January 27, 2010

Mafia Wars Bangkok FAQ

Due to popular demand, I have put together a frequently asked questions guide so that you can have a fast reference sheet for all your Mafia Wars Bangkok questions.

When will Mafia Wars Bangkok be available for everyone?

Not sure; they promised to have it out by the end of the month, but the month is rapidly ending. A recent statement suggested that it won't be released until it is completely bug free. On the other hand, it will be available "soon" according to their Facebook page.

Do I pick Triads or Yakuza?

See the Triads or Yakuza post for an in-depth explanation on the differences between siding with the Triads or the Yakuza.

What kind of new loot is there?

- Triad or Yakuza specific loot can be found in the Triads vs Yakuza post (linked above).
- Faction store loot pieces can be found in the faction post.
- Store loot pieces can be seen in the new loot post.
- New job mastery rewards can be found in the Bangkok Job Mastery Reward Items post.
- New Bangkok Collections and Boosts

My special energy pack no longer works. Where can I get the Mafia Wars Toolbar; the link disappeared. Help?

You can re-download the toolbar at http://toolbar.zynga.com. If you have it installed and it does not work, try re-installing or using a different internet browser. A lot of people have reported that re-installing has fixed this problem.

Alternatively, I found a solid post by a guy named Arun detailing how you can get the mini energy pack without the toolbar. Here's how:

1. Log into Facebook.

2. Go here: http://toolbar.zynga.com/game_iframe_proxy.php?playing=true

3. Click "log in" and allow whatever you need to to get to the next screen. If you don't get a log in screen, you've already done this before; proceed to step 4.

4. Go here: http://toolbar.zynga.com/click.php?to=mwgamestatsplaynow

5. The end!

It probably won't work for long, but enjoy in the mean time.

I need money; help?

Covered in the Earning Baht post.

When will Mafia Wars Compendium be updated for Bangkok?

Soon after Bangkok's live release. I need for Bangkok to move out of beta and into the live version before making any major decisions or revisions.

I hear Bangkok loot is not tradeable? Is this true?

Yes, currently, Bangkok loot is not tradeable. However, the game is in beta. When beta is lifted, I am guessing that trading will open up.

However, it is unlikely that items from the faction store will be tradeable. I am guessing that the two high-end armor pieces will remain best in slot after the release of later episodes. I am also guessing that the other pieces in the store will not be as good as loot drops, so you will only have 2 out of 6 best in slot pieces that are untradeable.

I do not think this will be a big deal because once robbing and fighting are introduced to Bangkok, I'm betting players will be able to earn tons of $B. Remember that in other cities you can win $65,000 per fight, which means that you could end up with quite a few extra armor pieces by emptying out a 100-point stamina bar.


Feel free to post in the comments section with any other questions. I will update the post accordingly!
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  1. Not Bangkok related...

    Just a heads up of a recent change on some accounts, my main account can no longer "gift all" and every gifting counts account the 24 notifications that you can send out per day. So you can only gift, at tops, 24 times a day.

    Fortunately, it was my main account that was hit and not my energy account. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out if they expand this to everyone.

    Keep up the great work btw! Your coverage of Bangkok has been fantastic.

  2. ^ Yeah, I have that stupid 24 gifts too, and this also affects gift house and friend reqs. :/

    ** About the TOOLBAR. I used Firefox and the easiest solution I've found is this:
    1. Right click about the URL (Navagation bar) and select "Zynga Toolbar" from the list menu. This will hide the Zynga Toolbar from your browser window.
    2. Repeat step one; this time the toolbar will reappear.
    3. Click "Play Now" and you should get the Energy!
    Always works for me since I reinstalled after the Bangkok beta. ;)

  3. The 24 gifts/friend requests/gifthouse thing per day is going to have major repercussions if it is instituted on all accounts. I would regularly gift hundreds of my unneeded items like NYC consumables and Politico Corruptos to friends and family who are just starting out in the game. Now with the new limit, I am wondering if they will even bother with all the grind involved.

    A sad day for Mafia Wars.

  4. Best thing for me to use the special energy pack is
    1)opening up firefox.
    2)Then logging in in facebook with my account.
    3)@ the right of your zynga toolbar you see the f-symbol of facebook. Click it and facebook will connect with your toolbar. If this is done right you will now see a smaller f-symbol with an envelope. Now click the "play now" button and you get your special energy pack. Always works for me.

    It even works for other accounts also. Just close of all your firefox pages, open it up again and login with other accountname, click f-symbol again and repeat ;-)

    If u don't want the toolbar, best method is by Arun here above. Works also.

  5. is robbing back? i noticed when I went to check my properties the option to buy protection was there again which I hadn't seen since they disabled fighting. if its not back this could mean its on its way back.

  6. Thanks for the great Bangkok coverage. It has me wondering what to do....I'm a mogul that got a passport to Bangkok from a beta tester. So I've already started my businesses there and have also done a few jobs just to get going on $B. I'm just now finishing up Cuba (working Level 2 of Cacique). I also have built up my businesses in Moscow and am working on Chapter 1, Episode 3 of Moscow as I can. So what should I do next? Jump in and finish Moscow and work on Bangkok on the side? Or work on Bangkok full time and work on Moscow on the side? I know there were benefits to doing NYC before Moscow due to the job completion bonuses in NYC making energy easier. From what I see in your coverage, Bangkok faction loot is better than Moscow loot. What do you recommend for people in my situation who are little behind the curve and have a choice between Bangkok and Moscow?

