January 13, 2010

Mafia Wars Reperations!

I logged on this morning to the following message:

I know a lot of people have been having account issues, but I wasn't expecting anything like this! Getting 90 free godfather points and 45 skill points is not a bad deal at all.

There's also a ton of free items included in the deal. Every item from the Spy Crates is included in the list, along with all of the unique Christmas items and all of the Public Enemy items.

Pretty nice. Between all the free points over the past month, I have all I need for Bangkok!
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  1. would my missing corkscrew and special white shturm qualify

  2. I didn't get the message and i'm a daily level 450+ player :/

  3. I was not able to play the game on wedensay Jan.6. for a time doesn't that qualify for lack of access to account

  4. hey where's my 90 points?!?!?! i could really use them. >_>

  5. i think i didnt lose anything but those 90 gf points would come handy idd :p

    Hmmm "Between all the free points over the past month, I have all I need for Bangkok!"

    hmmm could you give us a number? 100? 200? 500? 1000? :o

  6. Rollback
    Down 25 level
    Lost 2 sets lotto, 2 Bears, 100 KCC, blades, EO and 500 Brifcases..
    paid with 90 GF and suck rare item??
    whether its balanced?
    I dont think so..

  7. Ok. I completed Episode 6, completely to get the 10% bonus. (not sure if its cumulative with the Lotto) without finishing the other Episodes. When I did I lost all the Experience bonus achieved to date. Jobs now pay off as if you were a level 1. Top percentage job in NY used to be 74/35 (Experince/Energy), now its 67/35 and the "Hit a Vory Night Club" was 199/113 now its 180/113.

    It's killing me. I've filled a tech report with Zynga but in 72 hours they will respond saying that the problem has been cleared since they haven't heard from me.

    Zynga tech/Cust service is terrible.

  8. It sounds like your Mastermind top mafia Slot is either empty or contains a person that provides no bonus. Did you check it?

  9. Dang! I wish I could get this lucky! :O

  10. Yeah, you probably lost a top mafia mastermind lol.

  11. I can't believe how much they gave out, and they didn't give myspace MW anything after they left us without updates for like two months. Cool for you, though. I wish the Red Boa had been available to us. =D

  12. how to get the free 90 gf

  13. your account must have been affected by a glitch to get those!
    but if that's the case I think you'd rather want your account to be unaffected by all kinds of glitches but that's just the opinion of an affected player ;)