January 13, 2010

Mafia Wars Got Tools Achievement, Gift Safe House Re-Opened

In addition to the free loot and items, a new achievement was added to the game, Got Tools?:

Pretty easy - just download and install the Mafia Wars Toolbar. You can always uninstall it later if you don't want it - you will still keep the achievement.

Additionally, the gift safe house has been re-opened. There's a bunch of new items, many of which are posted in the comments section of this post. I'll get some pictures up tonight. There's 10 slots available in the gift house and you can open a gift (even if no one sent you one) for 2 godfather points.
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  1. New item this morning in the Gift Safe House: Mesh Trucker Hat, 10A 20D

  2. Heres a list of new items i have found so far in GSH:

    Scalper's Hatchet
    Baby Face Nelson's .351
    EMP Bomb
    Nambu Type 14 Pistol
    Hunting Knife
    Mesh Trucker Hat
    Wild Mustang
    Tiger Tank
    Tigershark Submersible

  3. same guy as above, just want to add another one:

    Reciprocating Saw

  4. Scalper's Hatcet
    Knuckle Duster
    Capone's Armored 341A

  5. Hmm, does it cost 2 gf points for every gift you open?

  6. Is there a way to open without spending GF?

  7. did this update get rid of loot drops again?

  8. I could open gifts without spending any Godfather points. It was showing first two Gifts as "Open for free" and later items as "Open early for 2 Godfather Points" but once I opened first two, the third and fourth gift moved to First and second spot, and with a Tag "Open for Free" . So I could open all 8 gifts for free.

    Among the items I recieved, apart from old items like ACP Pistol and other not so impressive items, what I found worth mentioning are these three. Ofcourse I liked Tiger Tank. This is my first one.

    Pearl-Handled Revolver (Weapon)
    40 Attack 10 Defense

    EMP Bomb (weapon)
    4 Attack 32 Defense

    Ocular Implants (Armour)
    25 Attack 26 Defense

    Tiger Tank (Vehicle)
    18 Attack 48 Defense

    I have few questions, and I have no one to ask except you, and I am sure you can answer them.

    First is, I installed the loot bar, recieved some belt few days back. Today i recieved that achievement too. But I have 3 accounts, operating from same computer. That achievement is not yet recieved on other two accounts. I tried everything like installing un-installing and logging into other accounts while installing it again but didnt work for me. Has it happened with others too or its just problem from my end/computer?

    Second is, on the toolbar, I can see a new Item "Special Energy Pack" which is in "ready" state for me while normal energy pack is still 44 minutes away. I could not find this "special energy pack" in my account anywhere. On profile page too, it shows "Next energy pack available in 44 minutes". How to get this special energy pack? Or its just in development stage and not activated yet?

    Please reply if you have answers. You may refer to me as "Rani"

  9. Reply to:

    Anonymous said...
    did this update get rid of loot drops again?

    January 13, 2010 9:54 AM

    I can confirm that I recieved Cherepakha Compact in Fight after I read this comment. So, I its still going on, atleast for me.


  10. About the special energy pack: it´s the same like the normal one, BUT the timer is 8 hours now instead of 23. you only get it when installing the toolbar.


    The SafeHouse:

    All gifts are free to open. Yes, once you click the 1 open now gift, it will be replaced with another gift and still say open for free. If you do not have this contact Zynga. I did and recieved the Rollback compensation package.

    You can send 24 gift reqs per day, yet you hold 10 safehouse gifts. But, if you recieved all 24 gifts, when u click 1 gift and open from your safehouse, it will be replaced with one of the 14 excess gifts you had..So you can open 24 per day , for free..This seems to be only limited to opening 24 per day for however long the Promotion goes for.

    2. ToolBar.

    The tool bar only connects to 1 account. So if you have multiple accounts or have family/friends/etc that play on the same computer, only 1 can recieve the bonus/epacks/etc that goes with the epack. YOu either have to download it again on a different browser (IE, CHROME), or uninstall adn try reinstalling while logged in from a different account.

    3. The Special epack is only a 25% boost. The regular epack is 125%. So if you have 1000 energy, the special epack will only give you 250 energy. You can get this every 8 hrs.

    THe Regular epack is the same as normal..Once every 24hrs.


  12. What is the rollback compensation package....I can't open any gifts without having to pay 2 GF

  13. how do you use the special energy pack

  14. FYI - I just opened a package and it charged me 2 GF points.

    At this point it doesn't really say when you can open them and not be charged GF points - so looks like another way for Zynga to rope you into buying GF points.

  15. Another gift not mentioned:

    Ronin Motorbike 36A 14D

  16. hoja doble and CM dragon are some other gifts

  17. how do you contact Zynga because i sent gift safe house request and when my friends clicked send gift it said you have no gift request from this person so irepeated sevearl times ending in same result.

  18. I found a chariot.. 48 attack, 12 defense.

  19. I was able to get multiple accounts on the same computer the toolbar just by logging in as said character and telling it to download the toolbar, then uninstalling when done

  20. haha! so finally they managed to remove the '2gf points open early'-problem in my safe house, and now it tells me that i dont have any gifts, all the slots are filled, and i cannot send new requests. i am wondering wether they will manage to fix this!

  21. Ditto. Safehouse full, but it says I have no gifts to open!

  22. Has anyone gotten the "special bonus" promised if you collect 10 unopened gifts? What is it?