January 4, 2010

Mafia Wars Job Mastery Loot Increase Reward; Strategy Guide

Ever since I posted about getting the lotto collection, I've been getting a lot of e-mails about an unexpected aspect of the post. Many seem to have never read that there was a 10% bonus to loot drops for mastering a tier all three times. You can actually find this information in game. Here is how you can see it with your own eyes:

When you master a job (just a job, not a tier), notice the "Master all the ___ jobs to unlock exclusive rewards" message.

By clicking on the "What's this?" click, an explanation of what the rewards are pops up:

Note the rewards:

- Mastering a tier one time gives a title.
- Mastering a tier two times gives a new title and +5% loot drops.
- Mastering a tier entirely gives a new title and +10% loot drops, in addition to whatever the job mastery reward is for that tier.

Also note that you need to actually completely finish the tier to get the loot bonus - you get nothing for just finishing individual jobs (aside from the stat points of course).
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  1. Has anyone done anything empirical to guesstimate the various percentages?

  2. Funny thing I've seemed to always notice is I'll get the most loot drops the first time I go through a job and the absolute least amount of loot drops after I've mastered the tier. I can blow through a full meter of energy and not get a single loot drop sometimes.

  3. Does this mean it's worth it to back and do jobs on levels you've already mastered all three tiers?

  4. @1st anon - Not sure!

    @2nd anon - Bad luck!

    @3rd anon - only if you need the loot items.

  5. Hey the new item for 25 reward points is a crazy dragon. Maybe a hint on bangkok coming soon?

  6. Need about 1000 energy to get Zymeya/ Constantine cargo/ Zoloto.. How bout you?

  7. I recently spent 200 Moscow high end loot for a set of the lottery items. They make a huge difference in the drop rates, in just a few days I've earned the loot back and collected 12 egg sets.

  8. Myspace Mafia Wars can finally see the prerequisites for Bangkok and get the necessary items (excluding the Passport, of course). Sounds like it'll be showing up within a week.

    Also, new Sports mystery crates. I got four of them, containing two Lacross Sticks (18/19), a hockey stick (23/18), and a Football Helmet (13/26). The sticks are weapons, and common. The helmet is armor and is uncommon.

    There's also the $10,000 loot, Drago (15/25), who is also armor.

  9. Russian loot can now be grabbed in fights.

  10. Just noticed the Russian loot issue too although I am only seeing the lower level loot so far.

  11. look what happened today:

    Rizzi found a Shturmovik while fighting Rodney! It's been added to your Loot!

  12. I can give you a little feedback. Got 51 Shturmoviks in 366 jobs=+/- 14% drop rate. This is without lottery collection vaulted.

  13. I've seen on average about 15-20% drop rates from Moscow and a 10% increase (25-30% in total) with the lottery vaulted. I have not seen the 5-10% extra with tier mastering. If there is a difference it's hidden in the random variations. I've been in discussion with several others and they've come to the same conclusion that there is no advantage to mastering tiers except for the bonus item. There is a definate advantage to vaulting the lottery collection and 200 high level Moscow loot seems to be the average price.

  14. Q. With the boss fight bugs, if I have the Mastery loot then do I have the +10% ?
    I ask this as with this bug I miss the message that says yep you've got it sort of thing.