January 22, 2010

Bangkok Job Mastery Reward Items

Just like with Cuba and Moscow, players will receive reward loot items for fully mastering each episode of Mafia Wars Bangkok.

However, there is one big change - players will have to master tiers in Bangkok four times rather than three times to completely master the chapter.

With that said, here are the rewards for mastering the first two episodes in Bangkok (thanks Ali for the pictures!):

For mastering Episode 1 (Brawler): Tiger Sak Yant (65 attack, 42 defense; armor)

For mastering Episode 2 (Criminal): Royal Thai Police Tank (58 attack, 74 defense; vehicle)


While the Royal Thai Police Tank is pretty beefy, it doesn't change the fact that these reward items are only a tiny fragment of the 70,000+ attack and defense scores that will be obtainable with full sets of Bangkok loot. I will say though that in Moscow, the first few episodes had really weak mastery items, so if that trend continues, the later episode rewards could have triple digit attack and/or defense (i.e. over 100).

Hopefully the reward for mastering Episode 6 is something unique and valuable though!
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  1. Wow. Great items for this early in the episodes. Can't wait to see what's next, and thanks for the early updates :)

  2. Doing all I can to help. Here are pictures of bangkok, whatever may interest you, just take it :)

  3. FREE BANGKOK MONEY!!! Click this link, it helps with a job and gives you $1,000 Baght!


    You can do it 25 times per day

  4. How did you master moscow so quickly when you have to wait 24 hours to do another job?

  5. @Anon
    You can still complete the job, but it requires a lot of energy.

  6. Anon, that link gives you free NYC money, so it's worthless.

  7. Have you notice we cant gift loot!! Is this a bug or do you think they will continue this??

  8. No, its so that we cant gift it to non-beta users. I think as soon as we have the live version of Bangkok we will be able to gift loot.

  9. i got access to bangkok at last my frend had a passport i got invited pretty cool guys also there are 2 collection chess set collection and masks collection what are there bonuses

  10. For the collections:
    Chess Vault : 5 energy
    Chess Revault (Chess Master) : -8 job cost
    Mask Vault : 5 defense
    Mask Revault (Face Paint) : +32 attack

  11. More info-
    I believe trust in a faction works this way:
    0-199 = Hostile
    200-399 = Suspicious
    400-699 = Neutral
    700-999 = Trusted
    1000-1399 = Honored
    1400-1500 = Allied
    This is according to the length they take up on the bar. I know for sure that 200 brings you to "suspicious"

  12. Just wanted to confirm this... I know that the exp, cash, and energy costs go up per mastery level, but do the exp:NRG ratios increase as well?

    Unfortunately I didn't think of that sooner, and putzed about 80% of my energy pack level before I realized I got bangkok, so I couldn't get much past chapter 1 first mastery. Level 980 btw

  13. Just a tip..
    From what I can see, there are no items from the mafia store that you use in "Brawler" that you need in "Criminal". Therefore, finish Brawler first, then sell all your stuff for the Baht!

  14. Also, there seems to be 1 weapon, 1 armor, and 1 vehicle / chapter. This wasn't the case in Moscow, so I think you can just sell all your stuff from finished episodes and move on :)

  15. anybody can post a pic of the jobs and energy money ratio? If you have a spare passport would be really appreciated...

  16. I received an e-mail that said I was part of the beta, but the passport is still not available to me. Strange indeed. Anyone else having this problem?

  17. has anyone noticed that the percentage of bagman in the top mafia has been reduced to 11%. It used to be 15% and now 11%.

  18. Same problem as Call of the Game here, any ideas on this?

  19. I noticed that with the bagman as well, but why did they do it? `it is a recent change..

  20. Hi there Randy here,

    I am in episode 1, Lvl 4, Chp 1 and OMG
    Take on local Motercycle Thugs: 6426 energy to master. "Save your help button for this one" 3% per time

    Show a Cocky Biker: 2142 energy to master. 3% per time.

    Move a Stolen Art Through Suvarnabhumi Airport: 1775 energy to do this job. 4% per job.
    Total of 10,343 Ebergy to do Chp 1 "if you dont ask for help"
    I hate to see what 4,5,6, will be now

    Now I have to ask this... WHAT IS UP WITH BRIBE A DOCK GUARD:??? You have to pay to do the job + you get crap exp for it. and I have seen no reason for it, not to add the loot drop it self is bad.

    Last thing now is.. I have done the help button on 2 of my accounts and not once have they been rewarded when 10 people helped em nor got any money.
    Anyone have same problem?
    Young players still not done with Cuba or Moscow or NY. Take heed and stay out of Bangkok untill you have plenty of exp points.



  21. Randy agan here. I forgot to add..

  22. I have to admit, I am very disappointed. I've been done with Moscow for a few weeks and have eagerly awaited Bangkok opening. I feel cheated.

  23. Each day I am loosing functionality.
    Didnt get passport for any of my three accounts.

    Lost the ability to use mini energy boost.
    Unable to request for gifts in safe house.
    Unable to recruit more friends in mafia. The list does not appear.

    The beta is for Bangkok or for whole mafia wars? I didnt get passport, so my acoount should not be affected!

    Someone else having similar problem?

  24. If you don't get your list of gift it may be Mozilla I have to go to Google Chrome to be able to send gift/invites/and to request gifts..try to see if that works for you too. TYou can stil get the mini energy boost by using the tool bar

  25. I have been trying to use the toolbar for a couple of days now and still can't get mini boost.

  26. I'm in level 4 now of episode 1 and wanted to buy the items for Blow Up Suchart's Warehouse (105000 baht together) but had not enough money, tried it anyway and got this.

    You do not have enough cash to buy the necessary equipment. Visit the The Godfather for more cash.
    You earned a Tiger Sak Yant.

    Got the mastery item before I finished last job, this is the reason why it is called BETA. ;-)

  27. even if i use toolbar i can not get mini energy pack. from the very begining after instal it

  28. @FFfreak:

    I got the mastery item before finishing too. I don't even know how I got it.

  29. After completing both episodes I looked at episode 1 and it said I needed to complete the finale...gggrr I did and I received a second Tiger Sak Yant....not bad

  30. If you are looking for the mini boost in Mafia- it does work, and I get a mini boost every 8 hrs. You need to be on your home page with the toolbar active and set to Mafia Wars - it will show the countdown to booth energy boosts- mini is on far right. When it says it is ready - hit the play Mafia Wars in the toolbar and it will give you the boost.

  31. I haven't mastered lvl 4 for ep 2 yet but, oddly enough, I just "earned" my Thai Tank today! :o

  32. I ended up with 3 Tiger Sak Yant! That's the kind of bug I like!

  33. Bankog is probably going to be the longest to finish after New York, can tell by the first episode and this new lvl 4 mastery

  34. im low on bankok cash and i was wondering: after you master a job teir like (bangckok criminal) can you sell all the stuff you bought to do the jobs?

  35. Im not having any of the problems or bugs some of you guys are experiencing..i wish there were bugs in my playing so i can get those free job mastery loot also....one last thing, what is a BETA user?