December 31, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide: Most Popular Topics of 2009

Everyone other news source is giving their stories of the year, so here we go - the top 5 most commented posts on Mafia Wars Strategy and Leveling Guide this year:

Side note: I disqualified that one post where everyone posted their Facebook profiles, since I would not consider that discussion.

#5 Moscow Loot Preview (80 comments) - The loot preview weekend for Moscow was definitely a pretty exciting time. Mafia Wars Cuba was very easy to work through compared to New York and as a result most players at that point had been finished it for quite some time. I wonder if the first commenter on that post ended up getting an impression from the gift safe house?

#4 Becoming a Master Boss (82 comments) - Once upon a time, before anyone had their first energy account, this was a big deal. You couldn't trade a dozen moscow loot pieces for a hundred blackmail photos, there wasn't 30 different +energy collections to help ease the leveling process, finding an 11% Wheelman was like finding a needle in a haystack, and you had to walk 1o miles through the snow just to get to school.

Life was rough!

#3 Mafia Wars Bank Heist Strategy (84 comments) - This actually managed to beat out the strategy guide summary, namely because a few months ago the experience points pay out for the Bank Heist job was cut ~12%. If there is one thing I've learned from spending way too much time playing video games, it is that players hate getting nerfed.

#2 Mafia Wars Collections (93 comments) - The collections post is like a cockroach - it made it to the second spot on the list simply by refusing to die. Between new collections with Cuba, the Lotto Collection, then Boosts, then the Moscow Collection, and then finally the Money Laundering collection, the collection post continues to draw comments.

Overall, collections are a great addition to the game. They're fun, they're easy to develop, and everyone likes them.

And that leads us to the most commented story of the Mafia Wars year:

#1 Mafia Wars Lotto Info - Remember that one time when players were supposed to "win an energy pack" for matching 1 number in the lotto? And then it turned out that the energy pack you "won" really meant that just in case no one sent you an energy pack, you had a spare waiting?

The players really weren't too happy about that. That was the most commented story of the year, with over 100 questions, comments, and complaints on the post here covering that issue. Players so upset over their lack of energy packs that it was the most discussed topic of the year, despite the fact that at the time, Mafia Wars Guide was only getting half the traffic it does now!

That's all for 2009. I had a good time with this site over the past year, here's to 2010. Happy New Year!
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  1. i am a level 316 maniac with 306 stamina, but with low attack(231) and defence(126). do you think i should stop spending skill points on stamina

  2. Happy New Year, Guidemaster.

  3. @5:28 - Yes.

    @9:59 - lol thanks, you too!

  4. happy new year.... major changes noticed -- No more bosses in NY. Mafia Mikes do are no longer a good property deal (They almost like the Valu-Mart )and do not require mafia to buy....

  5. @Fatal - Thanks!

    @anon - that was due to a change in facebook policy which disallowed "gating" game content by requiring users to add friends.

  6. To the level 316 Maniac...

    You have put way to much into stamina.

    First off you need to decide what kind of player you want to be, a fighter or job player. You seem to want to be a fighter.

    Having alot of Stamina will allow you to level faster yes, because per hit you can get 0-6 exp pts, while doing a job you may get a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio at best for doing jobs.

    So you will level faster, however it will take you a very long time to progress through the game.

    Most will say but I can level fast and often and then get fresh energy to do jobs, but still you will never be able to progress as much as a player that focuses more on Energy then Stamina.

    A good Stamina should be at about 100. Also having atleast a minimum of 100 pts above your level in both attack/defense is a necessity.

    What is having a ton of stamina if you are going to lose all your fights because your attack and defense is extremely low.

    Even with 500 of the best Moscow weaposn in the game, you will still not be able to compete with a player at a similar level that has put sufficient poitns into attack and defense.

    Remember, you can choose who you fight, but not who fights you. So you always want to put a bit more into defense then attack.

    But as stated, a typical level 316 player will have atleast 415-700 pts put into their defense. Which will make your low 231 attack seem like nothing, hence you will lose most fights.

    Now yes you can fight peopel with a mafia of 400 or lower and probably still be able to win, but everyday more and more you fill find that everyone on teh fight screen has a 500 mafia or close to it. Sometimes you will find that everyone on the fight screen has a 500 person mafia. Now you can simply wait and keep refreshing the fight screen untill some smaller mafia people pop up, but doing that to burn through 300 stamina will take forever.

    Again even with the best weapons and such in the game and a attack strength of 67k, you will find that you will lose to people with defense strengths 10k or more lower then your attack strength.

    EX: 2 players both with a 500 person mafia.

    You: attack strength 67k with 500 top Moscow stuff vs them: defense strength 50k, you will still more then likely lose. If/when you lose it will usually say Outclassed and the number next to yoru attack strength (67k) will be a number in red. If that number is red, that basically means they have more points put into their defense then you do in your attack. And regardless of the weapons, those points put into attack/defense weighed more heavily in the result of the fight.

