January 29, 2010

Bladed Tonfas Free Bangkok Gift

Along with the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok, a new free gift was added to the game: Bladed Tonfas.

You can send the Bladed Tonfas just like any other free gift. This item is a weapon with 22 attack and 19 defense.

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Mafia Wars Bangkok Now Live!

Bangkok is now open for everyone! Simply click on the Bangkok tab and click "get your passport", select the clerk as an option, and off you go. Well, almost. There is a chance you can get denied by the clerk and then you will have to wait anywhere from a couple minutes to nearly a day before you can try again.

If you get denied, you can spend 30 godfather points to "Bribe an Official" to get there early (on the same get passport screen). If you do spend the 30 points, you will get access and 3 passports for your friends.

You may also now receive passports from doing jobs in Bangkok. You can send them to your friends that got denied by the clerk.

Thanks Andrew for the pic!

Now that Bangkok is live, you can gift job and fighting drop items!


In other news, loot from episodes 3 and 4 is now dropping from fighting.

Loot list:


Scalding Hot Tea: 26 attack, 35 defense

Type-103 Machine Gun: 42 attack, 29 defense

Komoto Dragon: 34 attack, 22 defense

Cleaver: 25 attack, 44 defense

TAR-21 (rename): 23 attack, 38 defense

Forest Scorpion: 25 attack, 37 defense


Monk's Robe: 29 attack, 41 defense

Optical Camo Suit: 43 attack, 26 defense


Royal Thai Army Jeep: 38 attack, 25 defense

Kage Jet: 27 attack, 42 defense (vehicle)

Fugama Kame SUV: 31 attack, 21 defense

Lloyds Spectre: 18 attack, 45 defense

Seua Daao Sub: 35 attack, 22 defense

MalayMobil Helang: 19 attack, 34 defense

(thanks Hartmut, Ron, and Hubert for the contributions!)


Originally I had not realized how many new items have been added to the game. At this point, I am thinking this is ALL of the episode 3, 4, 5, and 6 loot. There are just too many new pieces for it to be otherwise.

This is really disappointing considering how weak these items are compared to Moscow loot. The only upgrade in this bunch is Lloyds Spectre, which is only a 1 defense upgrade over the Konstantine Cargo Carrier.
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January 28, 2010

Gifting and Wishlist Changes

Apparently the developers have been toying around with a new gifting system, and it's honestly incredibly annoying.

The general gist of it is that when you send a gift to someone, it comes into their "requests" box rather than being directly sent to them in game.

Many players do not have this feature as it is still in testing (probably released to just 10% of the gaming population). If the changes became permanent:

1) When you receive a gift, you have to click "accept".

2) You are limited to sending 24 gifts a day since you are sending out requests rather than in-game gifts.

3) You get notified in your feed when you send or receive a gift. If you have a large mafia, this information floods your screen and you can't see who is attacking you (this is getting removed tomorrow; see below).

I'll be blunt, if this was permanent, this would be a terrible change and would be incredibly annoying. Good luck trying to trade for Lotto Collection pieces when you can only gift 24 items at a time, and who would even want to trade if they had to accept 100s of requests to get items.

But, it's not too late for this to change.

Here is what one of the developers had to say about this (taken from the forums):

"Hey guys,

This change is to improve the wishlist feature so that users can see when people help them on their wishlist.
This change is not final so please give me feedback on it.

You can now know easily when users gift an item on your wishlist

Not sure why you guys feel it will take much longer, seems like it is 3 clicks vs 1. For the next update we will try to give you back the gift all button so you can help your friends faster.

Please keep the feedback coming. Looking forward to it."

After a lot of complaints, this follow up post was made:

"This was a test to see if users would like to see who helped them on their wishlist specifically.
We have pulled back the test for most users.

For some of you still in the test, please be patient. We will monitor feedback and decide accordingly."

After more complaints, this follow up post was made:

"Soon we will be rolling out a change to let users accept all gifts in game (so you don't have to click on every Facebook request)"


"I understand your frustration. Multi Gifting to one person is another feature we are rolling out soon.

There are certain technical limitations that we are working through but we will get you a new and improved gifting system within the next month."

