January 24, 2010

Mafia Wars Bangkok Businesses

There are 6 new businesses associated with Bangkok (at least so far). Out of these, four of them are accessible right away, and the other 2 are unlocked by gathering Triad and Yakuza faction. I covered the Yakuza and Triad businesses in a previous post. See that post for information on those two businesses.

Back on track, the other four businesses are purchasable right away (if you have the cash), and, much like Moscow, these businesses all produce Baht (Bangkok currency) every 3 hours. With that said, here is the business list, the cost for upgraded, and the amount of time it will take to get your money back:

Fighting Fish Arena:

Cost to take over:

Fish Types:

Betta (starter): B$4 each
Trey Krem: B$5 each, costs B$3,200 to upgrade
Plakat Cheen: B$6 each, costs B$4,500 to upgrade
Plakat Khmer: B$7 each, costs B$6,300 to upgrade
Plakat Morh: B$8 each, costs B$8,800 to upgrade (final)

Cost to upgrade capacity and output:

Note: Capacity starts at 800 and increases 160 per upgrade until 2240 is reached; output starts at 100/3 hours and increases 20 per upgrade until 280 is reached. There are 9 total upgrades for capacity and output and the cost for capacity and output are always the same. This holds true for all businesses.

Upgrade 1: B$1,600 (each)
Upgrade 2: B$2,100
Upgrade 3: B$2,700
Upgrade 4: B$3,500
Upgrade 5: B$4,600
Upgrade 6: B$5,900
Upgrade 7: B$7,700
Upgrade 8: B$10,000
Upgrade 9: B$13,100

Final Stats:

Output: B$17,920 each day (24 hours).
Total Cost: B$137,700
Time to recover investment: 7.68 days (this indicates the amount of time it will take for your initial investment to be repaid so you can start making a profit)

Strategy: Buy this right away, this is a good investment and will have paid itself back very shortly.

Cockfighting Pen:

Cost to take over: B$50,000

Game Cock Types:

Spangled Cock (starter): B$6 each
Gray Pullet: B$7 each, B$9,600 to upgrade
Red Cockerel: B$9 each, B$13,400 to upgrade
Blue Thai Stag: B$10 each, B$18,800 to upgrade
Golden Bullstag: B$12 each, B$26,300 to upgrade (final)

Cost to upgrade output and capacity:

Upgrade 1: B$4,800 (each)
Upgrade 2: B$6,200
Upgrade 3: B$8,100
Upgrade 4: B$10,500
Upgrade 5: B$13,700
Upgrade 6: B$17,800
Upgrade 7: B$23,200
Upgrade 8: B$30,211
Upgrade 9: B$39,200

Final Stats:

Output: B$26,880 each day (24 hours).
Total Cost: B$409,100
Time to recover investment: 15.22 days

Strategy: Still pretty good.. just over 2 weeks to pay the initial investment back. Buy this after upgrading the Fish Fighting Arena.

Tourist Guide Scam:

Cost to take over: B$150,000

Scam Types:

College Student (starter): B$10/each
Honeymooner: B$12/each, B$25,600 to upgrade
Family: B$15/each, B$35,800 to upgrade
Businessman: B$17/each, B$50,200 to upgrade
Celebrity: B$20/each, B$70,200 to upgrade (final)

Cost to upgrade output and capacity:

Upgrade 1: B$12,800 (each)
Upgrade 2: B$16,600
Upgrade 3: B$21,600
Upgrade 4: B$28,100
Upgrade 5: B$36,600
Upgrade 6: B$47,500
Upgrade 7: B$61,800
Upgrade 8: B$80,300
Upgrade 9: B$104,000

Final Stats:

Output: B$44,800 each day (24 hours).
Total Cost: B$1,094,200
Time to recover investment: 24.4 days

Strategy: Getting expensive here; I figure Bangkok will go live tomorrow (during the maintenance), and if not, within the next few days after. At that point, within the next 2-3 weeks, episodes 3 and 4 will be released. Episodes 3 and 4 are likely to offer more $B per energy point (just like with Moscow), so if you spend all your money now and have not recouped it by the time Episodes 3 and 4 are released, you will be out $B and progress.

If you have already finished episodes 1 and 2 and upgraded the first two businesses, I would recommend buying it. If not, I'd focus on using my money to finish the first two episodes (and upgrading the first two businesses).

Gambling Den:

Cost to take over: B$350,000

Game Cock Types:

Gao Gae bet (starter): B$20 each
Poker bet: B$25 each, B$96,000 to upgrade
Jubmoo bet: B30 each, B$134,400 to upgrade
Bridge bet: B$35 each, B$188,200 to upgrade
Pok Deng bet: B$40 each, B$263,400 to upgrade (final)

Cost to upgrade output and capacity:

Upgrade 1: B$48,000 (each)
Upgrade 2: B$62,400
Upgrade 3: B$81,100
Upgrade 4: B$105,500
Upgrade 5: B$137,100
Upgrade 6: B$178,200
Upgrade 7: B$231,700
Upgrade 8: B$301,200
Upgrade 9: B$391,400

Thanks to Chris for the data here!

