January 16, 2010

Mafia Wars SMS Free Godfather Points

Mafia Wars SMS (short message service) has upped the ante: players will now receive 20 free godfather points for signing up.

What is SMS? From the application page:

"With Mafia Wars SMS alerts, you can now get notified through a text message on your mobile phone the next time someone attacks you, your mafia member needs help, or various other actions.

In addition, by being signed up, you'll get other benefits such as exclusive promotions and access to mobile only content. Finally, all actions are tied with your Facebook account!

*Your Mafia Wars account will be credited with 20 reward points 30 days after service activation."

In other words, if you subscribe for SMS, you will get your in-game news feed sent to your cell phone via text message. There is no additional charge (aside from your own cell phone carrier's rates for text messages).

It seems as if you can help other players on jobs via the service in addition to participating in other social options. You can also filter what news items you want to receive, so you can turn off notifications for common events such as getting attacked.

In the future, there is also supposed to be "exclusive" SMS content (that is there will be more perks down the road for SMS users). On one hand, I want to wait for this exclusive content to pan out before putting my cell number in. On the other hand though, 20 free godfather points is quite enticing!

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  1. This isn't enticing enough. I don't think I want spam sent to my cell phone!

  2. it can be really expensive if they send sms to me for losing an attack... and why would i even want to know??

  3. And what about people living in Europe? Or any other place and not it US? We simply won't get the service. Or, we will, with a 100€-per-message-cost...

  4. I was wondering about the cost for non US-citizens as well.
    I must say Zynga doesn't do a very good job explaining these options and their availability.
    I think you can't even subscribe if you have a phone number longer than 10 digits -> seems like US only so far.

  5. hey can anyone tell me the code for lebanon folowed by an example coz my cell phone number with the country code is 11 digits what should i do ????????????reply asap!

  6. It is US only so far.

    Personally I'd like to get the signup bonus and then back out of it and not payfor the ridiculos costs.

  7. It looks like you can sign-up then turn off all updates on the "Alerts" tab and unchecking boxes.

    I will probably do that if they actually add some unique content like they say they will.

  8. You don't even get the Godfather points for at least 30 days. I put my number in and and am still waiting. You can also tell it which kind of events to text you with, and how many to send per day.

  9. I signed up a few days ago and haven't received a single text msg to my phone yet!

    You can unchecked boxes yes but, you can also LIMIT the NUMBER OF TEXTS PER DAY. So I don't see how this would cost anyone a lot of money.

  10. Would love to have a passport into Bankok! thanks!

  11. I can now PLAY Mafia Wars via SMS. Is this in beta now?

  12. I wish I could find out how to make the SMS stop its quite annoying. Anyone know how to stop it?

  13. i want the SMS Achievements (0/3)

    Dangerous SMS
    In Progress (0/1)
    Earned by successfully signing up for Mafia Wars SMS

    SMS Hit
    In Progress (0/1)
    Earned by fighting someone through Mafia Wars SMS

    Working Remotely
    In Progress (0/100)
    Earned by doing 100 jobs through Mafia Wars SMS

    but f paying to play!!!

  14. I signed up, and it didn't work . I played for over a week and now I can't seem to get it to work anymore. oh well it was good while it lasted.