And finally:

"Hey guys,

Seeing how this has caused inconvenience to a lot of you we are going to kill the player update tomorrow.
Please be patient until then and we apologize for the inconvenience. "

If you want to read more or join in the discussion, the original thread can be found here. Get your opinion heard before it's too late!


Here is what this all means:

1) A new gifting feature was rolled out, but pulled back for many due to initial complaints. As a result, many people will not see this just yet (unfortunate for players testing this; does not bother me)!

2) Gifting will eventually be changes that gifts will be received as Facebook requests. This change will limit you to sending 24 gifts (Facebook limitation) since it is a Facebook request (bad change).

3) Players receiving gifts will have to accept these requests to get their item.

3) However, a new gifting feature will be out in about a month's time that will allow players to send many gifts at one time. In other words, you will be able to send 50 blackmail photos with the click of a button. This will be a great change.

4) You will soon be able to accept all gift requests with the click of a single button. This is great too because I know I turn down a lot of free gifts simply due to my very large mafia size.

5) Player updates for sending and receiving gifts will be gone sometime tomorrow (thankfully).


All in all, things over the next month will be a little turbulent in regards to gifting. There are some definite downsides, like the 24 gift request limit per day. This would make something like sending your new friend a bunch of collections take several days. On the other hand, sending 100 untraceable cell phones with a single click (dubbed "multi-gifting") would be an awesome change.

We'll have to wait and see whether or not this "multi-gifting" feature works as planned or not.
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January 27, 2010

Mafia Wars Bangkok FAQ

Due to popular demand, I have put together a frequently asked questions guide so that you can have a fast reference sheet for all your Mafia Wars Bangkok questions.

When will Mafia Wars Bangkok be available for everyone?

Not sure; they promised to have it out by the end of the month, but the month is rapidly ending. A recent statement suggested that it won't be released until it is completely bug free. On the other hand, it will be available "soon" according to their Facebook page.

Do I pick Triads or Yakuza?

See the Triads or Yakuza post for an in-depth explanation on the differences between siding with the Triads or the Yakuza.

What kind of new loot is there?

- Triad or Yakuza specific loot can be found in the Triads vs Yakuza post (linked above).
- Faction store loot pieces can be found in the faction post.
- Store loot pieces can be seen in the new loot post.
- New job mastery rewards can be found in the Bangkok Job Mastery Reward Items post.
- New Bangkok Collections and Boosts

My special energy pack no longer works. Where can I get the Mafia Wars Toolbar; the link disappeared. Help?

You can re-download the toolbar at http://toolbar.zynga.com. If you have it installed and it does not work, try re-installing or using a different internet browser. A lot of people have reported that re-installing has fixed this problem.

Alternatively, I found a solid post by a guy named Arun detailing how you can get the mini energy pack without the toolbar. Here's how:

1. Log into Facebook.

2. Go here: http://toolbar.zynga.com/game_iframe_proxy.php?playing=true

3. Click "log in" and allow whatever you need to to get to the next screen. If you don't get a log in screen, you've already done this before; proceed to step 4.

4. Go here: http://toolbar.zynga.com/click.php?to=mwgamestatsplaynow

5. The end!

It probably won't work for long, but enjoy in the mean time.

I need money; help?

Covered in the Earning Baht post.

When will Mafia Wars Compendium be updated for Bangkok?

Soon after Bangkok's live release. I need for Bangkok to move out of beta and into the live version before making any major decisions or revisions.

I hear Bangkok loot is not tradeable? Is this true?

Yes, currently, Bangkok loot is not tradeable. However, the game is in beta. When beta is lifted, I am guessing that trading will open up.

However, it is unlikely that items from the faction store will be tradeable. I am guessing that the two high-end armor pieces will remain best in slot after the release of later episodes. I am also guessing that the other pieces in the store will not be as good as loot drops, so you will only have 2 out of 6 best in slot pieces that are untradeable.

I do not think this will be a big deal because once robbing and fighting are introduced to Bangkok, I'm betting players will be able to earn tons of $B. Remember that in other cities you can win $65,000 per fight, which means that you could end up with quite a few extra armor pieces by emptying out a 100-point stamina bar.


