafia jobs should be the new title for this game.

  12. I WANT OLD SYSTEM BACK~~ I ald fight for so long(200000++ fight) and now they really 'force' me to energy player~~~ DAMN~~

  13. How to post the 'secret stash' at own wall? because it always show 'could not post to wall' whenever i click the 'send them now' button to my friend...

  14. things that make you hate zynga: removal of robbing, removal of properties, huge number of spam, and now this secret stash thing. now, we have many reason to quit mafia wars

  15. i will quit this game once i finish moscow in a few days, mainly because it requires spamming.

    as someone said to the media a few weeks ago, facebook revenue model is based on scamming people via the online games.

  16. i have a question concerning the stashes, i keep getting that my stashes have already been found by someone else, yet whenever i go to other peoples fb profile it will not allow me to steal theirs. so the question is: do they have a timer after which they expire and i get the message someone else already claimed it, or can you really steal peoples stashes from their profiles!?

  17. Personally, I would like to see FaceBook introduce a Gaming Wall separate from our Personal Wall. Then gamers could use that wall to send / receive game post. My own news feed is only two minutes long due to the number of Mafia i have. I can rarely find a real post that is not gaming related. They need to separate it!!!