January 28, 2010

Gifting and Wishlist Changes

Apparently the developers have been toying around with a new gifting system, and it's honestly incredibly annoying.

The general gist of it is that when you send a gift to someone, it comes into their "requests" box rather than being directly sent to them in game.

Many players do not have this feature as it is still in testing (probably released to just 10% of the gaming population). If the changes became permanent:

1) When you receive a gift, you have to click "accept".

2) You are limited to sending 24 gifts a day since you are sending out requests rather than in-game gifts.

3) You get notified in your feed when you send or receive a gift. If you have a large mafia, this information floods your screen and you can't see who is attacking you (this is getting removed tomorrow; see below).

I'll be blunt, if this was permanent, this would be a terrible change and would be incredibly annoying. Good luck trying to trade for Lotto Collection pieces when you can only gift 24 items at a time, and who would even want to trade if they had to accept 100s of requests to get items.

But, it's not too late for this to change.

Here is what one of the developers had to say about this (taken from the forums):

"Hey guys,

This change is to improve the wishlist feature so that users can see when people help them on their wishlist.
This change is not final so please give me feedback on it.

You can now know easily when users gift an item on your wishlist

Not sure why you guys feel it will take much longer, seems like it is 3 clicks vs 1. For the next update we will try to give you back the gift all button so you can help your friends faster.

Please keep the feedback coming. Looking forward to it."

After a lot of complaints, this follow up post was made:

"This was a test to see if users would like to see who helped them on their wishlist specifically.
We have pulled back the test for most users.

For some of you still in the test, please be patient. We will monitor feedback and decide accordingly."

After more complaints, this follow up post was made:

"Soon we will be rolling out a change to let users accept all gifts in game (so you don't have to click on every Facebook request)"


"I understand your frustration. Multi Gifting to one person is another feature we are rolling out soon.

There are certain technical limitations that we are working through but we will get you a new and improved gifting system within the next month."

And finally:

"Hey guys,

Seeing how this has caused inconvenience to a lot of you we are going to kill the player update tomorrow.
Please be patient until then and we apologize for the inconvenience. "

If you want to read more or join in the discussion, the original thread can be found here. Get your opinion heard before it's too late!


Here is what this all means:

1) A new gifting feature was rolled out, but pulled back for many due to initial complaints. As a result, many people will not see this just yet (unfortunate for players testing this; does not bother me)!

2) Gifting will eventually be changes that gifts will be received as Facebook requests. This change will limit you to sending 24 gifts (Facebook limitation) since it is a Facebook request (bad change).

3) Players receiving gifts will have to accept these requests to get their item.

3) However, a new gifting feature will be out in about a month's time that will allow players to send many gifts at one time. In other words, you will be able to send 50 blackmail photos with the click of a button. This will be a great change.

4) You will soon be able to accept all gift requests with the click of a single button. This is great too because I know I turn down a lot of free gifts simply due to my very large mafia size.

5) Player updates for sending and receiving gifts will be gone sometime tomorrow (thankfully).


All in all, things over the next month will be a little turbulent in regards to gifting. There are some definite downsides, like the 24 gift request limit per day. This would make something like sending your new friend a bunch of collections take several days. On the other hand, sending 100 untraceable cell phones with a single click (dubbed "multi-gifting") would be an awesome change.

We'll have to wait and see whether or not this "multi-gifting" feature works as planned or not.
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  1. I've had two occasions recently, where I have received a large number of gifts from another player and supposedly accepted them, but they do not show up in my inventory and seem to vanish. Major annoyance.

  2. When you accept a gift, you can only accept 1 at a time, then you have to let the mafia wars page load. If you click accept a bunch of times really fast, you will not receive any gifts.

  3. I'm a bit confused: if they limit to 24 gifts a day, how would you be able to send 50 cell phones at once? Does this mean then that you can gift 24 people rather than send 24 gifts? Please explain! :)

  4. You can send 24 Gift Request (like you can send 24 free gifts).

    In the future, a "gift request" could be a self-determined # of gifts. For example, you could send someone a gift request for "50 cell phones" with a feature to be implemented within a month's time.

    This does not mean 24 people - if you send 24 requests to the same person, you will still use up the limit.

    The result of this is it will be easier to send huge #s of consumables like cell phones, black mail photos, etc, but it will be harder to send things like collections.


  6. Bangkok is open. You have 3 options for the passport. 1. Free (I didn't get it, 20 hour timer) 2. buy for 30 GF points 3. Ask a friend.

  7. My guess is that the "multi-gift" means you can send singles of multiple items at once as opposed to multiples of a single item. But I could be wrong. Pros and cons of both. One would allow your example - 100 cell phones at once, the other would allow for someone to send an entire collection.

  8. i ve been randomly getting some loot..which i presume is from fighting. Such loots include Type-103 machine gun,Royal thai army jeep and kage jet. Anyone else been getting these random loot? episode 3 and 4 isn't out yet and iam betting these loots must be from there. Or care to explain how i randomly came across these loot.

  9. you came across it from fighting, I got a Fugama Hasu 46 attk, 23 def from fighting someone, it was probably an test admin account! :D

  10. Offtopic: passports are dropping from bangkok jobs

  11. just got a cleaver 25 attk 44 def and a MalayMobil Helang vehicle 19 attk 34 def from fighting

  12. wow, i am still in that crappy testing population as it seems!
    my news screen is flowing over with peoples requests for their wishlists, and it is hard to find any job helping opportunities or wars. i hope they will disable that again! and having notifications for in game gifts was a terrible idea! pain in the ass!

  13. apparently there is a new option to get passports in bangkok, theres a button which offers you 'see the clerks' (aka random chance of just getting one, has a 15h timer), 'bribe an official' (30gf points) and 'ask friends' aka post a reqquest on your wall.

    heres a screeshot.

  14. Bangkok is live now I would take it as you can now send gifts, also Bangkok loot is dropping in fights as well

  15. passports are dropping from jobs as well

  16. giftable weapon dropped in a fight - Tanto [43,28]

  17. new weopon - Cleaver (25,44)

  18. I've had gifts show up in game with nothing much different to accept them. Just the usual "you have a gift waiting" message. I look at it, but it doesn't really show up in my inventory. However, I have requests corresponding to each of the gifts. painful, but if they can get it so the requests are easier to accept, it'll help. (and the comment from them about it's 3 clicks vs. 1 is hilarious!)

  19. I have been getting items on my wish list but I can't tell who they are from! For example, today, I received three medals from Moscow. But when I click on the "you have gifts" button, all I see is cell phones, envelopes of thai bhat. I can't see who gave me the medals!!! And I didn't loot them because I haven't been doing any Moscow jobs. So, how do I know who to thank if I can't tell who is sending me my wish list items?!

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  21. When do we no longer need cell phones, black mail photos, computer set ups and those items we BLED FOR in New York? I am completely done with New York and Cuba and am wondering if I can gift them now. Any idea???

  22. When I click on gifting tab the page under the menu does not load, but my browser says page loaded completely, gift is not working right now or WTF?

  23. Gift page does not work for me either. It's been over a week, and is a pain. Ready to quit the game.