Feel free to post in the comments section with any other questions. I will update the post accordingly!
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January 24, 2010

Earning Baht in Mafia Wars Bangkok

If you haven't yet played Mafia Wars Bangkok, the currency situation is pretty tight. Players working through the first two episodes will find themselves starved for cash in a situation similar to pre-nerf Moscow.

Episode 1 requires $B552,000 in items alone (plus a job even costs $B to do!). This does not seem like a lot of money when you compare to figures from other cities or countries, but in Bangkok, the jobs in the first episode only pay out around $15B per energy point spent, and that's with a 11% Bagman / Wheelman / Mastermind and a Private Island. This translates to roughly 36,800 energy that will need to be spent to collect enough $B to finish Episode 1.

In Episode 2, the cash:energy ratio improves to about $B21.5 per energy point spent, but the cost rises to a whopping $B1,462,500, meaning about 68,000 energy will need to be spent in order to collect enough $B to finish Episode 2.

That's a lot of $B! This makes Episodes 1 and 2 nearly as rough as Episode 6 of Moscow pre-nerf, and that is rough!

To help you through this, here are a variety of ways to get money in Bangkok. Note that the strategies may change with the release of later episodes.

Doing Jobs

The main method for making money (at least for now) will be from doing jobs repetitively, especially if you have a lot of energy. There are two things of importance to note with this in mind.

1. Doing jobs can also earn you faction points.

2. Jobs in Episode 2 pay out more $B per energy point than Episode 1 jobs.

As a result, you want to 1) get to episode 2 right away to collect $B and 2) do jobs that pay out faction so that you can knock out two birds with one stone.

This makes the "Set Up a Phony Business" perfect for collecting $B. As I mentioned earlier in my faction post, you can repeat this job many times until you max out one faction completely at 1500 points. In the process you will earn quite a bit of $B.

Envelope of Baht

There is a free gift, which I am sure many of you have seen floating around by now. You give them and receive them just like any free gift. When you get one, you can see it on the Bangkok Home Page:

Simply click the open button to get your $B.

I've seen these pay out anywhere from $B200 to the high 700s; I figure the median is somewhere around $B. The downside is that this is not very much; you would need over 3500 envelopes to collect the $B1,400,000 needed to master Episode 2. The upside is you can get as many as your friends will send.

In other words, these are a nice supplement to your income, especially while you are starting out, but certainly should not be thought of as a major source.


I covered Bangkok businesses in a previous post. Get to episode 2 first. As you upgrade businesses, do the cheapest business first, then the second cheapest, so on and so forth.

Boss Bonus

Some people have been able to get $B2,000,000+ bonuses for friends helping them out on boss fights. According to a FFfreak on the comments section of a previous post, here is how it works:

"If you finish off the boss of a tier in Bangkok a third time, post that you defeated him. And if someone helps you with that bonus you get +200000 Baht. ( the one who helps gets 1000 Baht). Eventually your mafia can help a max of 10 times. And you get 2000000 Baht and 1 experience. Tested this with my main and 2 energy accounts."

If this works for you, then you will have all the money you need (at least until they release Episodes 3 and 4!).

Selling Equipment

In Bangkok, the items required for each episode are very simple. On the new loot page, note that there are 6 weapons, vehicles, and armor pieces available to purchase. Also note that Episode 1 just requires 1 of each item type, and Episode 2 requires one of each item type (different from Episode 1). I think it is safe to say that each episode will continue with this trend, using just 3 loot pieces total and not using any items from the previous episode.

As a result, as soon as you are done with an episode, you should be able to sell your old equipment once you are done with it. I sold all my equipment from episode 1 and all my equipment episode 2 (except for 15 pistols for the first job) and then invested all the money into businesses.


Note that strategies may change as newer episodes are added. For example, fighting is not live yet in Mafia Wars Bangkok; if players are able to win $B65,000 per fight like they can in other cities, fighting will be a huge earner for low-energy accounts.

