January 15, 2010

Mafia Wars Haitian Drum & Class Changes

Haitian Drum

Mafia Wars brought back the Haitian Drum last night. This time, however, 100% of the profits from the item will go to charity (rather than 50%).

Since they had a large rollback over the week and then some, they might include a large rollback and even re-do the New Year's Eve event. They already re-added the gift safe house and the Haitian Drum, so that event would seem like the next logical step.

By the way, did anyone ever win an xbox 360? I don't remember seeing that anywhere.

Class Selection

However, I think my readers will be more interested in this tidbit:

Apparently, you can now once again pick your character class! You just have to hit level 9 first before you get to pick.

Thanks Randy for the pic!

Just don't click the "skip" button!

Godfather Offers

A few Godfather offers have been added back into the game. However, most of these are trials now, there does not seem to be any small-reward surveys or the like just yet.
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  1. That must go for if you make a new account as I have looked on both of mine and dont see anything of a class. Also Note that safe house is messing up as someone sends me a gift. I dont get em and these are people I know that did send em to me.

    Also Mafia Guide, Do you know if there is anything planned for MLK day on monday?

  2. Have you seen the new home page set up? It contains two boxes where the updates used to be. The box of the left has special jobs you can do (they look like bits and pieces of previous jobs) and the box on the right has scrolling info on release notes, Haitian relief aid, and release notes and updates. Do you have any info on the mini jobs?
    P.S. Thanks for the info you constantly provide. It is awesome and has helped me play more efficiently!

  3. Gosh how i wish high lvl can change class lols

  4. I do not see 2 boxes on home page
    What level are you lisa?

  5. This is offtopic question but I need to know the answer and I do consider this site as the best place to ask:

    I mastered everything in New York.
    Where should I go next.

    Cuba or Moscow?

  6. Take Cuba.

    And also, there's a new bug, 3 Jobs in episode 6 aren't dropping any loot for many ppl, when you hover over the icon, "Chance to loot: " shows up

  7. Since the maintanance I haven't received any loot from the Moscow Pakhan jobs. The mouse-over info box is embpty too:(
    Do you know something about it?

  8. I just got a Mansion Details from fighting in Moscow. It is in my loot under special loot. Any ideas?

  9. You need them for the episdoe 6 job:

    Assault the mansion Walls

  10. I'm level 512 and have finished all the jobs in NY, Cuba and Moscow. Going back, I noticed that the two boxes show when you click on "home" in NY and Cuba, but not Moscow.

    On another note, my gift safehouse is full. It used to cost 2 gf, now it's free but when I click on it, I'm told I have no gifts. Never a dull moment in MW.

  11. @Lisa
    I'm facing the same bug with the full safehouse and clicking on them not working.

  12. @Anon concerning MLK day - I doubt it.

    @Lisa - Seems to be a test much like they did when they released the new fighting screen.

    @Ententiky - Cuba

    @Pereno - Yup, about to post about that!

    @Lisa - Yep, the gift safe house is indeed messed up.

  13. I"m confused about the class thing. I'm level 482 but I don't see anywhere where I can purchase changing to a new class.

  14. My safehouse is completely screwed. Getting the same glitch as everyone else. my girlfriend didn't even have 10 gifts and can keep opening gifts beyond the ones she has. Zynga strikes again. Maybe we'll get a reparations package. :D... yeah right!

  15. wow.... finally... a chance to change class.. so happ..,oh wait.. its only for the new accounts i see...

    it seems that high level players like us, who have been dedicated playing MW for so long are being left in the gutter.... so, the frustration keeps going on and on....sighhhhhh :(

  16. What happens if someone does click skip?

  17. Yep.. the class picking is only for new accounts lol.

  18. I just reached level 9 and no such window popped up to allow me to pick my class. Glitch?