December 30, 2009

Preparing for Mafia Wars Bangkok & Life After Moscow; Strategy Guide

One of the most common questions I have been getting in the recent weeks is what players should do while waiting on Mafia Wars Bangkok to come out. This is intended for players who have already finished Moscow. If you haven't, you can just continue to work on doing that and ignore the advice below.

The transition to life after Moscow can be rough for some, I know, so I have put together a checklist of things you can do while waiting for Bangkok to come out:

1) Get the Lotto Collection - This is something everyone should do!

If you don't have the lotto collection yet, get it. You can trade the highest quality Moscow loot pieces for lotto collection pieces on the official trading forums (called the "Gift Giving" forums for some reason).

Lotto pieces are currently going for 25-50 pieces of Moscow loot. I picked up the 6 of 8 pieces I needed for 188 total top-end Moscow loot pieces.

While this may sound like a lot, just remember Bangkok could be coming out within a week, at which point your Moscow loot will be worthless. If the developers do a rolling start like they did with Moscow, your Moscow loot pieces will still only be top dog for another month. Why not just dump them now while the stock is high, vault the lotto collection, and as a result make yourself able to collect Bangkok loot at a quicker rate?

I think the Lotto collection is grossly underrated, particularly for items that have a really low drop rate. The bonus, +10% item drop rate, is additive rather than multiplicative. Here is how it works:

Item A has a 5% drop rate (you will find it on 1/20 job times doing the job).

- By mastering the tier all three times, you get +10% drop rate. This brings Item A to a 15% drop rate (you will find it on 3/20 times doing the job).

- By vaulting the lotto collection, you get another +10% drop rate. This brings Item A to a 25% drop rate (you will find it on 5/20 times doing the job)

Just by having the lotto collection, you can get a huge increase in drop rates (in this example, 60%-300% drop rate increase), especially for rare items.

If you are playing multiple accounts, your highest level account with the largest energy pool should vault this collection.

2) Get the Money Laundering Collection - Something everyone should do, but only after vaulting the lotto collection.

While I understand the vault boost (-3% on banking fees) is only useful if you use the bank, odds are you are going to be using the bank a lot on Bangkok launch day, at least for the first two episodes. If money is anything like it is in Cuba (low totals), you might even use it a lot more.

You can get the money laundering collection pretty easily just by helping 5 friends launder money each day. You can then trade your excess collection pieces with friends or on the forums to complete your set.

If you're really lazy or impatient, you can also trade high quality Moscow loot for money laundering collection pieces - usually 1-2 pieces of Moscow loot is enough to get money laundering collection items.

Extra Credit

If you already have the 2 collections listed above, here are three more things you can do prior to the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok:

1) For the most dedicated player: you can collect Faberge Hens and save them on a second account. You might have to trade for some of the eggs, though!

2) For those using Mafia Wars Compendium: Get a collector account up to speed and save it for the release of Bangkok.

3) Call your mother. It's the holidays after all!
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  1. Looks like you got ripped off for your lotto collection. For a full set it will cost only 150 Zolo or Blades or UBJ or Carriers..

    The Moscow items will become pointless eventually, but even the best Farmers will take a while to get all the way through Bangkok to begin farming the high end stuff, so probably a bit longer then a month.

    And for farmers, they need to vault the Laundering collection, but also stock up on them.

    I was able to beat all of NY, Cuba, and most of Moscow in under 6 hrs..The only problem I ran into was having to repeat jobs to get enough money to buy the cuba/moscow items needed to do the jobs.

    So saving up on Laundering items or saving up on Money Socks on a storage account is a necessity for any farmer looking to fly through Bangkok without having to waste energy repeating jobs for money.

    I have never read your new Mafia System, but I am curious how much of your system contains repeating jobs or needlessly leveling. I was able to complete NY, Cuba, and most of Moscow in under 250 Levels, with only having to repeat jobs for the cash, not the exp poitns needed to level.