I will make an FAQ soon and post it up the summation of all my Mafia Wars Bangkok info and strategies in response to the large number of questions surrounding Mafia Wars Bangkok.
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Mafia Wars Bangkok Businesses

There are 6 new businesses associated with Bangkok (at least so far). Out of these, four of them are accessible right away, and the other 2 are unlocked by gathering Triad and Yakuza faction. I covered the Yakuza and Triad businesses in a previous post. See that post for information on those two businesses.

Back on track, the other four businesses are purchasable right away (if you have the cash), and, much like Moscow, these businesses all produce Baht (Bangkok currency) every 3 hours. With that said, here is the business list, the cost for upgraded, and the amount of time it will take to get your money back:

Fighting Fish Arena:

Cost to take over:

Fish Types:

Betta (starter): B$4 each
Trey Krem: B$5 each, costs B$3,200 to upgrade
Plakat Cheen: B$6 each, costs B$4,500 to upgrade
Plakat Khmer: B$7 each, costs B$6,300 to upgrade
Plakat Morh: B$8 each, costs B$8,800 to upgrade (final)

Cost to upgrade capacity and output:

Note: Capacity starts at 800 and increases 160 per upgrade until 2240 is reached; output starts at 100/3 hours and increases 20 per upgrade until 280 is reached. There are 9 total upgrades for capacity and output and the cost for capacity and output are always the same. This holds true for all businesses.

Upgrade 1: B$1,600 (each)
Upgrade 2: B$2,100
Upgrade 3: B$2,700
Upgrade 4: B$3,500
Upgrade 5: B$4,600
Upgrade 6: B$5,900
Upgrade 7: B$7,700
Upgrade 8: B$10,000
Upgrade 9: B$13,100

Final Stats:

Output: B$17,920 each day (24 hours).
Total Cost: B$137,700
Time to recover investment: 7.68 days (this indicates the amount of time it will take for your initial investment to be repaid so you can start making a profit)

Strategy: Buy this right away, this is a good investment and will have paid itself back very shortly.

Cockfighting Pen:

Cost to take over: B$50,000

Game Cock Types:

Spangled Cock (starter): B$6 each
Gray Pullet: B$7 each, B$9,600 to upgrade
Red Cockerel: B$9 each, B$13,400 to upgrade
Blue Thai Stag: B$10 each, B$18,800 to upgrade
Golden Bullstag: B$12 each, B$26,300 to upgrade (final)

Cost to upgrade output and capacity:

Upgrade 1: B$4,800 (each)
Upgrade 2: B$6,200
Upgrade 3: B$8,100
Upgrade 4: B$10,500
Upgrade 5: B$13,700
Upgrade 6: B$17,800
Upgrade 7: B$23,200
Upgrade 8: B$30,211
Upgrade 9: B$39,200

Final Stats:

Output: B$26,880 each day (24 hours).
Total Cost: B$409,100
Time to recover investment: 15.22 days

Strategy: Still pretty good.. just over 2 weeks to pay the initial investment back. Buy this after upgrading the Fish Fighting Arena.

Tourist Guide Scam:

Cost to take over: B$150,000

Scam Types:

College Student (starter): B$10/each
Honeymooner: B$12/each, B$25,600 to upgrade
Family: B$15/each, B$35,800 to upgrade
Businessman: B$17/each, B$50,200 to upgrade
Celebrity: B$20/each, B$70,200 to upgrade (final)

Cost to upgrade output and capacity:

Upgrade 1: B$12,800 (each)
Upgrade 2: B$16,600
Upgrade 3: B$21,600
Upgrade 4: B$28,100
Upgrade 5: B$36,600
Upgrade 6: B$47,500
Upgrade 7: B$61,800
Upgrade 8: B$80,300
Upgrade 9: B$104,000

Final Stats:

Output: B$44,800 each day (24 hours).
Total Cost: B$1,094,200
Time to recover investment: 24.4 days

Strategy: Getting expensive here; I figure Bangkok will go live tomorrow (during the maintenance), and if not, within the next few days after. At that point, within the next 2-3 weeks, episodes 3 and 4 will be released. Episodes 3 and 4 are likely to offer more $B per energy point (just like with Moscow), so if you spend all your money now and have not recouped it by the time Episodes 3 and 4 are released, you will be out $B and progress.

