January 24, 2010

Earning Baht in Mafia Wars Bangkok

If you haven't yet played Mafia Wars Bangkok, the currency situation is pretty tight. Players working through the first two episodes will find themselves starved for cash in a situation similar to pre-nerf Moscow.

Episode 1 requires $B552,000 in items alone (plus a job even costs $B to do!). This does not seem like a lot of money when you compare to figures from other cities or countries, but in Bangkok, the jobs in the first episode only pay out around $15B per energy point spent, and that's with a 11% Bagman / Wheelman / Mastermind and a Private Island. This translates to roughly 36,800 energy that will need to be spent to collect enough $B to finish Episode 1.

In Episode 2, the cash:energy ratio improves to about $B21.5 per energy point spent, but the cost rises to a whopping $B1,462,500, meaning about 68,000 energy will need to be spent in order to collect enough $B to finish Episode 2.

That's a lot of $B! This makes Episodes 1 and 2 nearly as rough as Episode 6 of Moscow pre-nerf, and that is rough!

To help you through this, here are a variety of ways to get money in Bangkok. Note that the strategies may change with the release of later episodes.

Doing Jobs

The main method for making money (at least for now) will be from doing jobs repetitively, especially if you have a lot of energy. There are two things of importance to note with this in mind.

1. Doing jobs can also earn you faction points.

2. Jobs in Episode 2 pay out more $B per energy point than Episode 1 jobs.

As a result, you want to 1) get to episode 2 right away to collect $B and 2) do jobs that pay out faction so that you can knock out two birds with one stone.

This makes the "Set Up a Phony Business" perfect for collecting $B. As I mentioned earlier in my faction post, you can repeat this job many times until you max out one faction completely at 1500 points. In the process you will earn quite a bit of $B.

Envelope of Baht

There is a free gift, which I am sure many of you have seen floating around by now. You give them and receive them just like any free gift. When you get one, you can see it on the Bangkok Home Page:

Simply click the open button to get your $B.

I've seen these pay out anywhere from $B200 to the high 700s; I figure the median is somewhere around $B. The downside is that this is not very much; you would need over 3500 envelopes to collect the $B1,400,000 needed to master Episode 2. The upside is you can get as many as your friends will send.

In other words, these are a nice supplement to your income, especially while you are starting out, but certainly should not be thought of as a major source.


I covered Bangkok businesses in a previous post. Get to episode 2 first. As you upgrade businesses, do the cheapest business first, then the second cheapest, so on and so forth.

Boss Bonus

Some people have been able to get $B2,000,000+ bonuses for friends helping them out on boss fights. According to a FFfreak on the comments section of a previous post, here is how it works:

"If you finish off the boss of a tier in Bangkok a third time, post that you defeated him. And if someone helps you with that bonus you get +200000 Baht. ( the one who helps gets 1000 Baht). Eventually your mafia can help a max of 10 times. And you get 2000000 Baht and 1 experience. Tested this with my main and 2 energy accounts."

If this works for you, then you will have all the money you need (at least until they release Episodes 3 and 4!).

Selling Equipment

In Bangkok, the items required for each episode are very simple. On the new loot page, note that there are 6 weapons, vehicles, and armor pieces available to purchase. Also note that Episode 1 just requires 1 of each item type, and Episode 2 requires one of each item type (different from Episode 1). I think it is safe to say that each episode will continue with this trend, using just 3 loot pieces total and not using any items from the previous episode.

As a result, as soon as you are done with an episode, you should be able to sell your old equipment once you are done with it. I sold all my equipment from episode 1 and all my equipment episode 2 (except for 15 pistols for the first job) and then invested all the money into businesses.


Note that strategies may change as newer episodes are added. For example, fighting is not live yet in Mafia Wars Bangkok; if players are able to win $B65,000 per fight like they can in other cities, fighting will be a huge earner for low-energy accounts.