  7. Haven't had an issue yet with this 24 gifts-a-day.. will look into it.

    @lex - robbing is not in yet, but it is supposed to be back soon.

    @1:58 anon - I'd work on Bangkok first, then do Moscow on the side.

  8. Alright, just dug into the 24 gifts a day thing. Posted about it above.

    In short:

    1. Players will have to send gifts as facebook gift requests (no longer sent in game).

    2. Players receiving gifts will have to accept the gifts.

    3. As a result, you can only send 24 gift requests per day (facebook limitation).

    4. However, you will be able to accept all Facebook requests with a single click.

    5. Also, you will be able to send multiples of an item (like 50 cell phones for example) as a single gift request, so trading and mass gifting will be possible and even easier (unless you wanted to trade full collections)

  9. I received a "garlic" as a loot drop in Bangkok. It doesn't seem to show up anywhere. Maybe a future collection?

  10. anyone know what this is? http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/36/giftt.jpg
    cant find it anywhere, it was gifted from this person who i am not even friends with..check out how many gifts were sent out http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/profile.php?id=%7B%22user%22%3A%22MTMwMjAxOTYxOA%3D%3D%22%7D

  11. Open MW and just ntified that Bangkok already open. However to get the passport you should either:
    1. Ask from the clerk (it's randomly to get and work every 17 hours)
    2. Pay for 30 GF
    3. Ask from friends.

    Unless you want to use 30 GF, seem that people should wait a litle longer.
    30 GF is crazy :-P

  12. i found the person above the next post, he was after all in my friends list but i could not ask him what he sent because he does not speak english :-( but i would like to know what Bladed Tonfas is?

  13. Anon @2.57:
    from realease notes Jan 28th "Added Bladed Tongas to gifting page"

    72 ATK
    111 DEF

  15. I have been trying to get my last loot item so I can play Bangkok but can't seem to do it. have used thousands of energy points on the Smuggle Gems job. WHY CAN'T I LOOT IT?!

  16. Outside of the Job Mastery Rewards, does Bangkok seem worth it? It seems that so far the top job loot is equal to the top Moscow job loot.

  17. i need pirates to complete episode 3. i cannot open the business until i get to episode4 which is locked. any advice on how to unlock episode 4

  18. mafia wars account for sale .... lvl 918.

    all NY,CUBA,MOSCOW jobs completed.
    Bangkok in 50-60%

    all Collections&Vault compl. incl Daily Chance Collection and Valentine's Day

    over 295,000 fights win with only 23,000 lost.

    56 of 59 Achievements ! Missing last 3 - One Night in Bangkok,Nest Egg,What's after Trillion?.

    Attack weapon : 64,483
    Def weapon : 66,672

    500 health
    300 stamina
    870 energy

    attack and def skill points : combination of 4,350 ( potential buyer will get full stats )

    All top weapons and many many more.

    I've spend over 3000-4000$ on that account ;]

    I'm gonna stop playing MW in short time , so want it to go in good hands.

    email me if interesting incl. your offer :)

    jreczkowski@hotmail.co.uk or reczkos@go2.pl

  19. I finished the first 4 episodes in bangkok (all the 3 chapters in each stage). When I finished the 4th episode "Commandant" I was expecting the episode 5A to automatically open but its still locked. Then I went to all the stages and clicked the "finish him" button and to my shock everything that Id completed to that point in each episode completely vanished. All the completed jobs were back to zero and still episode 5A is locked :( HELP :(((

  20. For some reason I am not being awarded the triad coin associated with the asian musuem break-in job in the soldier tier. Is this a know glitch or am I just unlucky so far and need to continue doing this job? The other items came while I was finishing up those tiers without me even thinking about it....

  21. I was supposed to win 25,000 in a fight I just won in Bangkok. Never showed up in my account. Where do I report the error?

  22. Help! I'm stuck in Bangkok episode 2 chapter 3 level 4. Can't progress

  23. What do I do? I'm on level 4 of episode 5B (Dragon Head) on the finale job, but the job says mastered before I even started the job. It won't let me execute the Dispose Of Mountain Man Wei, it's still locked!!! Frustrating...Help

  24. I cannot seem to find one of the items needed to travel to bangkok, is there a reason for this or do I have to keen looking for it?

  25. IN the commandant jobs i need a satellite phone to finish the job and i can never find that...

    In the pirate level where i used to get the satellite phone especially in , secure a vessel job does not show up anymore coz i already finished level 1 in the pirate ..its tricky...iam stuck as a pirate for a long time..

  26. I have completed Dragon Head 5B. Are there any more levels after that ? If there are why isn't the game letting me go on to the next level. Do I have to do some voodoo ritual or something. I have wasted days and several thousand energy points if the game does continue. What up?

  27. How do I unlock Bangkok episode 5b, Ive gone back to where they said but Ive finished that section?

  28. How do I unlock Bangkok...period?

  29. I was wondering, does the loot rate increase with increased mastery level in Bangkok?

  30. Im going to make it down my health into 200 so can I ?

  31. how much baht do you need to complete bangkok?


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