December 18, 2009

Mafia Wars Ugly Sweater; Strategy Guide

There is a new loot shipment up - the Ugly Sweater:

You can try force starting it with this link:

Also, Mafia Wars will be down tonight for maintenance from 8 PM-11 PM PST. It's reported that it is just for general server problems rather than for Mafia Wars Bangkok.
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    I just collected 4294967295 Ugly Sweaters... :-/

    I still have them in the "Loot" tab :)

  2. Times have changed.

    Estimated Time: 8am - 12:15PM PST

  3. Every time I click, they've got a new extension!

    Taking bets on whether they fix broken things or just continue the trend of breaking more things.

  4. It says right now: Estimated Time: 8am - 1:30PM PST, It's 4:20 here on the east coast, so I guess I'll be waiting another 10 minutes

  5. I just lost 15 trucking companies because of prolonged maintenance. Really annoying. I wonder if zynga would sdo omething about it..

  6. Yess, and we're back! And the loot from fighting is also back! Already got some nice tnt's. that's how it should be!

  7. 5 items on wishlist? :o

  8. its a bug, the last 2 are the same as the first two.

    btw im still getting that secret stash nonsense

  9. I know this is off-topic... but I STILL don't have access to rackets, all my property is still intact. Is that the same for anyone else? Is Zynga just taking a long time to get EVERYONE switched over?

  10. they haven't switched anyone over - only people who made accounts during a certain period of time got the bonus.

  11. hey, i just want to raise this issue of mine... i've been stucked with level 1 of episode 4, Moscow. i've sent a copule of requests for help in the "Forcibly Demote General Osipov" job, but still, i am stucked with Level 1, and haven't progressed to Level 2. any thoughts about this problem? thanks!!!

  12. well, the obvious question would be: has anyone helped you yet?

    Make sure you don't click "home" and just wait for someone to help you before changing screens.

    Supposedly these bugs were fixed wednesday, but who knows

  13. Are you doing the updates on the Gift Safe House and the new Limited Time Job, MWG?

  14. Until MWG adds a post on the holiday gifts, here's what I've compiled... sorted by type, then defense score.

    Holiday Scarf (armor) 13/24
    Bobsled (vehicle) 15/24
    Surprise Mobile (vehicle) 11/23
    Snowboard (vehicle) 8/22
    Ice Skates (weapon) 16/20
    Snowballs (weapon) 11/18
    Black Roses (weapon) 20/14
    Mistletoe Launcher (weapon) 23/13
    Candy Cane (weapon) 20/12

    As expected, these gifts are pretty much worthless to anyone who has completed Cuba. The best item is probably the holiday scarf with 24 defense (I'm still using some 25 defense items).

  15. lols i wanan heard about the free GF point and the special loot u can get heard some gift truck

  16. Can't Forcibly Demote General Osipov, all the other jobs in the episode are done to level 3, but that one job is still locked, so I can't finish Moscow! :(