January 14, 2010

Mafia Wars Bangkok Beta; Strategy

At the time of this posting, Mafia Wars Bangkok beta is more than likely not live. Rumors circulated rapidly this morning due to the appearance of an advertisement suggesting that you should play Mafia Wars as you could be one of the "chosen ones" to have beta access.

However, right now, I do not think beta is live. If it is, it is only live for a few hundred people. First off, no one has any stats for any new pieces of loot, nor has any sample job information been leaked yet. Even in closed betas, this information generally slips out, especially in a game like Mafia Wars where a lot of the information is just text and numbers. If more than a few hundred people currently have beta access, somehow, information would be either shared on this page or on the official forums simply by word of mouth.

Secondly, remember that old admin account which has new Bangkok loot items on it? Well, the pictures are still bugged and do not render for players. I'm no computer programmer, but I would think if Mafia Wars was running an updated software that supported Bangkok, then we would be able to see the actual art of these items.

At this point, I'm left wondering how much of a beta there can really be. There are only two options at this point - either a 2 week or less beta, or they miss the release goal of getting Bangkok out by this month. I also am wondering another thing - if you even do get into beta, will there really be that much content available? Suppose it is just two episodes at a time like it was with Moscow. I don't think there will be too much to do in beta if that is the case.

At any rate, when beta (or the actual live expansion) for Bangkok comes out, there will be updates.. oh there will be updates!
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  1. there was the new york moscow loot glitch again for abt 20 to 25 min today ..it happened in the soldier tier clip the irish mob's enforcer.. for just 8 energy u could get all kinds of moscow loot ..high end in fact !! now it seems resolved..

  2. There's currently no HEL to get in Moscow, if I move my cursor over the loot button for a job, it's empty...
    That's probably why I didn't get any blades when I did the job...

  3. amazin how zynga fixes up glitches tat benefit us in mins n those tat screws us takes days to get fixed..

  4. http://apps.facebook.com/mafiawars_beta/ says "Mafia Wars Beta is currently down for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience."

  5. Thats just two tears of Pakhan Level, you can still get the rest.