January 3, 2010

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide: Last Day to Pick Up Gift Safe House Gifts

Today is the last day to open your gift safe house gifts for a chance to win an X-Box 360 or a Mafia Wars jacket.

I haven't heard of anyone actually finding a ticket to the drawing for the X-Box 360 - anyone out there find one? If you find one, please take a screenshot and post it in the comments section!


On to speculating about the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok: Now that the gift safe house event is over, releasing Bangkok is the next thing on the development list.

Now, here's the dilemma. Over the past two months, the developers have been regularly putting in some new content at least once per week, whether it be a loot weekend or a limited time job, so odds are we are going to see something new one of the days this week. The question is, is Mafia Wars Bangkok just going to be sprung upon us or will we see some pre-release fanfare?

I'm going with the later one. Taking a stab in the dark, I'm thinking we are likely to see a "Bangkok Preview Weekend" (just like we did with Mafia Wars Moscow) with 8 random loot drops. We could also see a limited time job or something of the like. Either way, I'm expecting we'll see some sort of pre-release event only to get access to Mafia Wars Bangkok in the following week or two.

Only way to know for sure is to wait and find out!
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  1. sorry, it doesnt work, opens a window but not mw and they are still locked down, anything else i can do?

  2. Your safehouse or your Moscow boss jobs are locked?

  3. Actually my moscow boss jobs are locked too....

  4. Now it is 4th January and I still have a Gift Safe House in the game (with all gifts already unloicked), I thought the gift safe is ending yesterday, but there is a text "Open 5 more gifts for free in 27 days and 18:08:38"


  5. Not sure why the boss links aren't working for you guys - I'll look into it.

  6. can someone help find me a combat calculator that was around here; i used it a few days ago; it had loot, what was safe to gift away and propety info, does anyone know what im talking about ?

  7. Okay everyone, the links should work now. I changed them a bit and tested them, and I was definitely able to call for help.

    @ Freddie - http://mw.abacus.hr

  8. YOU! are a hero . thanks

  9. Nope: not for me. Enabled me to call for help, but remained locked. One person tried to help and got a response saying the job was finished. Now tells me I can only call for help once in 24 hrs if I try again....and both boss fights still remain locked :(

  10. In order to open all your gifts without waiting the additional 5 days to open 5 more (extended period Zynga added)

    Use this link:

    K apparently you can't cut/paste links in this message board.

    But it is the same one that was used prior to Christmas to open the presents.

    If you are unaware, there was a glitch where you could use a link to open the gifs prior to Christmas day without having to spend the 2 gf pts to do so.

    The link was disabled after a day or so. But use the link that was originally a glitch to go ahead and open the gifts you ahve waiting to open.

    I am sure there was a post or link taht was put on this site. I am sure the mafia guide can help you with putting the link up