Final Stats:

Output: B$89,600 each day (24 hours).
Total Cost: B$4,105,200
Time to recover investment: 45.8 days

This is by far the most expensive business and will have the lowest return on investment. I have not completely upgraded it so I do not have the numbers for it yet. The only circumstance under which you should buy this business is if you have already finished Episodes 1 and 2 and if you have already upgraded the earlier businesses.


In most situations, you want to upgrade these businesses (at least the first 3) as soon as you can. They pay themselves back in a relatively short time. While I know that capacity adds on a lot of costs to the business, I like to upgrade capacity fully because there are indeed times when things come up in real life and I can't play for a 24 hour period.

At any rate, I hope there are more businesses added with later episodes. Just think about this - if you have all four $B producing businesses fully upgraded, you will earn $B179,200 a day. The Yakuza Assassin (from the faction store) costs $B480,000 a piece; the current businesses fully upgraded only earn enough $B to purchase a one of these armors every 2 and a half days!
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  1. bangkok passports:


    replace "XXXXXXXXXXX" with your facebook profile ID number


  2. Somehow I got $2.6 million bhat (and one experience point!) for the boss fight after the second level of the Brawler episode. Sure made upgrading the businesses faster!

  3. anyway, anyone with a free bangkok pass?

    somehow can't paste the link, but you get my facebook profile after clicking my name on the post...

  4. Yeah, some lucky people have been getting a bug that has been giving them tons of money.. I didn't end up getting it unfortunately!

  5. Already got about ~ 6 Million bhat, so have already all businesses.. lucky =)

  6. It's important to note that if you plan on checking in at least once every 12 hours (which is easy even with a full time job and life outside mafia wars), there really is no point in upgrading the capacity much past 1280. 1440 for some wiggle room. 1600 if it might be 16 hours before you come back. But the last few capacity upgrades are very expensive with no payoff (unless you are once-a-day player), and you're much better off using that money to invest in the next business up first.

    Eventually you may want these upgrades when you have some extra money laying around, but don't waste your money on them early when it is so scarce.

  7. BTW, I'm only referring to the top-most *capacity* upgrades in the post above. It will pay off well to fully upgrade output (to 280) and sell price before moving on to the next business up.

  8. For illustration, add up the prices listed above for capacity levels 6, 7, 8, and 9 for a given business. Collectively those 4 upgrades add up to more than 25% of the cost of fully upgrading the business.

    And collectively those four upgrades can instead be applied to 75% of the initial unlock-purchase cost of the next business up.

    To me this it's an easy decision to skip those upgrades and invest in the next business.

  9. Not a bug for the money. If you finish off the boss of a tier in bangkok a third time, post that you defeated him. And if someone helps you with that bonus you get +200000 Baht. ( the one who helps gets 1000 Baht). Eventually your mafia can help a max of 10 times. And you get 2000000 Baht and 1 experience. Tested this with my main and 2 energy accounts.

    Most likely you get more money in episode 2 for finishing the boss, but not right there yet. So don't use GF points to upgrade your business, with these 2 bosses you get easily 5 million bath.

  10. am a little late to this...hopefully there is still a spare passport out there...


  11. not sure if anyone brought this up and i think it should be mentioned in a blog...Bangkok loots cannot be gifted and i was wondering if faction items can be gifted and it is making me wonder if spare energy accounts will even help achieve 501 of w/e best wpn,armor or cars of Bangkok.

  12. Skippzz:
    Sure it help because it's easy to get both faction max by using an energy account so u can buy 501 of best weapon/armor/vehicle of Bangkok

  13. Pisang, you didn't even answer his question.

    Skippzz, I'd imagine faction items can't be gifted since you need to pay for them, and nothing that has ever been purchased can be gifted. However I'm pretty sure Bangkok loot can be gifted once we're no longer in beta.

  14. With rumors that Bangkok weapons fromt the Faction store only being the good stuff in BK and not beign giftable...I have figured out a way to still technically trade in BK...

    I will notify you Mafia Guide guy, once I see if my strategy will be possible or if gifting will indeed be available..

    --the Gator

  15. Can't you share now? :)

  16. My post on the strategy/tip to using Bangkok and other countries is now up on Spockholm page...

    Look for the title: Strategy for Bangkok and Helpign other players..........

    Mafia guy feel free to edit/repost on your site. Remember to give credit..

    -- The Gator...

  17. I had thought of trading money through fighting before and mentioned it at points with Moscow.

    We don't quite yet know how it's going to work yet though so I haven't mentioned it. Robbing is supposed to be back and "totally different" and might prove to be a more efficient way of doing things, we'll have to see.

  18. lol I got 74 million Baht by doing a boss job. Upgraded all businesses and Nearly done the diamond mastery for criminal!


  20. You need to update the guide to reflect the new properties and robbing capabilities. I haven't checked yet, but I'm sure Cuba and Moscow need to be updated as well.

  21. i have a question..why cant we upgrade our business like in new york? i mean by levels?