    For a player like msyelf, i enjoy progressing through the game. I find fighting somewhat pointless other then as a filler to help level faster.

    When first starting out, fighting is used to earn money and get weapon drops in the fight. But once you get enough money to buy all the businesses in Cuba/Moscow and buy all the weapons needed to do the jobs in Cuba/Moscow, money then beomes obsolete. So no point in fighting for money.

    Now with their recent changes to loot drops from fights, and then their return (sort of) to fighting, you will find that you really dont loot enough of the good weapons or weapons your mafia is using to help you fight. Maybe 1 out of 25 loot drops from a fight will be something reasonable, the rest will be napalm, RPGs, Brass Knucks, etcc which at level 316 I would hope you are no longer using.

    However stamina/fighting is good to help level, but only as a filler

  7. You would always prefer to level up having done more jobs then having done more fights. Cause as previously stated what does fighting really do for you once you get 500 Moscow weapons beyond anything that can be loot dropped from fighting And once money has become obsolete to you?

    If you are an hourly player as opposed to a daily player, you want to fight like this.

    lets say you have a stamina of 150. Burn through enough fights to were you dont have to continually obsess about checking your mafia page over and over. Usually doing about 50 will suffice. This way if you dont check your mafia for an 1hr or so, you dont have to worry about your stamina having regenerated to its cap, thus wasting time that it could be regenerating more for you.

    So, you want to burn through your energy or atleast most of it. Then do you fights so that both energy and stamina will can regenerate. Also leaving both low enough where if you step out for a few hours, neither will have regenerated to its cap.

    Then continue doing your daily playing of trading, wishlists, etc etc.

    Once you see that you are perhaps 400 pts from leveling and have perhaps 100 left to be spent is the time you want to start burning all your stamina.

    You want to burn through stamina untill you get to within a few points of leveling up, then go ahead and use your last bit of energy to do a job and have tons of exp pts carrying over into the next level.

    It is better to waste stamina then to waste energy. Lets say doing what i previously stated, you get to within 10 pts of leveling but still have another 50 stamina to use. You will just have to waste the stamina and instead use your energy to level up..Thus NOT wasting Energy.

    Next time try and time it better where you dont waste as much energy, after some trial and error, you will be able to figure out when to come back and quickly burn through some stamina and energy, without actually wasting any.

    What I do is this: Lets say i level up and have a fresh 1000 energy and 150 fights. I will burn through maybe 500 pts of energy and then antoher 50 fights. Then I will have time to where I can leave, do something else whatever and not worry about both regenerating to its cap. When I see my stamina getting close to its cap, ill do another 25 or so. I usually keep my stamina just under 100 of my 150.

  8. Check your exp pts need to level frequently, this can be down by clicking on the profile button of your Mafia page. it will say XXX pts to leveling.

    Once you see you are perhaps 1200 pts from leveling. I know that I ahve 500 energy and 100 stamina waiting to be used, which should be enough based on what jobs you are doing to level up. So go ahead and use up all your energy, but leave just enough to do 1 more job. Then burn through your stamina and get withing 10 pts of leveling. Then go ahead and do your last job and have the carry over.

    When you dont want to do this: when you see you are getting a epack soon or you have one already. If this is the case, you want to burn through all your energy first, and then use your stamina, you want to basically level up without going over to much. Then use the epack strategy I described in the previous post "Life after Moscow, preparing for Bangkok"

    The reason is you want to be able to fully utilize yoru epack time. So if you have carry over, that is less exp pts needed to level, which means less jobs and more epack wasted for the level you are now on after leveling up.

    But as noted, look as stamina as a filler to help get you to leveling, but remember you rather level up having progressed more in the game and then having more fights done. Unless you really like seeing on your profile stats that you have 85000 fights one, yet still havent completed tier 2 of Cuba.

    Again this is just my play style, and everyone plays their own way. But regardless of how much stamina you put in, make sure you have enough pts in attack/defense to ensure you actually win all of those 300 fights.

    And also fight at the right time, you rather waste stamina then energy. Beyond that its up to you how much you put into stamina or energy.

    --The Gator

  9. Sorry Mafia Wars guide, for using up so much space on this post. I didnt realize it is restricted how much text can be in 1 post. Also hope I am not stepping on your toes with my strategies I post. I know you have a guide that you sell.

    I havent read your site/guide, but find the Website in general a good source for Mafia info, helpful links for the game, showing different paths in Moscow, and plenty more.

    Anyhow, just letting you know I enjoy the site. Let me know if I should stop giving out the free mafia advice, maybe I should start up my own site or have a gator section on

    Thanks again

    --The Gator

  10. The comments section is here for a reason!

    I don't subscribe to the idea of recommended stat ranges based on level.. it really depends on the situation.

    Also, at level 300 even with a very low attack score if you have a 67000 offensive equipment score, you are winning 95/100 fights IMO.