I will make an FAQ soon and post it up the summation of all my Mafia Wars Bangkok info and strategies in response to the large number of questions surrounding Mafia Wars Bangkok.
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  1. I mastered ep 1 and i sold all mah money
    and my faction stats are these:
    Triads:1490 and now im on level 2 of episode 2

    Its quite confusing on how will i master both factions and episode 2 lol (like master ep 2 first and then finish both factions... yeah i know that it will require more energy but i think that it would be beter cuzz i'll earn money for the faction store and ep 3 & 4)

    Oh and maybe this might help... don't buy anything from the faction store until you master both episodes completely :)

  2. sold all my money?? lol wtf is wrong with me!
    sorry my bad... i sold all the items needed for episode 1 ;)

  3. If you really mess up, you can always master Yakuza in episode 2 chapter 2 and Triad in Episode 2 chapter 3.

    Also, when Moscow goes live there is supposed to be an easier way to keep both factions maxed.

  4. lmao !! love the typo.. !! ;)

  5. I have both factions above 1400 but when I want to buy stuff from the faction store I get this error message:"This item is not available to your faction."

    Anybody else has the same problem?

  6. I got $B7,000,000 with the BOSS glitch and have heard of $B20,000,000. A nice "problem" which allowed me to finish all businesses early and not have to worry about money.

  7. When did you recieve that Baht glitch? Is it still working? If I master Episode 1 for the 3rd time and post for the boss, should I expect that $2 billion baht? Or is it fixed now? :(

  8. I hope no one is banking Baht, even if you have the laundry set bonus. Without fights active in Bangkok yet, there's no reason to deposit. Don't lose your precious Baht like I did the first few days!

  9. Excelente Articulo! !
    Sigan asi con el Blog! !

  10. I just finished off the Episode 2, Level 4 Boss job, but the "discredit" box remains locked. No box, no opportunity to post...and no bonus potential. Am I missing something here? Thanks!

  11. same as craig. when i complete the first finale job and hit the "Finish Him" button next to the boss, i dont get to post anything, in turn not recieving any 20000000 bonus. can someone help me? am i doing sumthing wrong? and also love the Moscow/Bangkok typo lol...

  12. Okay so 1st do epi 1 and max out 1 fraction while trying to max out fish business. Then do epi 2 and max out the other fraction. Then finish epi 1 & 2 and try to get that bonus from the boss fights. Then use the fraction points to buy fraction loots? Those loots are better than Moscow loots, right? The best equipment section not updated yet..but it looks like all the fraction loots are better.

  13. how many level of mastery is there..
    im on level 4 now T_T

  14. Man... I shoulda posted that stuff up. 1.4 mil baht lost cause of this. ;________;

  15. doing that job where you can call for help gives a lot of baht. it wastes energy but whatevers

  16. I got to the 3rd level in Bangkok in episode 1 and did the boss fight, posted on wall, but never got the bonus. Friends tried to collect bonus but got the error "you already collected this bonus". Anyone else had this problem?

  17. Can someone tell me how much attack & defense strength a player above level 600 with 501 mafia should have in order to win fights? I've got better weapons, armor & vehicles than most players but seem to lose fights due to my attack strength!


  19. @anon-3:24

    General rule of thumb for a fighting account (as opposed to an energy account) is that attack and defense should each be at least 2x your level (and 501 mafia is assumed).

    So at level 600 you should have about 1200 points in each. Some people like to skew it a little towards defense (like say 10% to 20% more in defense) with the logic that you can choose who to attack (and who to not attack a second time if you lose), but you can't choose who attacks you (and you can't prevent them from attacking you again after you lose), so your defense needs to be stronger.

    Personally, I don't adhere to that. I like winning a higher percentage of the attacks I start and don't care if I lose more when I'm not playing, so I do the reverse of the popular wisdom and put 20% more into attack than defense.

    I am level 500 right now, and have put about 1200 into attack and 1000 into defense (and I have medium high-end equipment). Both these stats are more than necessary so I win 99% of attacks I start and a vast majority of defensive fights as well.

  20. is there a fix for the locked boss fight? I've completed all 4 tiers for ep 1 and it still shows locked

  21. In bangkok pirate episode I am stuck because it says I cannot complete jobs for opposing faction. I cannot do anymore jobs that need to be completed because of this error message. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong? I unlocked the triad job but have more yakuza points. Is this a problem? It wont even let me do the unlocked triad job anymore.

