January 1, 2010

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide: Currency Questions

I've been getting quite a few e-mails asking about unlocking the various trillion dollar achievements and if it was worth the time. I figured that the preparing for Bangkok post would be an answer, but the questions keep coming.

To be blunt, if you are chasing down the 999 trillion dollar achievement, you need to get your head checked. The best paying job in New York only pays out $56 million and costs 35 energy. You would need to do this job over 17 million times to collect $999 trillion, and at 35 energy per job, you would need to spend over 600 million energy to hit that mark. In other words - it is not happening in this lifetime.

You would need 6.25 million energy to hit the 10 trillion achievement. If you spend about 20,000 energy a day (I usually do about that on my main account), you can get this in a full year's time, if you focus entirely on the "Take Control of a Casino" job.

What a colossal waste of time. Between the 1 trillion achievement, the 10 trillion achievement, and the 999 trillion achievement, that's a grand total of >>>>3<<<< skill points. Three skill points! You can get three bonus skill points just by playing the daily chance for a few weeks.

You get more than that for just leveling up! If you did the "Settle a Beef.. Permanently" job, which pays out 2.11 XP:Energy instead of "Rob a Casino", which only pays out 1.96 xp:energy, you would get far more skill points just by leveling up more.

I guess some people wonder why these achievements actually exist, and here's your answer:

The trillion dollar achievement is pretty easily achievable just by having a decent amount of property. The other two however are the relics of an old Mafia Wars. The hitlist used to be uncapped, and since there was no use for money, bounties were huge (some people would get hitlisted for many trillions - you could win that just in a bounty).

Now, for players who played back then, the $999 trillion achievement is not a problem. For the rest of us mere mortals, it's an exercise in futility. Yes, I know there was a window where you could do this with rackets, but really, it's not worth the effort. Three skill points, remember?

Another reason why chasing these achievements is not worth it is because there is a good chance when robbing is reintroduced to the game, there will be new properties added as well (i.e. earn money faster). I'm going to be prepared when robbing is back anyway - I'd much rather be winning my robbery attempts then have two irrelevant achievements unlocked.

If you have been working on these achievements and now need something to do, check out the prepping for Bangkok post.
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  1. haha i remember those times when i was only like level 9 when i tried the hitlist and lost the fight but won 26 trillion dollars on the first try and now theres not that much money anymore =[

  2. lols so there isnt any glitch after all lols im jealous of some lvl 30+ guy having all achievements for money of course

  3. after a while the enforcer boss job starts paying out huge amounts of money, that's the way to get to the 2 top money achievements :D

  4. Just a minor point..the best paying job is "Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don" not "Take Control of a Casino".

    Even if you have a huge amount of cash available, Boss Fight may still pay less than the above job, since for boss fight you would need a huge amount of energy.

  5. This may become easier when Las Vegas comes out - presumably LV will use the same currency as NY (unless they use chips!), and that might make the $999 easier.

  6. Hm it's quite easy to get the 1 trillion with fighting the boss in the enforcer tier.


    (hope it's not forbidden to post links? cause i'm to lazy to write it all down by myself ;) )



  7. If you are an established player then, yes, it is completely impossible to get the 999 trillion achievement, and pretty unreasonable to get the 19 trillion acheivement.

    But if you start a new account, you can get it if you go for it before you do anything else. Simply don't spend any of your stat points beyond what you need to get to and beat the fist boss. You will want to buy some properties initially to get a starting bank roll, then just do that boss fight over and over. It will be very cheap since your energy will be extremely low, so you will be able to regenerate enough to do it again in just a few minutes. So you will be able to do this job several thousand times relatively quickly. The cash flow from this job will be slow going at first, but since the process is exponential it will eventually speed up and finally vastly overtake any other method of gaining money (the higher level bosses are the next best ways, but the lowest boss is by far the best way because it keeps your energy low).

    If you are persistent you can have 999 trillion in under a week. Then you can proceed to spend your stats points and with the regular gameplay.

    Since you will have leveled up so much doing the boss job it will take you a lot longer to get through NY since you will not be able to rely on level-up energy refills, but if you are an acheivement completist, this is the only way to get the 999 trillion one.

  8. Yeah, I have done all the achievements. Here's the proof


  9. previous anon, not sure what hack you used, but it's clearly a hack. Tight next to the completed achievement picture is the proof that it's a hack: "What's after a trillion? In Progress (0/1)".