If you have already finished episodes 1 and 2 and upgraded the first two businesses, I would recommend buying it. If not, I'd focus on using my money to finish the first two episodes (and upgrading the first two businesses).

Gambling Den:

Cost to take over: B$350,000

Game Cock Types:

Gao Gae bet (starter): B$20 each
Poker bet: B$25 each, B$96,000 to upgrade
Jubmoo bet: B30 each, B$134,400 to upgrade
Bridge bet: B$35 each, B$188,200 to upgrade
Pok Deng bet: B$40 each, B$263,400 to upgrade (final)

Cost to upgrade output and capacity:

Upgrade 1: B$48,000 (each)
Upgrade 2: B$62,400
Upgrade 3: B$81,100
Upgrade 4: B$105,500
Upgrade 5: B$137,100
Upgrade 6: B$178,200
Upgrade 7: B$231,700
Upgrade 8: B$301,200
Upgrade 9: B$391,400

Thanks to Chris for the data here!

Final Stats:

Output: B$89,600 each day (24 hours).
Total Cost: B$4,105,200
Time to recover investment: 45.8 days

This is by far the most expensive business and will have the lowest return on investment. I have not completely upgraded it so I do not have the numbers for it yet. The only circumstance under which you should buy this business is if you have already finished Episodes 1 and 2 and if you have already upgraded the earlier businesses.


In most situations, you want to upgrade these businesses (at least the first 3) as soon as you can. They pay themselves back in a relatively short time. While I know that capacity adds on a lot of costs to the business, I like to upgrade capacity fully because there are indeed times when things come up in real life and I can't play for a 24 hour period.

At any rate, I hope there are more businesses added with later episodes. Just think about this - if you have all four $B producing businesses fully upgraded, you will earn $B179,200 a day. The Yakuza Assassin (from the faction store) costs $B480,000 a piece; the current businesses fully upgraded only earn enough $B to purchase a one of these armors every 2 and a half days!
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January 23, 2010

Yakuza or Triad; Bangkok Strategy

Just like with Mafia Wars Moscow, in Bangkok you will have to choice between the Triads and the Yakuza. In Bangkok, you will actually have to choose between each side twice per episode. Here is the breakdown of the differences between the Triads and Yakuza for Episode 1 (Criminal) of Bangkok.

Before you get too into it, note that there is no significant advantage in the first two episodes of picking either Triads over Yakuza or vice versa. For your first time through, you should pick a faction for Episode 1, Chapter 2, and repeat that "help" job over and over again for faction points as posted in the faction post. Read there for more information on the logic behind that.

When you finalize your choices (that is master the tiers for the fourth time), the only thing you have to worry about is picking Yakuza for one episode and Triad for the other. That way, you can max out both your factions. If you pick Yakuza (or Triad) for both episodes and master the tiers all 4 times, you will no longer have a way to improve the opposite faction standing (at least until another episode comes out. The downside to this is that one faction may be better than the other in future episodes, leading you to have to choose between faction points or an advantageous faction.

Episode 1

Here is the job tier for Yakuza (click if you want to see item requirements - right now it is zoomed in on energy requirements and job titles):

Compared to the job tier for Triad:

Note: The first picture is the 4th and final mastery of Episode 1 whereas the second picture is the 3rd mastery of Episode 1. As you progress through levels of mastery in Bangkok, jobs increase in energy cost and item requirements. The important differences are between different jobs themselves, rather than the consumables or energy requirements of specific jobs.

Episode 1, Chapter 2

By siding with the Yakuza in Chapter 2, the "Torch A Building For Insurance" job is unlocked and drops the Silk Scarf (armor; 20 attack, 22 defense).

The Silk Scarf is Yakuza Only.

In the same position in Chapter 2, siding with the Triad's yields the "Raid One Of Suchart's Gambling Dens". This job can drops the Attack Cobra (weapon; 24 attack, 20 defense).

The Attack Cobra is Triad Only.

Episode 1, Chapter 3:

By siding with the Yakuza in Chapter 3 of Episode 1, you unlock the "Pay Off A Corrupt Police Officer" job which drops the Muai Thai Bodyguard (armor; 18 attack, 25 defense).

