January 20, 2010

Mafia Wars Bangkok Crates, Beta, Royal Elephants, and Other Game Updates

Along with the addition of treasure chests came the addition of a new set of crates, Bangkok Crates:

As you can see, the cost for Bangkok Crates is 12/35 godfather points (for 1 or 3) and 25/69 (for 1 or 3) stuffed crates.

Here is the full loot list for the Bangkok Crates:


Titanium Keris Knife (common) - 26 attack, 15 defense

Daisho (uncommon) - 31 attack, 20 defense

Yin Yang (uncommon) - 34 attack, 17 defense

Spitting Cobra (rare) 46 attack, 28 defense


Hung Chu Enforcer (common) - 16 attack, 24 defense

Sumotori Figher (common) - 17 attack, 25 defense


Lloyds Archangel (uncommon) - 32 attack, 24 defense

Fugama Kondoru (rare) - 25 attack, 47 defense

The Fugama Kondoru

Why is dual wielding pistols so bad ass?

As a reminder, stuffed crates contain the same items as the Bangkok Crate but also give consumables and boosts.


Speaking of consumables, some consumables for New York got new graphics:

For some reason, Concealable Cameras did not get a new graphic. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I'm under the impression we might need these three items in Mafia Wars Bangkok since the Concealable Camera icon went unchanged. Since new players collect hundreds of those cameras to finish New York, it would stand to reason that this graphic would be improved as well if they were making this change to encourage new players through the New York grind.

Hopefully some players will get in Bangkok beta test and let the developers know that bringing back these items would be a bad decision. Beta happens to go live (finally) later this week:

If I don't get in, and you do, make sure you give me all the good infos. Seriously.

Finally, to celebrate the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok, a new limited edition loot piece, the Royal White Elephant was added to the game:

High defense, but fairly pricey.

See you in Bangkok!
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  1. ok now i don't really know what to do... buy a white elephant or open some chests...
    these bangkok items aren't that good....


  2. Dropping all my GF points on energy refills.. you heard it here first!

  3. They also reduced the cost of the Godfather's Health Refill to only 2 coins.

    The graphic for Illegal Trans. Recs.was changed too.

  4. Are the crates EVER worth it?
    They are cheaper now but, still have nothing of value in them. Unless you are trying to collect EVERYTHING.

  5. Thanks Ty - somehow missed that.

    @ Verde - Nope. lol.. just for collectors. Stat points & energy refills are the best if you are just interested in function.

  6. I don't really need energy refills... that would be a totally waste for me.. every time that I use all my energy i just need 0-200 energy to level up
    so i opened 2 chests and got a deadly boomslang ACR 45/20 and a deadly Giavellotto 30/33

    oh by the way have you seen that the godfather is now selling 10 guerrila squads,UCPs and CPs for 20GF Points?

    ~J.Falcon :)

  7. And don't forget to tell the world that Loot of shipment changed from Dragos to Alley Apples (weapon with 21/15) :)

  8. Just purchase to 3 Bangkok crates for 35 and again purchased single crate for 12 in desire to get achievement of getting rare item from mystery crate..All waste...got 3 common items and one uncommon item... Blunder from my side. so dont try it friends. i think its better to open a single crate everytime...

  9. thr treasure chests are not that rare

  10. For me, the best way to use GF is for stat point in the beginning and energy when you're on high level.
    Sometimes I also buy the stuff just for collection, especially if the picture is cool, like elephant and russian bear.

  11. max will be 47 for all loot top, ie weapon attack balanced with vehicle defence (like tnt, asc), armor will be 46 perhaps

    the elephant is 48 defence, so i should be, scandalous it shouldn't stay 'a best' item for a while.

  12. I just went onto my MW account, and there were 2 "Bangkok" options. I hope this means I've been selected for Beta! I reloaded the page and they were gone though.

  13. If you're selected, Adam, I think you know the proper thing to do. :P

  14. I'd certainly hope so ;)

    This is an awesome site you've got here, btw. I started a farmer account, and am at Level 400 in 3 days =)

  15. So I gave in and signed up for the SMS thing, provided them my phone number and what not, and got about 3 messages, since then, nothing. I have checked all the settings and nothing is going on, but what I am more concerned with is the 20 GF points I am supposed to be getting... do I have to wait for Bangkok or what? Geez... anyone else get your GF points for this yet?

  16. You do not get the 20 GF points until 30 days after you have signed up for the SMS.

  17. @Adam - Thanks!

    @APerfectC - What J said - have to wait 30 days to get your points!

  18. Exact same thing as Adam's happened to me earlier.

  19. Has anyone noticed that your New Years CORKSCREWS are missing? :O

  20. After being weapons my Shturmoviks suddenly became Armor. Is this a game-wide change or just me? Thanks!

  21. I have gone to Bangkok!

    It said "Buy a passport for $1,000,000" and I was like :-O

    I reloaded the page to go grab an image, and bizarrely the price then disappeared and there was just a button that said "Get your passport".

    I clicked this, and it now has changed to allow me to invite three friends!

    I can't do much to check it out right now!... Not only did I just use all my energy to 100 short of a level, but I'm also at work and really shouldn't have looked at all! D'OH!

  22. Is bangkok faction store items giftable or not ?