  2. Well how come they got tons of lotte collections i suppose they hacked ?

  3. Something else you need to TRY and do is get alot of money saved in NY, for those hard end goal's.
    My main account has 3096 energy as of now and I am done with all 3 city's and go to NY Boss level, "Make Arrangements for a Vistiting Don" and the job requires 35 Energy and pays ""$56,000,000"" per job. That means I can do the job 87.6 times and the math in money is $4,872,000,000 when done.
    That does not count all the casino's Hotels I have.
    NOTE: I have noticed that Mafia Mikes has changed now as well. It does not require how many is in your mafia anymore and you cam buy 10 at a time also. Keep that in mind since Robbing will be coming back soon.
    Thx Randy

  4. hey i was wondering. what to do with energy packs when you finihs NY? How can I use them in cuba the best way?

  5. @First anon - I don't think I got ripped off, prices on lotto pieces are starting to go up a lot; Moscow loot is losing value every day as it becomes more prevalent and Bangkok comes closer to release.

    @2nd anon - Mafia Wars has like 6 or 7 million daily players. If those players all played their free ticket each day, then tens of thousands of lotto collection pieces would enter circulation with each drawing. Since almost no one will win the entire collection outright, it's not really that weird for a trading guru to amass many lotto collection pieces.

    @3rd anon - I'll address this in a post later today.

    @4th anon:

    Step 1: Get a fresh level up.
    Step 2: Use all of your energy.
    Step 3: Use your energy pack.
    Step 4: Use all of your energy until you are about to level up (no more than 20-30 experience points away from leveling up).
    Step 5: Do a boss fight to level up.
    Step 6: Spend all your energy again.

    Rinse & repeat!

  6. Also, in response to the first poster asking about cash:

    If you aren't a new player, you can pick up a ton of cash with godfather points. The currency reward for spending GF points is based on level rather than progression.. so if your account is a pretty high level and you are brand new to Moscow, you can get a huge head start by dropping just 10 godfather points.

    My acct is over level 1300 and for 10 GF points I can buy over $100,000,000 rubles.. much more effective then spending GF points on energy trying to repeat jobs or needlessly leveling.

  7. how is everyone able to trade for lotto collection pieces or money laundering job items. I have some on secondary accounts that I would obviously like to move to my primary, but everytime I attempt to give them as a gift, they never show up under the collection items as being able to be given, so I am not able to give them to other accounts or friends what is up with this? Is this a problem for more people or just me?

  8. as robbing is coming back, and the spipping company (rackets) gives a political favvour (+60 robbing defence). do u think i should collect a lot of it before robbing comes back

  9. @trading for lotto collections poster: Two options. First, go to your actual collection page rather than the gifting page. There will be a gifting button there which you can click on and then gift the item how you see fit.

    The second option is to just use the wishlist.

    @ anon about robbing - Nope. 60 defense is only 12 levels worth - why not focus on leveling up (collect -energy boosts) and have a permanent +60 defense?

    Also, they said robbing will be "different" - so who knows what the system will be like (hopefully it's a lot different!)

  10. do you have any idea when robbing will return?

  11. no clue, sometime in 2010. I'm guessing they'll use it to fill the gap between bangkok and las vegas - so maybe february - march?

  12. Thanks Mafia Wars Guide dude :)! I´ll do that with my energy packs! You´re the best!

  13. Concerning how to use your Epack:

    This will vary on where you are in the game (NY, Cuba, Moscow) and if you are simply skipping Cuba because it is useless other then the looting jobs.

    1.Have an energy pack waiting and wait untill you level up

    2.DEMOTE your Mastermind...Doing this will reduce the amount of experience points paid per job.

    Example: With a Mastermind: a job may cost 35energy and pay out 80.

    Without a Mastermind: the same job will now only pay out 70

    **So if you find yourself using your energypack and leveling before you use it all, you want to do this***

    The reason is simple, when you demote your mastermind you will level slower, which means you will get more jobs done and waste less amount of your Epack, but having completed more jobs and progressed more in the game...

    3. If you are in NY:
    Figure out the pay out ratios of energy to Exp for the jobs of the Tier you are working on.

    Only do the jobs that have bad ratios. Burn through your regular energy and then your epack doing those jobs.