The Muai Thai Bodyguard is Yakuza Only.

By siding with the Triads, you unlock the "Bribe a Deck Guard" job which drops the Jade Inlaid Pistols (weapon; 23 attack, 15 defense).

The Jade Inlaid Pistols are Triad Only.

There are other minor differences between the two sides, but these are all of the differences in loot. Note that in this episode, it does not particularly matter which side you pick.

Episode 2 - Criminal

Episode 2 is no different from Episode 1 in the fact that no job drops particularly good loot. The only consideration I would make (repeating because it is that important) is that if you picked Triads in Chapter 2 of Episode 1, pick Yakuza in Chapter 2 of Episode 2, and vice versa. That way you will be able to max out both factions.

With that said, here are pictures of the jobs tiers (note: these mastery levels aren't the same. Energy cost and item requirements increase with level; there is no discernible difference in costs or item requirements that makes picking one side significantly more advantageous over the other faction in that respect).

Tier for Yakuza:

And for Triad:

Primary Differences:

Episode 2, Chapter 2:

Siding with the Yakuza results in the "Sneak a Yakuza Enforcer In" job which drops the Royal Thai Army Beret (armor; 28 attack, 21 defense).

The Royal Thai Army Beret is Yakuza Only.

Siding with the Triads results in the "Set Up A Bogus Chess Tournament" job which drops the Riding Elephant (vehicle; attack, defense).

The Riding Elephant is Triad Only.

Episode 2, Chapter 3

Siding with the Yakuza here results in the "Re-Route A Van Full Of Medical Supplies" job which drops the Dirt Bike.

The Dirt Bike is Yakuza Only.

Picking the Triads here results in the "Break A Triad Hitman Out" job which drops the Bosozoku Convertible.

The Bosozoku Convertible is Triad Only.


As I said earlier, it does not really matter what side you pick; none of the loot pieces are that great in the first two episodes. This may become a lot more important in the later episodes, but for now, there is no need to worry.

I recommend siding with both factions; choose one for Chapter 2 of Episode 1 and pick the other side for Chapter 2 of Episode 2. That way, you can work on faction as I outlined earlier.
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Gun Running Operation and Yaa Baa Parlor Faction Businesses

As I have mentioned earlier, as you do jobs for the Yakuza and Triads, you will earn faction points. In addition a variety of good loot pieces, you once you earn a trusted reputation (700 or higher faction points), you will be able to earn faction-specific businesses, the Gun Running Operation (Yakuza) and the Yaa Baa Parlor (Triads).

Unlike normal businesses, these business produce boosts rather than money. This system is a lot like the politico corrupto in Mafia Wars Cuba; you can not upgrade the quality of the boost, but rather the capacity (amount of boosts the business can hold) and the output (the amount of boosts produced every 3 hours).

With that said, here are the businesses, the requirements, and the outputs:

By earning 700 or more reputation points with the Yakuza, you can buy the Gun Running Operation for B$300,000:

The Gun Running Operation produces Black Market Ammo (+32 attack skill) boosts every 3 hours. It starts out producing 1 every 3 hours, but can be upgraded to 5 every 3 hours.

By earning 700 or more reputation with the Triads, you can buy the Yaa Baa Parlor for B$300,000:

The Yaa Baa Parlor produces Hyper Alert Sentry (+32 fight defense skill) boosts every 3 hours. It starts out producing 1 boost every 3 hours but can be upgraded to 5 boosts every 3 hours.

You can get both businesses, in fact, it is rather easy to max out both factions, just follow the information in my previous faction guide post.

Fully upgraded, you can collect an extra 80 boosts per day (10 every 3 hours). Not too bad at all!
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January 22, 2010

Yakuza and Triad Faction Guide

As you work through the episodes in Bangkok, in addition to having to choose sides between the Yakuza and the Triads, you can also earn faction points as you do jobs. This faction can be used to buy several good items and even some businesses:

When you do a job, you can get +3 faction for whatever side you help, and -1 faction for the opposing side:

You can total up to 1500 faction. Once you crest 1400/1500, you achieve "allied" status and can get all of the associated rewards:

Here's the thing - each time you do a job for one faction, you gain +3 and only lose -1 from the previous job. As a result, with some work, you can actually max out both factions.