  22. I woke up one morning, and I suddenly had more than $B3 BILLION! I switched to New York because it might have been a glitch, but I realized that my money in NY just didn't match, and when I came back to Bangkok, there it was, still sitting there! All Three Billion Baht. So friggin cool. ;)

  23. @anon FEBRUARY 13, 2010 9:27 AM

    yeah happened on me too..n Ive upgrade all business. Now Im trading Pirate with Moscow loot.hehee
    Zynga said it was a bugs,and they hav fix it.

  24. Yeh me too, but the "Boss Bonus" is now no longer true

  25. all of my boss jobs are locked in bangkok..episodes 1 2 3..how do u unlock them?i see ppl reposting them over and over..yet i can't post once..plz help...thanx

  26. ugh when i fully master a job tier it said i was rewarded 27 million baht but i never anything. More bugs..........

  27. I am not receiving any Baht from fighting or doing jobs so i cant progress as i cant buy the weapons needed!!!

  28. @ february 21 2010 9:48 AM
    You are just noob

  29. Did Zynga limit many loot/collection/boost to certain account especially the account whom often sent by my account? i have account can't send gift too to my double account. Is this permanently or what?

  30. im glad i havent finished moscow yet,
    bout to finish, but i already have all bangkok businesses upgraded, nice baht bankroll of $5,000,000 baht, and 1499 mastery yakuza and 1500 mastery triad w/o doing a single job.
    enough bangkok fights will get you far

  31. Hi i think some error might have crept in bangkok because if we complete the job a day the job again is refershed and completion bar is decreased

  32. i want to sell mafia wars facebook level currently at 1550++ .

    Attack: 200++
    Defense: 200++
    Health: 200++
    Energy: 8500++
    Stamina: 75

    Ubijca Assault 43 Attack 18 Defense 265
    Tanto 43 Attack 28 Defense 76
    Yakuza Assassin 50 Attack 26 Defense 275
    Fugama Hasu 46 Attack 23 Defense 499

    Cheng-Wei X94 MG 25 Attack 45 Defense 499
    Shaolin Bodyguard 27 Attack 51 Defense 499
    Lloyds Spectre 18 Attack 45 Defense 499

    Total Mafia Attack 65,206
    Total Mafia Defense 69,698
    Total mafia family 600++

    contact me if interested at hesty74@yahoo.com

  33. when episode finish,sell all its items,

  34. i want to sell my mafia wars account lvl 445 if some on waants to send ofer msn: igoriance

  35. Now that I am done with Bangkok and Cuba... What should I be doing with all the cash I have there and keep earning?

  36. New way to make B$. Before buying the Football Stadium in Italy, if you click on someone else Need Fans request while you're in Bangkok, you will give them a fan and receive B$5,000 to B$25,000 depending on your level. Now, copy those Need Football URL's from different users to document, and re-use them every day to generate B$.

  37. The baht trick for football fans doesn't work for me. I can give fans to my mafia while in Bangkok through their request posts, but I don't get any cash for it - baht, lira, nothing :(

  38. Use the Cuba, Moscow and Las Vegas cash for healthrepairs after fights! New York Cash will be good for some Achievements. And of course buy items in Bangkok from the Faction Store! And Buy Items in the harbor for Lira (Italy)!

  39. In italy upgrade first the harbor!

  40. i used 5A Oyaboon on lvl 4 (Gather More Evidence Of A Betrayal Level 4 Mastered
    B$6,937 Experience: +282 144 Energy ). has a great energy XP ratio so you can keep on just repeating it and lvl while not running out of energy. i get about 250,000 baht per lvl (now 800 plus) and just repeated that job to have enough money. its all good and well doing other jobs with a higher pay per energy BUT you struggle to make the lvls. just do not complete the jobs aftwer it or else it dissapears so do all jobs even the assassin and whenever you need money just go back to the unfinished job above to get more. lots of clicking but does work fine.