    4. When you notice you are getting close to leveling, consider doing your Daily ask for help jobs in Cuba and NY.

    For a player that has finished Ny, this is a perfect time to repeat a job in NY just to ask for help, without using your "real energy" to do so.

    5. Lets say you are 80 pts from leveling up at this point, find a job that you havent done yet or a job that you will use as your get help job (they can be the same) and do that job, making sure it pays out no more then 80 pts. If perhaps it pays out 60, that is fine. Now use your stamina to get yourself even closer, but only within 5-8 pts of leveling.

    The reason: If someone uses you as their Capo, you will gain exp pts and may accidentally level up.

    6. Now you are very close to leveling (within 5-8pts), repromote your mastermind and do the biggest job you can, usually something in Moscow that costs the most and pays out the most.

    This will give you a ton of carry over exp pts for your next round.

    --The Gator

  14. Concerning the lotto:

    I have vaulted the Lotto set on 4 accounts and have a 5th set waiting in storage.

    Each set cost me 150 of Moscow High End Loot.

    To get a Lotto set: 1. you can purchase it for real money via Paypal for $35 US on several sites that are guaranteed.

    2. Go to the official trading forums. On your mafia homepage, in the upper right corner you will find a button taht says Forum (Next to the TOS and support). Go to the forums and click on the gift giving section, select if you play on Facebook or Myspace.

    Then post a new thread asking for lotto pieces or respond to a thread of someone saying they have Lotto for trade.

    A set will cost about 150-185 MEL (Moscow high end loot)..If you buy the pieces individually you will notice that it will cost more, but most people offer a discount if you buy a whole set.

    When trading: Make sure the trading partner is a Trusted Trader. They have to qualify to become when by getting "Reps" and such by their trading partners. They submit these "Reps" to a site and they are then put on the list. These are the people you most want to trade, cause there are plenty of Scammers out there.

    They will ask you to FR (friend Request) them and you will negotiate via email or chat. More then likely they will ask you to send first which is common, this ensures they get what you claim you are willing to pay for the Highly Rare lotto items.

    They will also most likely attack you 1 time. This is so they can view your Defense inventory. If you are offering to trade them 175 Carbon Blades for a set, they will attack you 1 time to see if you even have 175 Blades. If you dont, you clearly are trying to Scam them.

    For people with Rackets, you can also trade your Truckers (a -6pt Energy Boost) for a set of Lotto. The cost is usally 2500-4000 truckers.

    You can also buy single pieces for usually about 800-1000 Truckers. Again discounts are given to those that trade for a whole set.

    Also, you can trade Truckers for Moscow loot. A fair ratio is usually 20:1..20 Truckers for 1 Blade or Carrier or Zolo, etc

    With Moscow loot soon to become obsolete you can get this price, but most are asking for a 25:1 ratio. Remember Truckers are very valuable to those that do not have them, so most of the time you are in the driver seat when it comes to negotiating.

    --The Gator

  15. The Gator: The best way to finish an energy pack round is to attack the boss on the enforcer level. That cost about 600 energy and gives you 900xp.

    Just a really stupid question:

    How exactly you get the daily chance collection items? I have four different but I dont remember when and how did I got them.

    Can you buy them for something else than Moscow loot like Politico Corruptos?

    Can you buy them for money laundering items?

  16. I actually had a similar experience - I logged in one day and noticed I had dice yet I never play the daily chance. Maybe someone gave them as a gift?

  17. The lotto collection is starting to flood the market. Reason is now if you win a piece of lotto, you are also given the chance to share with your mafia... That's why it is now rather common to "suddendly" see a piece of lotto appear in your inventory.

  18. Is it true that finishing a tier 3 times will increase your loot drop chances for that tier by 10%?

    Is this true for NY, Cuba, and Moscow?

    I have never seen this fact anywhere before.


  19. Yes, it is true. The game tells you this when you finish a tier, and you can see it by holding your mouse over the question mark.

  20. I am so far behind in getting Moscow loot that there is no way I can barter for the loto loot. :(