The best way to go about this is to completely max out 1 faction first, like I did with Yakuza above. That way, when you do jobs for the Yakuza, you aren't actually losing any Triad faction (since it is already at 0). Once Yakuza is maxed out, you can then max out your Triad faction.

The end result of this is that you will have 1000 Yakuza Faction and 1500 Triad Faction. Now, max out your Yakuza faction again and you will end up with 1500 Yakuza and 1333 Triad Faction. Repeat this process a few times and both will be very close to 1500 points, and you will be able to buy whatever faction rewards your heart desires.

Faction Requirements

Hostile: 1-199/1500 faction
Suspicious: 200-399/1500 faction
Neutral: 400-699/1500 faction
Trusted: 700-999/1500 faction
Honored: 1000-1399/1500 faction
Allied: 1400-1500 faction

One catch, though. As you may have noticed (or heard), as you level up through the tiers, your costs for doing jobs goes up. Take a look:


Same episode, same faction, but the energy costs for jobs in Episode 1 on the 4th (Diamond) mastery are around double the cost of doing the job the first time through. So, what you should ideally do is at least max out one faction (taking it to 1500) by repeating a job like "Intercept an Ammo Shipment" repeatedly on the first level of mastery. Then, later, you can max out Triad faction in episode 2.

While energy costs increase, faction gained does not increase as you rise through the tiers.

Note that "Set Up A Phony Business" is an episode 2 job, but the first time through it still costs less energy than many of the episode 1 jobs at the second time of mastery or later. In other words, if you already missed the opportunity for cheap faction since you finished episode 1, you can always go to episode 2 and get your faction there.

In short, get your faction in early so that you can buy all the cool items and businesses for both sides!
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Bangkok Collections and Boosts

There are two new collections to go along with the two new episodes released in Mafia Wars Bangkok - the Chess Set Collection and the Masks Collection. Here are the pictures and stats:

Chest Set Collection - Episode 1 (Brawler) - Reward: +5 energy

Items in set: Chessboard, Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King

Boost for Re-Vaulting: Chess Master (-8 job energy costs).

Masks Collection - Episode 2 (Criminal) - Reward: +5 defense

Items in set: Agat Talai's Mask, Sukreep's Mask, Palee's Mask, Phra Ram's Mask, Indrachit's Mask, Hanuman's Mask, Tosakanth's Mask

Boost Reward for Re-Vaulting: War Paint (+32 attack skill)


And that is it so far for Bangkok's new collections. More (and hopefully better) collections will be added as more episodes are released.
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Mafia Wars Bangkok Passports

Still looking for your passport to try out Mafia Wars Bangkok? Well, read on!

Each person selected for beta can send up to 3 passports to their friends. As a result, there are plenty of passports out there for the taking. Try posting in this thread on the official forums (thanks Chip!). Reports are that many people are getting passports from that in a couple hours.

If all else fails, you can try to ask (or even trade) for one in the comments section of this post!
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Bangkok Job Mastery Reward Items

Just like with Cuba and Moscow, players will receive reward loot items for fully mastering each episode of Mafia Wars Bangkok.

However, there is one big change - players will have to master tiers in Bangkok four times rather than three times to completely master the chapter.

With that said, here are the rewards for mastering the first two episodes in Bangkok (thanks Ali for the pictures!):

For mastering Episode 1 (Brawler): Tiger Sak Yant (65 attack, 42 defense; armor)

For mastering Episode 2 (Criminal): Royal Thai Police Tank (58 attack, 74 defense; vehicle)


While the Royal Thai Police Tank is pretty beefy, it doesn't change the fact that these reward items are only a tiny fragment of the 70,000+ attack and defense scores that will be obtainable with full sets of Bangkok loot. I will say though that in Moscow, the first few episodes had really weak mastery items, so if that trend continues, the later episode rewards could have triple digit attack and/or defense (i.e. over 100).

