December 7, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide; Seeing All Your Friends

When it comes to helping out people on Mafia Wars jobs via your News Feed, most of you probably are not seeing all of your mafia members' posts on your feed currently.

If you are like me, then you have at least the minimum of the 500 friends needed to have a full mafia in Mafia Wars (in my case it's over 2,000 and I know others have even higher than that).

However, by default, Facebook only displays 250 of your friends in your newsfeed. The ones that get displayed in your newsfeed are the ones who you interact with the most on Facebook.

To change this, scroll down to the bottom of your news feed and and in the right hand corner click the edit options link:

Now, a window will pop up for your newsfeed preferences. Notice the "maximum friends allowed" limit in the bottom left hand corner:

Change this number to something higher (I did 2500, but the sky's the limit!) and you will be able to see all of your friends' posts.

While this might be annoying if you are playing Mafia Wars on your real Facebook account, if you are playing on an alternate account (like me), you will definitely want to be able to see all your Mafia friends' posts so that you can help out more frequently for more xp and items.

This is a useful strategy for any Facebook game. The great thing about this is that if you play several games like I do, it's easy for updates to get lost. I interact more frequently with my Mafia Wars friends, so I am never able to see my FarmVille friends' posts (since the cap was on 250). As a result, I was never able to see premium egg posts, but after raising the cap I am able to see these all over the place!

Other News

Loot Shipment:

If you are into collecting limited edition loot, there's a new shipment of items - Modified Tommy Guns:

Find the loot shipment button on your Mafia Wars home page.

Public Enemies Limited Time Job

Still no sign of it. The Public Enemies loot event is going to end soon though so this job has to be coming any day (or hour) now.

And finally, there are just a couple days left to pick up Mafia Wars Compendium at the introductory price. I am working on putting together some affiliate materials so that you can make your money back and then some in a single sale after the price goes up!
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  1. any chance to get the URL link to force this option (like with the idaho specials)? i never get these popups...

  2. Try this one in Moscow:

  3. I hope before the launch of Mafia Wars : Bangkok; they might have a loot drop week of Yakuza Crate Items like The Moscow Loot Drop Week.

  4. i read somewhere that the maximum limit is 5000. you can add that to your post.

  5. If I click the Edit button it shows me my hidden streams to select. How can I start the settings like in the screenshot above?

  6. I cant get into those options on facebook either. Just shows a hidden friends list :(

  7. If u can't see a msg like the 1 posted like above

    1)go to your "live feed".choose the options from the bottom open it and close it.

    2)then go to your "news feed".choose the options from the bottom open it and close.

    3)now again go to your "live feed"open options again and you should get the above popup.

  8. im getting moscow skill points again, and i finally got my skill points back from when it was glitched because i sent a support ticket a week ago ^^

  9. @anon Thanks for the description of how to bring up the max friend limit option.

    @B. Ye - Good to know!

    Still waiting on the limited time job - looks like they are busy dealing with tons of server problems at the moment though .

  10. BANGKOK IS OPEN TO VIEW! sorry for the caps but i am excited.. new things to collect to unlock it!

  11. the first steps to bangkok are out...

    when you click on 'travel', the bankok tab is active

    when you go there, it asks you to collect loot from 3 job tiers in NY
    - Triad Coin from NYC Soldier
    - Yakuza Sake from NYC Hitman
    - Thai Note from NYC Enforcer

    you need to look for an elephant icon to locate the job which will net you this loot

    I got all 3 with about 400 energy spent in total

  12. if you care to know before accepting
    Snow Fort
    7 Attack 25 Defense
    Milk and Cookies
    26 Attack 8 Defense
    16 Attack 21 Defense

  13. public enemies featured jobs will be on!!

    Public Enemies Featured Job: Experience the thrills and excitement of Public Enemies, starring Johnny Depp, by doing the featured job. Collect items and view clips from the movie. Master all 4 stages and receive a bonus Dillinger item. The featured job is available 12/9 12:01AM (PST) through 12/13 at 11:59PM (PST).

  14. lol soo much stuff happening rigth now at mafia wars

  15. You can start collecting Bangkok loot hidden in Ny. Already got mine :)

  16. lol they changed the name of milk and cookies to santa's helpers, dunno why...

  17. the public enemies job is live now and is 8 hour wait.and i got ten prision outfits.

  18. milk=white cookie = brown... guess it's something racist

  19. Bangkok will soon came! i've collect all of the item in just 1 try per job!

  20. can anybody understand the point of these useless special items that do not have any attack or defense value except just for the sake of collecting them.

  21. I've found that the best way to see friends posts for a particular application is to go to the specialized filter for that app only. Then you see ONLY posts made by that app, and for ALL your friends. In general, the URL is Just put in the application id there (you can get that by going to the app's page and looking at the URL). So, for mafia wars, for example: And for farmville: For facebook games, this is great, because you can focus on one game at a time and don't have to worry about missing any posts, or about posts that are not relevant to the game.