Hopefully the reward for mastering Episode 6 is something unique and valuable though!
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Bangkok New Loot Items

Tons of new loot will be added to the game with the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok. Here is a sneak peek at what you will get:

From the Store



Nothing to special from the actual in game store. However, there is a faction specific store which has items that you can buy after you do enough jobs for a specific faction. Have a look:

In the Yakuza store, you can buy a Yakuza Assassin (armor) for $480,000 Baht. This item has 50 attack as an armor, making it the best offensive piece of armor to date. You need to be of allied (I believe 1450/1500 faction points) status with the Yakuza in order to buy this.

Alternatively, you can buy a Shaolin Bodyguard in the Triad store for $470,000 Baht. This item has 51 defense as an armor, making it the best defensive piece of armor to date. You need to be of allied status with the Triads in order to buy this.

I will cover faction in more detail in a post later tonight. At first glance, it appears Yakuza is more offensive and Triads are more defensive. So if you want to win fights on offense, side with the Yakuza. If you want to win fights on defense, side with the Triads. Again, I will post with more detail & strategy later tonight.


I will also post up job loots later tonight. There is nothing too high-end yet though in game. The best pieces are all in faction specific stores at the moment, which I will cover in detail later tonight. For now, get out there and play, or beg someone for a pass!
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Mafia Wars Bangkok Beta Now Live!

Some lucky players are now able to go to Mafia Wars Bangkok as part of the beta test!

Free boat ride for 3! Now who should I take..?

Here is a look at the home screen:

Right now, Mafia Wars Bangkok beta has two episodes released (just like with Moscow) and it looks like there is plans for 6 total episodes. The first two episodes are Brawler and Criminal. I'm glad they stayed away from the fancy words like "Pakhan" this time - it was hard to remember them all to type up!

There are a few key differences - the major ones being the introduction of a faction bar and more separation in jobs. In Mafia Wars Bangkok, you get faction points for helping out one side over the other. If you accumulate enough faction points, you will be able to buy unique rewards only available to that faction. I will put more detail into that in a later post.

There are also quite a few new businesses. Check them out:

The unique change to businesses this time is that the Gun Running Operation requires Yakuza faction to unlock and produces Black Market Ammo (which I believe to be a +attack boost). The Yaa Baa Parlor requires Triad faction to unlock and produces Hyper Alert Sentry (which I believe is a +robbing defense boost, and robbing is being added back into the game some time soon).

More info to come!
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January 20, 2010

Mafia Wars Bangkok Crates, Beta, Royal Elephants, and Other Game Updates

Along with the addition of treasure chests came the addition of a new set of crates, Bangkok Crates:

As you can see, the cost for Bangkok Crates is 12/35 godfather points (for 1 or 3) and 25/69 (for 1 or 3) stuffed crates.

Here is the full loot list for the Bangkok Crates:


Titanium Keris Knife (common) - 26 attack, 15 defense

Daisho (uncommon) - 31 attack, 20 defense

Yin Yang (uncommon) - 34 attack, 17 defense

Spitting Cobra (rare) 46 attack, 28 defense


Hung Chu Enforcer (common) - 16 attack, 24 defense

Sumotori Figher (common) - 17 attack, 25 defense


Lloyds Archangel (uncommon) - 32 attack, 24 defense

Fugama Kondoru (rare) - 25 attack, 47 defense

The Fugama Kondoru

Why is dual wielding pistols so bad ass?

As a reminder, stuffed crates contain the same items as the Bangkok Crate but also give consumables and boosts.


Speaking of consumables, some consumables for New York got new graphics:

For some reason, Concealable Cameras did not get a new graphic. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I'm under the impression we might need these three items in Mafia Wars Bangkok since the Concealable Camera icon went unchanged. Since new players collect hundreds of those cameras to finish New York, it would stand to reason that this graphic would be improved as well if they were making this change to encourage new players through the New York grind.

Hopefully some players will get in Bangkok beta test and let the developers know that bringing back these items would be a bad decision. Beta happens to go live (finally) later this week:

If I don't get in, and you do, make sure you give me all the good infos. Seriously.

Finally, to celebrate the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok, a new limited edition loot piece, the Royal White Elephant was added to the game:

High defense, but fairly pricey.

See you in Bangkok!
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